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Side 10 - It had been intended, on leaving Pittsburg, to proceed as rapidly as possible to New Orleans, to place the boat on the route for which it was designed, between that city and Natchez. It was found, however, on reaching Louisville, that there was not a sufficient depth of water on the Falls of the Ohio to permit the vessel to pass over them in safety. Nothing was to be done, therefore, but to wait, as patiently as possible, for a rise in the river. That this delay might, as far as practicable, be utilized,...
Side 37 - In testimony whereof, I, Andrew Jackson, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, have caused these Letters to be made Patent, and the seal of the General Land Office to be hereunto affixed.
Side 18 - Robert R. Livingston, Esq., when minister in France, met with Mr. Fulton, and they formed that friendship and connection with each other to which a similarity of pursuits generally gives birth. He communicated to Mr. Fulton the importance of steamboats to their common country, informed him of what had been attempted in America and of his resolution to resume the pursuit on his return, and advised him to turn his attention to the subject.
Side 37 - August, 1821, the full and exclusive right and liberty of making, constructing, using, and vending to others to be used...
Side 23 - I have received yours of the 30th of September, in which you propose to communicate to me the principles of an invention which you say you have discovered respecting the moving of ships by the means of steam. It is a subject on which I have made important discoveries. I shall be glad to receive the communication which you intend, as I have made the principles of mechanics my particular study,
Side 36 - ... discoverer of the said improvement; hath paid into the treasury of the United States the sum of thirty dollars delivered a receipt for the same, and presented a petition to the Secretary of State, signifying a desire of obtaining an exclusive property in the said improvement, and praying that a patent may be granted for that purpose. These are therefore to grant, according to...
Side 10 - Orleans was making good headway up the river and would soon leave Louisville in the distance down stream. As the engine warmed to its work, and the steam blew off at the safety valve, the speed increased. Mr. Roosevelt, of course, had provided this mode of convincing his incredulous guests, and their surprise and delight may readily be imagined. After going up the river for a few miles, the New Orleans returned to her anchorage.
Side 14 - No obstacles seemed to check this extraordinary and concerted movement : the word had been given them to go forth, and they obeyed it, though multitudes perished in the broad Ohio, which lay in their path.
Side 30 - came John Langford, of the Isle of Kent, gentleman, high constable of the said island, who had given a voice in the choice of Robert Philpot, gentleman, to be one of the burgesses for the freemen of that island, and desired to revoke his voice, and to be personally put in the Assembly, and was admitted.
Side 16 - Steam had the advantage of endurance; and the Indians with wild shouts, which might have been shouts of defiance, gave up the pursuit, and turned into the forest from whence they had emerged. While the crew of the New Orleans were more amused than alarmed at this incident of the voyage, Mr. Roosevelt, who had not forgotten the visit to the flatboat on the preliminary exploration, was not sorry, now, when he lost sight of the canoe. That he bestowed a second thought upon the matter, illustrates the...

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