Meyer Brothers Druggist, Volum 34

Meyer Brothers & Company, 1913
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Side 44 - ... every written or printed card, letter, circular, book, pamphlet, advertisement, or notice of any kind giving information directly or indirectly, where, or how, or of whom, or by what means any of the hereinbefore-mentioned matters, articles or things may be obtained or made...
Side 228 - If in package form, the quantity of the contents be not plainly and conspicuously marked on the outside of the package in terms of weight, measure or numerical count...
Side 67 - Third. If its package or label shall bear or contain any statement, design, or device regarding the curative or therapeutic effect of such article or any of the ingredients or substances contained therein which is false and fraudulent.
Side 236 - English language, clearly and truly certifying: (a) the net weight of the contents of the package, lot or parcel; (b) the name, brand or trade mark; (c) the name and principal address of the manufacturer or person responsible for placing the commodity on the market; (d) the minimum per centum of crude protein...
Side 225 - STATEMENT OF THE OWNERSHIP, MANAGEMENT, CIRCULATION, ETC., Of The American Antiquarian and Oriental Journal, published quarterly at Toledo, Ohio, required by the Act of August 24, 1912. NOTE. — This statement is to be made in duplicate, both copies to be delivered by the publisher to the postmaster, who will send one copy to the Third Assistant Postmaster General (Division of Classification), Washington, DC, and retain •the other in the files of the postofflce.
Side 44 - ... territory, or district of the United States, or place noncontiguous to but subject to the jurisdiction thereof, into any other state, territory or district of the United States or place noncontiguous to but subject to the jurisdiction thereof...
Side 372 - Act, or is otherwise dangerous to the health of the people of the United States, or is of a kind forbidden entry into or forbidden to be sold or restricted in sale in the country in which it is made or from which it is exported...
Side 43 - Manual of Chemistry. A Guide to Lectures and Laboratory work for Beginners in Chemistry. A Text-book, specially adapted for Students of Pharmacy and Medicine.
Side 43 - MANUAL OF CHEMISTRY. A Guide to Lectures and Laboratory Work for Beginners in Chemistry. A Text-book specially adapted for Students of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Dentistry. By W. Simon...
Side 319 - ... has no reason to believe that any other person, association, or corporation has any interest direct or indirect in the said stock, bonds, or other securities than as so stated by him.

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