Page Start, Adams v., two cases (Sup.). . .1096 Toms v. Post & McCord (Sup.)... ..1146 Swart v. Eclipse Bicycle Co. (Sup.). .1144 Town of Cherry Creek, Dye v. (Sup.)....1108 Notes v. O'Shea (Sup.).

.1111 | Town of Easton v. Canal Board (Sup.)... 56 Praod Hotel Co. v. Markel (Sup.). . 1145 Town of North Hempstead, Grace v. (Sup.) 122 ag, Black v. (Sup.). ..

515 Town of North Hempstead, Grace v. (Sup.)1114 srasburger v. Myer Strasburger & Co. Town of North Hempstead, Hoffman v. p.)


...1131 Strasburger & Co., Strasburger v. (Sup.).. 757 Town of North Hempstead, Palma v. (Sup.)1131 Xtrauss, In re (Sup.).

.1038 Townsend v. First Nat. Bank (Sup.). : 1146 ringer v. Frohman (Sup.).

935 Travelers' Ins. Co., Holland Laundry V. Strong, Jacobson v. (Sup.). 400 (Sup.)

92 duart, Farrell v. (Sup.).

986 Travis, People ex rel. Goldschmidt v. (Sup.) 1053 Brudebaker Bros. Co. of New York, Mc Trecartin, Williams v. (Sup.)..

340 Luan v. (Sup.)...

1126 Tresham v. Miller, two cases (Sup.)... ..1110 Sullivan v. 'Alvino (Sup.)

.1145 Triangle Waist Co., Ginsberg v., two casSaliran v. Rosson (Sup.). .1145 es (Sup.)

.1113 Summo v. Snare & Triest Co. (Sup.). 29 Tribune Ass'n, Roth v. (Sup.).

755 Summo v. Snare & Triest Co. (Sup.). 1145 Trimble, Evans v. (Sup.).

333 Snn Ins. Office, Robinson v. (Sup.)... .1022 Tripler v. Fairchild (Sup.)

624 Superintendent of Banks of State of New Trustee of Supreme Court Library at BufYork, New Belgravia Realty Co.

falo, In re (Sup.).

.1146 (Sup.)

:1102 Trustees of Mission Church in City of New Supreme Court, I. 0. F., McClement v.

York v. Ridley (Sup.). .

745 Sup.) 136 Tuohey v. McGratty (Sup.).

.11.16 Suss v. Farley (Sup.). :1115 Twombly v. New York (Sup.)....

.1146 $ossman v. Hershfield, two cases (Sup.). .1145 Swasey, People ex rel. Brunner v. (Sup.). .1135 Uebelmesser, People v. (Sup.).

.1134 Swirson, De Hunt v. (Sup.).

.1106 Ullman-Einstein Co. v. Crimmins (Sup.).. 251 Sylvestro, People v. (Sup.)... ..1134 Ulner v. Doran (Sup.)..

655 Ulrich, Fagan v. (Sup.)

37 Tableporter v. Schenectady R. Co. (Sup.)1143 Union Pac. Tea Co., Farrington v. (Sup.). .1110 Talcott, Spain v. (Sup.)..

611 Union R. Co. of New York City, Kenny v. Tannenbaum, Galinger v. (Sup.). 586 (Sup.)

117 Tatum v. Farson (Sup.)...

817 Union Trust Co. of New York, Ward v. Taylor, Clarke v. (Sup.). 664 (Sup.)

237 Tarior, Clarke v. (Sup.),

1104 United States Fidelity & Guaranty Co., Twesco v. Carisello (Sup.). 1145 Sarafian v. (Sup.)...

737 Tedesco v. Caruselle (Sup.).

.1145 United States Grand Lodge Independent Ted Snyder Co., Harris v. (Sup.) .1116 Order Sons of Benjamin, Meyerson v. Teeter y. Daniel (Sup.). .1115 (Sup.)

.1128 Tennessee Copper Co., Nalewajko v. (Sup. 1130 / United States Title Guaranty Co. v. Brown Terminal Station Commission of City 01 (Sup.)

470 Buffalo, In re (Sup.).

.1145 United States Title Guaranty Co. v. Brown Terpezone Co. v. Knox Terpezone Co. of (Sup.)

.11.16 America (Sup.).

