.1106 .1106

.1106 . 1139


Page City Water Power Co., Donohue v. (Sup.). .1107 Crawford, Cutler Mail Chute Co. v. (Sup.) 750 Clancy v. Niagara Falls Hydraulic Power Cream of Wheat Co. v. Arthur H. Crist & Mfg. Co. (Sup.). .1104 Co. (Sup.)

407 Clarke, De Kalb Ave. Co. v. (Sup.).. ..1106 Cream of Wheat Co. y. Arthur H. Crist Co. Clarke, De Kalk Ave. Co. V., two cases (Sup.)

417 (Sup.)

1107 Crimmins, Ullman-Einstein Co. v. (Sup... 251 Clarke v. Forty-Second St., M. & St. N. Crist Co., Cream of Wheat Co. v. (Sun).).. 407 Ave, R, Co. (Sup.)...

.1104 Crist Co., Cream of Wheat Co. v. (Sup.) 417 Clarke v. Miller, two cases (Sup.). .1104 Cross, Barnet v. (Sup.)...

.1098 Clarke v. Taylor (Sup.).

664 Crow Const. Co. v. Auerbach (Sup.). ..1170 Clarke v. Taylor (Sup.).. .1104 Crowe, Bahen v. (Sup.).

. 1097 Clarke Estate v. New York (Sup.). 1120C. S. Posner Co. v. Jackson (Sup.). .1105 Clarkin v. New York (Sup.). .1104 Curry v. Addoms (Sup.).

1106 Cleary, Brandagee v. (Sup.). 628 Curtis, In re (Sup.)...

1108 Cleary, People v. (Sup.)..

.1132 Cusumano v. Schlessinger (Sup.). Cleer v. Empire City Subway Co. (Sup.)1104 Cutler v. American Blower Co. (Sup.)..1106 Clover Farms Co., Shinnick v. (Sup.). 649 Cutler Mail Chute Co. v. Crawford (Sup.). . 750 Codington v. Interborough Rapid Transit Co. (Sup.)...

989 Cody v. Bradley Contracting Co., two cas- Damers v. Barker (Sup.)..

.1106 es (Sup.).. .1104 Daniel, Teeter y. (Sup.).

.1145 Cohen v. Frankel (Sup.).. .1018 Danzilo, in re (Sup.)...

.1105 Cohen, Gincel v. (Sup.)..

256 D'Arcy v. Interborough Rapid Transit Co. Cohen v. Illinois Surety Co. (Sup.).

763 (Sup.) Cohen v. Illinois Surety Co. (Sup.). 1104 Daversa v. Wm. H. Davidow Sons Co. Cohen v. Lukather (Sup.). .


(Sup.) Cohen, Salomon v. (Sup.).

..1141 Davidow Sons Co., Daversa v. (Sup.) Cohen' v. Valley Stream Realty Co. (Sup.). .1075 Davidson v. Dunham (Sup.).

16 Coleman & Krause, Elias v. (City Ct. N. Davis v. Delaware, L. & W. R. Co. (Sup.) 1106 Y.)

451 Davis v. International R. Co. (Sup.). Colligan v. F. W. Woolworth Co. (Sup.). . . 1104 Davis v. International R. Co. (Sup.). .1106 Columbia-Knickerbocker Trust Co., Hoff- Davis, Oneida Sav. Bank v. (Sup.)

..1131 man v. (Sup.)....

.1117 | Davis v. Seaward (Sup.). Columbia-Knickerbocker Trust Co. v. Wain- Day, Reiss. v. (Sup.). wright (Sup.).

.1104 Deacon v. I. W. & C. Horn Co. (Sup.)...1073 Columbia Nat. Bank, Gilpin v. (Sup.).... 619 Dean v. Butler (Sup.)..

34 Commissioners of Palisades Interstate

Dean v. New York State Rys, (Sup.). Park, In re, two cases (Sup.)... .1105 Debany v. Rosenthal (Sup.)...

.1015 Commissioner of Public Charities of City De Bellis, People v. (Sup.).

