Coleridge, Wordsworth, and the Language of Allusion

Clarendon Press, 1986 - 214 sider
In her study of two creative minds, Lucy Newlyn offers a startlingly new version of the poetic interaction between Coleridge and Wordsworth during the critical years from 1797 to 1807. Rejecting the traditional accounts, even those given by the poets themselves, which have minimized the
differences between the two, Newlyn demonstrates that it is only on the most superficial level that each poet seemed to be the other's ideal audience. Below that surface, she insists, there were radical dissimilarities between the two which led to a kind of creative misunderstanding by which each
artist clearly defined himself in relation to the other. Because it is in the poet's private language of allusion that these differences are most clearly seen, the book concludes that this private language spoken by artists amongst themselves may in fact be the most aggressive of literary

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Introduction The First Acquaintance of the Poets 17937
The Early Days at Alfoxden
Alfoxden and the making of a

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