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11. Forfeiture of mine .

12. Former possessor to be paid for worka left in the mine

13. Of intermediate spaces (demasias) between mines

14. Veins, &c. may be discovered and denonnced, which are under the prop-

erty of another .

15. What is to be done in cases where Wincs 0; establishments might injure

the buildings in towns or villages

16. For what articles in an ancient line or establishment the denouncer must




17. Of denouncing contiguous Mines—and what privileges may be granted to

persons re-establishing descrted Mines .
18. Of irregular depositories of gold and silver .
19. Of the waste ground and earth-heaps of abandoned Mines.
20. Of the dross, rubbish, and refuse of de-crted spielting houses and estab-


21. Of masses of virgin gold and silver, and of what shall be retained as


22. Of the discovery and denouncemeni of all other Mines whatsoever, as well

as tho-e of gold and silver, and of the more of treating quicksilver mives 'ib.

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Of Properties and Intermediate Spaces between Properties,and of the measures

in Mines.

1. Reasons for altering the measures heretofore used in New Spain

2. Of the number of yards to be granted

3. Of the square (quadra)

4. When the vein is perpendicular to the horizon.

5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Particulars of measurement, when the rein is in an inclined




10. Of the allotment of accidental depositories of silver or gold .
11. Of the boundaries of the denouncer's portion .
12. Of the measures in ancient mines
13. Of the immutability of the boundaries
14. Of a Mine-owner entering the property of another
15. Of the division to be made between neighboring Mine-owners. wben one has

discovered a Mine in the property of another
16. Of entering unclaimed ground on deserted Mines
17. Of the Mine-owner's possession in all veins within his property

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Of working, supporting, and protecting the Mines.

1. Of the necessary security in mines
2. Of the proper superintendence in mines
3. Of the shafts, levels, or adits
4. Of lining mines ,
5. Of examining and approving the artificers
6. Of substituting pillars of mason work for those of the metalic substance
7. Of the punishment for weakening the pillars, &c.
8. Of cleanliness in mines
9. Of the ladders
10. Of the visits and inspections of the deputies
11. Of the duties of persons having mines elevated above those of their neigh-

11 Of ventilating mines
13. Of keeping mines in a course of working
14. Of the interval during which they must be worked anunally
16. Of mine-owners keeping their mines in disuse .
16. Of notice to the deputation, when it is intended to abandon
17, 18. Of proceedings to be had thereupon


Of Drains in Mines.
1. Of keeping mines drained generally
2. Of the obligation to make adits :
3. Of contributing to the expense of the adit
4. Of an adventurer offering to make an adit
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. Of the seven conditions upon which mines or veins
may be assigned to such adventurer

66, 67
12. Of mine-owners being treated in certain cases in the same manner as such ad-


. 68
13. Of general shafts


. ib.
14. Of their necessary depth
15. Of denouncing mines which are not drained by the owners
16. Of the penalties upon the Owners of mines in an elevated situation, who do

not keep them drained
17. Of privileges granted to persors making 'general shafts at their own expense ib.

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Of Mines worked by Companies.
1. Reasons for encouraging companies
2. Of their right to denounce to a greater extent than individuals
3. Of the twenty-four parts of a mine called barras
4. Of partners working jointly and sharing equally
5. Of the interposition of the deputies in the affairs of a company
6. Of the votes of each partner
7. Of the decision in disputed cases.
8. Of partners refusing to contribute towards the expenses
9. Of their refusing to contribute to the dead works
10. Of a partner wishing to sell his share

Il. Or the consequences of a partner's death .
12. Of a share or mine rising in value after the sale

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Of the Laborers in Mines, and in the works and establishments for the reduction

of the Metals.


1. Of the encouragement to be given to the working miners

2. Of the strokes or tallies to be made by the workmen

3. Of the payment of their wages .

4,5. Of leaving their wages entirely at their own disposa

6. Of the provisions supplied to them

7. Of the account to be delivered to and kept by each workman,

8. Of increasing their pay occasionally

9. Of the supplies to the Indians .

10. Of the different modes of paying workmen, and, in cases of payment by the

task, of the mode of paying any one who shall work beyond his task work

11. Of mixing together the ore delivered by any laborer as his share-work, and

that delivered as his task work, in certain cases, and the option allowed to

such laborer

. ib.