1132 of New York v. Vassie (Sup.).,

496 De Cicco v. Schweizer (Sup.). Congress Shoe & Rubber Co. v. Marshall Deere Wagon Co., Carples v. (Sup.). (Sup.) ,1105 Deere Wagon Co., Carples v. (Sup.)

.1103 Connelly v. Fish (Sup.). 371 De Forest, Mowbray v. (Sup.).

1130 Connolly v. Osborn (Sup.). .1105 De Hunt v. Swirson (Sup.).

1106 Connolly, People ex rel. Johnson v. (Sup.) 495 De Kalb Ave. Co. v. Clarke (Sup.).

.1106 Connor v. Benenson Realty Co. (Co. Ct.).. 700 De Kalb Ave. Co. v. Clarke, two cases Conron Bros. Co., Dobler v. (Sup.).. 266

(Sup.) Consolidated Gas Co. of New York, Radom- De Kalb Holding Co. v. Madison Theatre ski v. (Sup.)


Co. (Sup.). Constable, Brush v. (Sup.).

20 De Laney Forge & Iron Co., Nowak v. Continental Ins, Co., Bentley v. (Sup.). . 1098 (Sup.)

.1130 Continental Securities Co. v. New York Delaware, L. & W. R. Co., Davis v. (Sup.) 1106 Cent. R. Co. (Sup.)...

. 1105 Delaware, L. & W. R. Co., Del Mondo v. Conway y. Farish-Stafford Co. (Sup.). ..1105 (Sup.) Coogan, O'Brien V. (Sup.).

...1131 Delaware, L. & W. R. Co., Sound Transp. Cook v. People's Milk Co. (Sup.). 465 Co. v. (Sup.)

1141 Co-operative Apartment Co., Chatillon v. Delaware & Hudson Co., Rensselaer & S. R. (Sup.) 593 Co. v. (Sup.)

376 Copetta, People v. (Sup.).

.1132 Delaware & Hudson Co., Village of WaterCorcoran, Armstrong v. (Sup.). 65 ford v. (Sup.).

.1147 Corker, Miller V. (Sup.).

.1128 Del Mondo v. Delaware, L. & W. R. Co. Cornell v. Abrams (Sup.).

1105 (Sup) Cornwell v. Sanford (Sup.).

552 Demartini v. Zunino (Sup.).. Couch, Ward v. (Sup.). 1148 De Moo, People v. (Sup.).

1132 Coupe, Rapelye v. (Sup.). .1139 De Niord. Arbury v. (Sup.).

763 Courtney's Estate, In re (Sup.).

.1105 Derrick, Mills v., two cases (Sup.). Coyne, Churchill v. (Sup.).

993 Deutsch v. Cirker (Sup.). Coyne' v. Valley Stream Realty Co. (Sup.) 273 Devine v. Price (Sup.)..

321 Cramer V. Brownell (Sup.)..

.1105 Dick, Hoyt y. (Sup.). Crane v. Kelley (Sup.)...

.1105 Dickson & Turnbull, Doherty v. (Sup.). ...1107











. 1118

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Co. (Sup.)



Page Diehl, German-American Coffee Co. V., E. E. Smith Contracting Co., Wiesnewsky three cases (Sup.). . . 1113 v. (Sup.)

..1149 Dietzel v. New York (Sup.). 610 | Egan, People v. (Sup.).

.1132 Dime Sav. Bank of Brooklyn v. Butler Ehrlich, In re (Sup.).

.1109 (Sup.) 448 Eichler y. Fischer (Sup.).

..1109 Dime Sav. Bank of Brooklyn V. Butler Eisner-Mendelson Co., Hammer v. (Sup.)..1003 (Sup.)

633 Eitingon v. Williamsburgh City Fire Ins. Dime Sav. Bank of Brooklyn v. Butler Co. (Sup.)

..1109 (Sup.)

.1107 Electra Toy & Novelty Co. v. Simon (Sup.) 1109 Di Mombercelli v. Van Riper (Sup.). .1107 Elevator Supply & Repair Co., Yuengling Dinnean v. Dinnean (Sup.). 587 v. (Sup.)

756 D'Leen, People v. (Sup.). ..1132 | Elias v. Band (Sup.).

.1109 Dobler v. Conron Bros. Co. (Sup.).