1145 United States Trust Co. of New York, In Terryberry v. Lehigh Val. R. Co. (Sup.).. 450 re (Sup.).

.1147 Terry & Tench Co., Nusbaum v. (Sup.). .1130 United States Trust Co. of New York v. Terry & Tench Co., Wissbach v. (Sup.)....1150

Martindale Real Estate Co., three cases Tevis, Rambaut v.' (Sup.).... 1139 (Sup.)

.1147 Thatcher & Son, Raymond Concrete Pile United Surety Co., Beilman v. (Sup.)..... 686 Co. v. (Sup.)...

98 Thaw, In re (Sup.).

771 Vaden v. John Schleicher Co. (Sup.). 331 Third Street Realty Co., Ferber v. (Sup.) 352 Valley Stream Realty Co., Cohen v. (Sup.)1075 Thomas B. McIntire, Inc., Westchester Valley Stream Realty Co., Coyne v. (Sup.) 273 Mortg. ('0. v., two cases (Sup.).. ...1149 Van Cott v. Van Cott (Sup.).

810 Thomas Harrington's Sons Co., Piuntkosky Van Den Burgh v. New York (Sup.). ...1147 1. (Sup.) 902 Vandyke v. Webb (Sup.).

508 Thompson v. Bellas Hess & Co. (Sup.). .1146 Van Riper, Di Moinbercelli v. (Sup.)....1107 Thorn, Murtfeldt v. (Sup.). .1130 Van Syckle v. Van Syckle (Sup.).

.1047 Thorp, Pring v. (Sup.).

469 | Van Tuyl v. Ammerman (Sup.)... .11.17 Thorp, Pring v. (Sup.): .1138 Van Wagenen, Williams v. (Sup.).

926 Tiffany, McKaigney v. (Sup.)..

.11:25 Vassie, Commissioner of Public Charities Tomkins, People ex rel. Rodgers y. (Sup.). .1137 of City of New York v. (Sup.)..

496 Tompkins, American Convex Co. v. (Sup.).. 1055 Venner, Bessler v. (Sup.). Tompkins, Inc., Nelson v. (Sup.).. .1130 Verderber v. Globe Antifriction Roller Tielenius v. Hollender (Sup.). .1146 Bearing Co. (Sup.)...

.1147 Tighe v. Walters (Sup.).

.1146 Village of East Rochester, Bidwell v. (Sup.)1099 Ti ton v. Gans (Sup.)...

981 | Village of Fredonia V. Fredonia Natural Tilton v. Gans, two cases (Sup.). .1146 Gaslight Co. (Sup.).

..1117 Timen v. James A. McCreery & Co. (Sup.)1146 ) Village of Mechanicville, Powers v. (Sup.). .1077

. 1099

Page 1



Page Village of Pelham, People ex rel. Town of Wessels v. Linch (Sup.).

.1148 Pelham v. (Sup.)

428 Westchester County Brewing Co., Maltz Village of Pelham, People ex rel. Town of v. (Sup.) Pelham v. (Sup.)

.1137 Westchester Fire Ins. Co., Harburger v. Village of Waterford v. Delaware & Hud


272 son Co. (Sup.)...

:1147 Westchester Mortg. Co. v. Thomas B. MicVillage of Weedsport, Weedsport Electric Intire, Inc., two cases (Sup.).

.1149 Light Co. v. (Sup.).

..1148 West Eighty-Second St. Realty Co., Astor Von Schlenczynski, People v. (Sup.). ...1134 v. (Sup.) Vosseler's Estate, In re (Sur.). . 208 West Pub. Co. v. Gluck (Sup.).

.1119 Weston, Doughty v. (Sup.).

1035 Wabash R. Co., Pollitz v. (Sup.)..

Wetmore, Stem v. (Sup.).

.1114 Wainwright, Columbia-Knickerbocker Trust

Whilden & Hancock, Grifenbagen
Co. v. (Sup.).


.. 1115 Waldo, People ex rel. Crowley v. (Sup.). .1135 White v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co. Waldo, People ex rel. Gleason v. (Sup.). .1136


.1149 Waldo, People ex rel. Henninger v. (Sup.)..1136 White, Nitzke v. (Sup.).

. 1041 Waldo, People ex rel. Hook v. (Sup.). .1136 White, People ex rel. Gegan v. (Gen. Sess.) 857 Waldorf Astoria Hotel Co., Gage v. (Sup.)..1019 White & Sons, Levin v. (Sup.).

.1133 Walker, In re (Sup.).


Whitehill v. Hartman Const. Co. (Sup.)..1149 Walker & Co. v. Leeming (Sup.).

