15. Of contractors neglecting to pay the wages of workmen at the proper times
16. Of the penalties and punishments of persons obtaining supplies under pre-

tence of mining operations, and misapplying them .
17. Of the punishment of persons presenting specimens as the produce of a

mine, and soliciting supplies on false pretences

16. Of the terme Royal Tribunators to mines supi

17, 18. Of appointing interventors to mines supplied by the Bank, and of

their duties, .

19, Of the salary of such interventors, and of rewards and punishments to

them in certain cases

20. Of the preference to be shown to an individual supplyer in cases of com-

petition between any such person and the said banks


Of Surveyors for the operation of Mines, and the reduction of the metals from ore.
1. Of the importance and necessity of appointing proper persons to superin-

tend the mines and establishments, and of the appointment and descrip-

tion of the mining professors, and surveyors of reduction.
2. Of the instruments to be kept by the mining professors
3. Of the laboratories and machines for the surveyors of reduction
4. Of the certificates to be given by the mining professors to all persons desir-

ing to be employed in the mines
Of the certificates to be given by the surveyors of reduction to all persons

desiring to be employed in the reducing establishments .
6. Of persons passing from one mining district to another
6. Of the oath to be taken before the Royal Tribunal by the mining professorg

and surveyors of reduction :

8. Of the credit to be given to the said professors and surveyors in the deter-

mination of causes

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Of the privileges of the Miners.'

1, 2. Of the general privileges granted to the Miners of New Spain 106, 107

3. Of their qualified freedom from arrest for debts

. 107

4. Of applying the produce of Mines or establishments in case of sequestration ib.
5. Of the reservation to a Mine-owner in case of an execution upon his other

. b.

6. Of the favour to be shewn to deserving persons in the Mining profession ib.

7. Of the favour to be shewn to the children and descendants of deserving

mine owners and suppliers


8. Of the eligibility of Mine-owners and administrators to the office of magis-

trate or governor, and of their privilege of excusing themselves . ib.
9. Of the preference to be shewn to Miners in obtaining lands, renting houses,

and buying provisions ; and of their liberty to hunt, fish, &c. and other
privileges .

. . .

. ib.

10. Of checking the extravagance of Miners. .


. 109

11. Of the prohibition of gambling and other shameful diversions among the
Miners . .

. ib.

12. Of the duty of the Royal Tribunal, and of the territorial deputations, and

of the force and effect of these Ordinances, and of the mode of proceed-

ing in case of any doubts arising as to their construction . . 110

13. Of the duties of the council of the Indies, the Royal Audiencies and Tri-

bunals, the Viceroy, Captains and Commandants General, Governors,
Intendants, Ministers, Judges, and all other persons, in respect to these
Ordinances, and of their final authorization and confirmation . ib.
· II.

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To authorise the registering a mine in the name of another person, it is ne-

cessary that the person making the entry should either be the hired

servant of the other, or have a special authority for the purpose. Of

the powers of servants registering mines for their masters . . 284


Of the depth of three estados, to which the mines are required to be sunk, and

of the term allowed for sinking it. Of the cases which are exempted

from this obligation. A mine cannot be sold until sunk to this depth.

Of the formalities required in selling mines sunk to the proper depth.

Whether there be any remedy in case of lesion enorme, in sales of this

class of property. Of the other contracts which may be made concern-

ing mines, especially the precarious gift or loan . . . 293


Of the number of four persons required to be kept at work in mines of gold

and silver, and of the penalty of forfeiture which attaches upon their

being left unworked for four successive months, after which there can

be no restitution or other remedy. Of the description of work

about which they must be employed, and which is determined to be any

kind of work, whether upon the surface or in the interior, tending to

the habilitation of the mine. The only grounds of exemption from the

penalty are, the occurrence of pestilence, famine, or war. Consider-

ations on the deficiency of hands for these most important works : 306


Of the judicial course of proceeding in the first and second instance, upon the

denouncement of a mine. Of the strictness required to be observed

in both instances, any other appeal being denied; and of the sentence

of adjudication of the mine


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