266 Elias v. Coleman & Krause (City Ct. N. Y.) 451 Dock & Mill Co, v. Staib Abendschein Co. Elmira, C. & W. Ry., Gardner v. (Sup.)...1112 (Sup.) .1107 Emig v. Albrecht (Sup.).

.1109 Doctor v. Manico (Sup.).

..1124 | Empire City Racing Ass'n v, National Fair Doerr v. New York (Sup.). . 1107 & Exposition Ass'n (Sup.)....

833 Doherty v. Dickson & Turnbull (Sup.). .1107 Empire City Subway Co., Cleer v. (Sup.)..1104 Doll & Sons, Nyboe v. (Sup.).

650 Empire City Subway Co., New York ElecDonnelly v. New York (Sup.).

tric Lines Co. v. (Sup.).

.1130 Donnelly, Weber v. (Sup.)....

.1148 Engel v. Shubert Theatrical Co. (Sup.). ...1109 Donohue v. City Water Power Co. (Sup.).. 61 Engelman, Bauman v., two cases (Sup.). .1098 Donohue v. City Water Power Co. (Sup.). .1107 Eppinger & Russell Co., Dunn v. (Sup.). ..1108 Donohue v. Essex County, two cases (Sup.)1107 Epstein v. Werbelovsky (Sup.).

.1109 Donohue v. Essex County, two cases (Sup.)1108 Equitable Trust Co. of New York v. BessDoppstadt v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. ling (Sup.)

.1109 .1108 E. Regensburg & Sons, Frey v. (Sup.)... 1112 Doran, Ulner v. (Sup.). 655 | Erie R. Co., Fitzgerald v. (Sup.)

.1111 Dorthy, People v. (Sup.). .1132 Erie R. Co., Haus v. (Sup.)....

.1117 Dougherty, In re (Sup.). 1108 Erie R. Co., Prowski v. (Sup.).

..1138 Dougherty, Ortelero v. (Sup.).

.1131 Erman v. Great Central Palace Co. (Sup.)..1109 Doughty v. Weston (Sup.)... .1035 Ernst, Behrer v. (Sup.).

..1098 Douglas, Kelsey Smith & Co. v. (Sup.). 1121 Escher, Callahan v. (Sup.).

..1102 Doull-Miller Co., Watts v. (Sup.). . 1148 Essex County, Breen v. (Sup.).

.1100 Downs, In re (Sup.).

.1108 Essex County, Donohue v., two Dressler-Beard Mfg. Co., Callender


1.1107 645 Essex County, Donohue v.,

two Duffey y. Charles T. Wills, Inc. (Sup.) .1108 (Sup.)

.1108 Duffy, In re (Sup.). .1108 Estabrook v. Bullard (Sup.).

1109 Duffy v. Place (Sup.),

1108 Ettar Realty Co., Klappert v. (S1!'.). .1121 Duffy's Estate, în re (Sur.). 894 Evans v. Silaby (Sup.).

.1109 Dunn v. Eppinger & Russell Co. (Sup.). .1108 Evans v. Trimble (Sup.). Dunham, Davidson v. (Sup.)..

10 Exporters' Alliance v. Winnegrade (Sup.) 980 Dupay v. Galbina (Sup.). .

.1108 Export Flour & Feed Co. v. A. Mishler, Dussault, Frisch v. (Sup.). 15 Inc. (Sup.)....

.1024 Dwane v. Miller (City Ct. N. Y.) . 1060 Dwyer v. Greenblatt (Sup.).. ..1108 Fabbri v. Mayer (Sup.)..

1109 Dye v. Cherry Creek (Sup.). . .1108 Fagan v. Ulrich (Sup.).

37 Faile's Estate, In re (Sur.).

463 Fairchild v. Scarsdale Estates (Sup.). 1109 Eagle Ins. Co. of London, England, Hart- Fairchild, Tripler v. (Sup.)...

624 ley v. (Sup.).....

686 Famobrosis Soc. y. Royal Ben. Soc. (Sup.) S4 Eames, Moffett v. (Sup.). .

..1128 Famobrosis Soc. v. Royal Ben. Soc. (Sup.)1109 do"; E. A. Polak Realty Co. v. Blum (Sup.). .1138 Fanning v. Belle Terre (Sup.)... .1109 Earle, Karibe v. (Sup.). . 1120 Fanoni, In re (Sur.).