. 1097
Whitman, Simpson v. (Sup.).

. 1143 Wall v. Merkert (Sup.).

293 White Plains Development Co. v. Reed Wallace, Hollender v. (Sup.).


.1149 Walsh-Kahl Const. Co., Cick v. (Sup.). . 1103

Whitmore, Rauber & Vicinus v. Edgerton Walsworth, Pillmore v. (Sup.).


.1149 Walter v. Farrell, two cases (Sup.) 1147

Whitney-Steen Co., Allen v. (Sup.)

. 1080 Walters, Tighe v. (Sup.).

. 1146
Wick v. Boyd (Sup.).

.1149 Walton, Chichester v. (Sup.).


Wickwire Steel Co., Hargraves v. (Sup.)...1116 Ward v. Briggs (Sup.).


Wien v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co. Ward v. Couch (Sup.).


134 Ward v. Ward (Sup.).

. 1148
Wiener v. Ross, two cases (Sup.).

1119 Ward, Sothman v. (Sup.).


Wiesbader v. Marks (Sup.). Ward v. Union Trust Co. of New York

Wiesnewsky v. E. E. Smith Contracting (Sup.)


Co. (Sup.) Wardell, Auburn Draying Co. v. (Sup.).:: 475 Wilbisky v. German Alliance Ins. Co. of Warden and Keeper of City Prison, People

New York (Sup.)..

1048 ex rel. Krohn v. (Sup.). .

Wildner, People v. (Sup.).

.1131 Warden of City Prison, People ex rel.

Willard Parker Hospital, In re, two cases Davanza v. (Sup.)

. 1135

(Sup.) Warden of City Prison, People ex rel. Led

Willbrandt, People v., two cases (Sup.). .1131 erman v. (Sup.)..

Willets, Pierce v. (Sup.)...

..1137 Warden of Raymond St. Jail, People ex rel.

Wm. A. White & Sons, Levin v. (Sup.)..1123 Hendrick v. (Sup.)....


Wm. H. Davidow Sons Co., Daversa v. Warfield, Carpenter v. (Sup.).


.1106 Warfield, Carpenter v. (Sup.)


Wm. H. Geer Co. v. J. W. Matthews & Co. Warren v. Albro (Sup.).



Auerbach Wasser, India Wharf Brewing Co. v. (Sup.)1138 Wm. L. Crow Const. Co. v. Watson, Leerburger v. (Sup.)...


(Sup.) Watts v. Doull-Miller Co. (Sup.).


William S. Merrell Chemical Co. v. Root W. Burton & Co., Burton v. (Sup.). .1149

(City Ct. N. Y.).

308 Webb, Vandyke v. (Sup.).

508 Williams v. Frank Levy, Inc. (City Ct. N. Weber v. Donnelly (Sup.).


Y.) Weber v. Interborough Rapid Transit Co. Williams v. Franklins, Inc. (Sup.) (Sup.) 197 Williams, Israelson v. (Sup.).

1119 Weedsport Electric Light Co. v. Weeds Williams, People v. (Sup.). port (Sup.)....

.1148 Williams v. Trecartin (Sup.). Weiden, Bafi v. (Sup.).



. 1130



979 Williams v. Van Wagenen (Sup.). Weidmann v. Borden (Sup.).

.1148 Williamsburgh City Fire Ins. Co., Eitingon Weinberg v. Grand Union Paper Co. (Sup.)1148 v. (Sup.) Weinberg v. Smith (Sup.).

.1030 | Williamsburg Iron & Wire Works v. Kuhn Weisbader v. Marks (Sup.).

..1143 (Sup.) Weiss v. Rosen (Sup.).

,1148 Wills, Inc., Duffey v. (Sup.). Weitkus, Schmitz v. (Sup.).

.1141 Willsea Works, Kelly v. (Sup.). Wells v. Eckerson (Sup.).

.1148 | Wilson v. Wilson (Sup.). Wells v. Haff (Sup.)..

1148 Windsor Realty Co. v. Reddy (Sup.). Werbelovsky, Epstein v. (Sup.) .1109 Winnegrade, Exporters' Alliance v. (Sup.) 94 Werle, Rosen v. Sup.)....

992 Winne & McKain Co., Furlong v. (Sup.).. 345 Werner, In re (Sup.).

862 Winter v. Rosenstock (Sup.).... Wesel, Ott v. (Sup.)..

.1131 Winters, Henry Oestreicher Co, v. (Sup.). .1111 Wesley v. New York (Sup.).