12. Of the inspection of workmen going into or out of the mines

13. Of compelling idle persons and vagabonds to work in the mines

14, 15. Of the regulation of the Meta, and the working companies allotted to

mines ; of their ceasing to work a mine in consequence of its being de-
serted, and of their becoming attached to it again on its re-establish-


76, 77

16. Of their working on the establishment to which they are attached, rather

than elsewhere

17. Of their alternate working in profitable and un profitable mines, and of the

certificate necessary to enable them to work in other mines than those to

which they are attached .

18. Of workmen having contracted debts in a mine .

19. Of thefts committed by workmen

20. Of placing to work, workmen who have been imprisoned for debts or slight


21. Of workmen secreting metal .


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Of the supply of Water and Provisions to the Mines.
1. Of the preservation of the springs, and the cleanliness of the conduit pipes
2. Of the carrying off water from the drains and washing places
3. Of the grazing places, and watering places for the cattle working the ma-

chinery .
4. Of the exemption from tolls, of persons driving such cattle .
5. Of regulating the price of provisions and clothing in the mining districts .
6. Of the privileges of persons carrying provisions to the miners
7. Of the territorial deputations visiting and inspecting the fountains, &c. .
8. Of their inspecting the courses and beds of the rivers, and reporting thereon

to the Royal Courts, and of the visits of the deputies and surveyor twice

thereto annually, and of repairing any which may have occurred therein
9. Of keeping the roads in repair .
10. Of keeping in repair the private roads in the mining districts.
11. Of erecting bridges, and the expense thereof .
12. Of the mountains and woods in the neighborhood of mines
13. Of the delivery of wood by the cutters and carriers
14: Of keeping up the supply of timber

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15. Of veins of salt water, and veins of rock salt, and of the salt works conceded

to the Indians .

16. Of the prices of articles necessary in the mines, and how to regulate them .

17. Of the distribution of quicksilver

18. Of not intercepting the sellers of articles going to the mines


Of the persons who reduce Ores by agreement, and purchasers of the Metals.

1. Of buying and selling ores, and erecting establishments for reducing the


· 84

2. Of the place for purchasing the same, and the ticket to be received by the

3. Of the proceeding in case of any stolen metal.
4. Of the penalty of any person serving in the mines, who shall sell quicksil-

ver, gunpowder, &c. and on the person buying the same.

5. Of the territorial deputations regulating the proper dues to be taken for re-


6,7. Of the highest price to be allowed for quicksilver, salt, chalk, &c. sold to

mine owners.

8. Of the tickets to be given to owners of metal, particularizing the reducing

expenses, &c. .

9. Of paying the cost of reduction in money, except where there shall have

been an agreement to pay in bullion
10. Of the right on the part of owners or reducers to have a certain quantity of

the metal reduced for their satisfaction, until the establishment of an as-

say office
11. Of the right of owners to attend at the process of reduction.
12. Of the carriage due upon metals going from the mines to the establishments ib.

13. Of the punishment of mule-drivers stealing any such metal .


Of the Contractors for supplying Mines, and of the Dealers in the Metals.
1. Of the modes of paying mine suppliers, and of the signed contract between

owners and suppliers

2. Of the deliveries of the metal, where the supplier is paid by premium upon

the metals

3. Of the per centage which may be received by the contractor, where the re

payment of the supplies is secured to him
4. Of the supplies in money, bills, or goods
5. Of accidents to the supplies upon the road
6. Of the responsibility of the mine owner, and of the privileges of second

suppliers .
7. Of the mutual rights of the owner and supplier
8. Of the right of the mine-owner or proprietor of the metal to accidental dis-

coveries of gold among the silver
9. Of the capital supplied remaining invested during the 'continuance of the

partnership, when the contract is made in the way of partnership .

10. Of the assaying the metals, and the deduction of the royal duty

11. Of the balance and scales, to be kept by the merchants of the mining dis-


12. Of the tools and utensils of miners
13. Of ascertaining the value of the metal by heating it
14. Of the interventor to be appointed by the contractor

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