218 als Eastman v. Budge (Sup.). .1108 Fargo. Cannon v. (Sup.).

8:51 Eastman, People v. (Sup.). 314 Fariello v. Murray (Sup.).

1110 Eberts v. Peters (Sup.).

.1091 | Farish-Stafford Co., Conway y. (Sup.). 1105 E. B. Latham & Co. v. H, Freyknecht Elec- Farley, in re, three cases (Sup.) .1110 trical Engineering & Construction Co. Farley r. Patterson (Sup.).

59 (Sup.) .1108 Farley, Schneider v. (Sup.).

.1111 Ebling Brewing Co., Century Holding Co. Farley v. Secor (Sup.).

787 F. (Sup.) 630 Farley, Suss v. (Sup.).

.1115 Eckerson, Wells v. (Snp.). .1148 Farnum v. Ilarrison (Sup.)

S35 Ecks v. Montanara (Sup.). . 1010 | Farrell, Hartwell v. (Sup.).


986 Eclipse Bicycle Co., Stewart v. (Sup.). ...1144 Farrell' v. Stuart (Sup.)... Edgerton, Whitmore, Rauber & Vicinus v. Farrell, Walter V., two cases (Sup.). 1147

..1149 Farrington Union Pacific Tea Co. Edward De V. Tompkins, Inc., Nelson v. (Sup.)

.1110 (Sup.) ..1130 Farson, Tatum v. (Sup.).

817 152 N.Y.S.








Page Fay v. Press Co. (Sup.).. 1110 | Frazer, R. & L. Co. v. (Sup.)...

. 1141 Fay v. Purcell (Sup.)...

1110 Fredonia Natural Gaslight Co., Village of Federman, Lo Re v. (Sup.). 1124 Fredonia v. (Sup.). ..

.1117 Fein v. Norwalk Bros. Co. (Sup.). .1110 Freedlander, Korn v. (Sup.). Felleni v. Cini (Sup.). 695 Freije's Estate, In re (Sur.).

72 Fenno, Bowen v. (Sup.). ...1099 French v. New Rochelle (Sup.).

.1112 Ferber v. Third Street Realty Co. (Sup.).. 352 Freund, Albert v. (Sup.)..

.10 Fernandez, Amezaga v. (Sup.). .

970 Frey v. E. Regensburg & Sons (Sup.) .1112 Ferris, Smith v. (Sup.)...

46 Frey, Kielbert Const. Co. v. (Sup.).. .11.1 Fey, Schoneberger v., two cases (Sup.). .1142 Freyknecht Electrical Engineering & ConField, Randolph v. (Sup.)..

1139 struction Co., E. B. Latham & Co. v. Field & Fancy Pub. ('o., Lederer v. (Sup.) 1122 (Sup.) ...

.11%8 Fields, Herbert v. (Sup.).

187 Friedman, Berkeley v., two cases (Sup.). .1099 Fifteen W. 44th St. Co., Flannery v. (Sup.)1111 Frisch v. Dussault (Sur.)...

13 Fifty-Second St. Storage Ilouse, Hull v. Frohman, Stringer v. (Sup.).

933 (Sup.) 363 Frueauff v. Moore (Sup.)

1112 Fifty-Second St. Storage House, Hull v. Fuchs, People v. (Sup.).

445 (Sup.) .1119 Fuller, Hart v. (Sup.).

.1110 Finch v. State (Sup.). .1110 Fuller v. New York (Sup.).

1112 Finck, In re (Sup.). .1110 | Fuller Co., Boyle v. (Sup.).

.11 Finkelstein, People v., three cases (Sup.). . 875 Fulson Realty Co., Bernstein v. (Sup.). Finnie v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Furlong v. Winne' & McKain Co. (Sup.).. 245 Co. (Sup.).

.1110 F. V. Smith Contracting Co. v. New York Fiore, People v. (Sur.). ...1132 (Sup.)