.1148'Wissbach v. Terry & Tench Co. (Sup.)...1130


. 1150 .1108 .1121




[merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]
[merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small]


Wissner, Johnson v. (Sup.)...... .. 1090 Wotherspoon, International R. Co. y. (Sup.) 971
Wittemann Bros. v. Wittemann Co., two Wright v. Lake Shore & M. S. R. Co.
cases (Sup.)...
..1150 (Sup.)

Wittemann Co., Wittemann Bros. V., two Wuerfel, Reid v. (Sup.).


W. N. Hallock Co. v. Kirst (Sup.). .1150 Xavier, People v. (Sup.).....

Wolfsohn Co, v. Jaffe (Sup.).

1097 Wolper, Schofield v. (Sup.). .

1142 Yellow Pine Co. v. Kelly (Sup.)... 1151
Wolthausen, Jacobson v. (Sup.)

.1119 Yellow Taxicab Co., Benson v. (Sup.)....1098
Wood, McKenzie v. (Sup.).
.1125 Young, Forman v. (Sup.). .

Wood, Schallock v. (Sup.).

225 Yuengling v. Elevator Supply & Repair Co. Woodbine St. in City of New York, two (Sup.)

cases (Sup.)....

Woods, People ex rel. Abbruzzeze v. (Sup.)1135 Zehr's Will, In re (Sur.)..

Woods, People ex rel. Boice v. (Sup.). 1135 Zeitlin v. Morrison (Sup.).

..1000 Woods, People ex rel. Farley v. (Sup.)...1136 Zelinski v. New York, C. & St. L. R. Co. Woods, People ex rel. McCadden v. (Sup.). .1136 (Sup.)

1151 Woollard, Aronowitz v. (Sup.).

11 Zorn v. Pendleton, two cases (Sup.). .1151 Woolworth Co., Colligan v. (Sup.)... .1104 'Zunino, Demartini v. (Sup.). .


[ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

See End of Index for Tables of New York Supplement Cases in Other


5. Co. of

wo cases

(Sup.)... (Sup....11 Fersar

11: Es & Co

.il uerbach

T. Ron





p... ..., 1 P...I




(89 Misc. Rep. 431)

JENNINGS v. LINCOLN NAT, BANK. (Supreme Court, Appellate Term, First Department. March 17, 1915.) 1. BANKS AND BANKING Cw154-DEPOSITS-SUFFICIENCY OF EVIDENCE.

In an action by a depositor against the bank, evidence held insufficient to sustain a verdict finding that the entries of two separate deposits of the same amount on the passbook and duplicate slips of the depositor and on the loose-leaf ledger of the bank were erroneous, and that there was only one deposit of that amount.

(Ed. Note,-For other cases, see Banks and Banking, Cent. Dig. $8 502512, 515, 516, 518–533; Dec. Dig. Ow154.] 2. WITNESSES Om 255—-REFRESHING MEMORY—PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE.

It was error for the court to permit the assistant cashier of a bank, who had stated that he had no personal knowledge of the transaction, to testify, after refreshing his recollection by the inspection of a book in which he did not make the entries, that plaintiff had not made a deposit in the bank on a certain day, as she claimed.

[Ed. Note.--For other cases, see Witnesses, Cent. Dig. 88 874-890; Dec.


The admission of that evidence was highly prejudicial, where the deposit claimed by plaintiff had been entered in her passbook and on the bank loose-leaf ledger, and the bank, though claiming those entries to have been erroneously made, did not produce the witnesses who made them to explain the error.

[Ed. Note.-For other cases, see Appeal and Error, Cent. Dig. S$ 1068, 1069, 4153-4157, 4166; Dec. Dig. 1050.]

Bijur, J., dissenting. Appeal from Municipal Court, Borough of Manhattan, Fifth District.

Action by Mary W. Jennings against the Lincoln National Bank. Judgment for defendant, and plaintiff appeals. Motion for reargument upon the appeal granted, judgment reversed, and new trial ordered.

Argued January term, 1915, before GUY, BIJUR, and GAVEGAN, JJ.

Charles A. Taussig, of New York City, for appellant.

Dittenhoefer, Gerber & James, of New York City, for respondent. Cu For other cases see same topic & KEY-NUMBER in all Key-Numbered Digests & Indexes

152 N.Y.S.-1

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