635 First Bank of Notasiilga v. Jones (Sup.). .1110 | F. W. Woolworth Co., Colligan v. (Sup.). .1104 First Nat. Bank v. Bond (Sup.).

..1111 First Nat. Bank v. Lafayette Trust Co. Gage v. Waldorf Astoria Hotel Co. (Sup.) 1019 (Sup.) .1110 Galbina, Dupay v. (Sup.).

.1108 First Nat. Bank of Albany, Smith v. (Sup.)1151 Galinger v. Tannenbaum (Sup.).

556 First Nat. Bank, Townsend v. (Sup.)...1146 Gallagher v. American Sav. Bank (Sup.)., 323 First United Presbyterian Church, Chelsea Gallagher, Lever v. (Sup.).

.1133 Exch. Bank v. (City Ct. N. Y.). 201 Gallagher's Will, In re (Sur.).

939 Fischer, Cehio v. (Sup.). .1103 Galland v. Kass (Sup.).

.1074 Fischer, Eichler v. (Sup.).

.1109 Galvin v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co. Fish, Connelly v. (Sup.). 371 (Sup.)

. 1112 Fisher v. Johnson (Sup.).

944 Ganly, People ex rel. Tinton Bldg. Corp. v. Fitzgerald v. Erie R. (o. (Sup.). .1111 (Sup.)

67 Fitzgerald v. Miller (Co, Ct.). 885 Gans, Tilton v. (Sup.)..

981 Fitzgerald, People v. (Sup.). 611 Gans, Tilton v., two cases (Sup.).

.1146 Fitzsimons v. Isman (Sup.). .1111 Gantz, Kaufman v. (Sup.)...

.1121 Flannery v. Fifteen W. 41th St. Co. (Sup.)1111 Garbarini v. Moisant International Avia. Flatow, Flinn & Co. v. American Motor tors (Sup.)

.1112 Truck Co. (Sup.)

.1111 Gardner v. Central Park, N. & E. R. R. Flynn v. Bradley Const. Co. (Sup.). 1111 Co. (Sup.) Foley v. Newman (Sup.).

1111 | Gardner v. Elmira, C. & W. Ry. (Sup.). .1112 Folger v. Raczek (Sup.).

1041 Garvin, In re (Sup.) Forbes, Gray, v. (Sup.).

.1114 Gates, Richmond Assets Collecting Co. V., Foreman v. Nordon Const. Co. (Sup.). 592

three cases (Sup.)....

1140 Forman v. Young (Sup.).

417 Gavrilutz v. Savage, two cases (Sup.). Forty-Second St., M. & St. N. Ave. R. Co., Gebert v. Gebert (Sup.).

.1112 Clarke v. (Sup.)...

..1104 Geelan v. Bahr (Sup.). Foster v. Kenny (Sup.).

. .1111 Geer Co. v. J. W. Matthews & Co. (Sup.). . 1150 Foster v. New York, two cases (Sup.) .1111 General Acc., Fire & Life Assur. Corp., Foster, Sheedy v. (Sup.). 1142 Polstein v. (Sup.).

906 Foster, Sheedy v. (Sup.).

.1143 General Electric Co., Huffmire v. (Sup.). .1032 Fowler, People v. (Sup.).

261 General Film Co., O'Neill v. (Sup.). Fowler. People v. (Sup.). 672 Geo. A. Fuller Co., Boyle v. (Sup.).

. 1100 Fox's Estate, In re (Sup.).

431 George Rector, Inc., Alfred Marks Realty Frank v. Gruber (Sup.).... .1111 Co. v. (Sup.)..

.1151 Frank v. Rowland & Shafto (Sup.). .1111 Gerber v. State Bank (Sup.). Frank v. Rowland & Shafto (Sup.). .. 1112 Gerbino Greenhut-Siegel-Cooper Co. Frankel, Cohen v. (Sup.)....

..1018 (Sup.) Frank Levy, Inc., Williams v. (City Ct. German Alliance Ins. Co. of New York, 454 Wilbisky v. (Sup.)...

. 1048 Franklin v. Kidd (Sup.).

.1112 German-American Coffee Co. v. Diehl, three Franklin Sav. Bank, Robesteien v. (Sup.) 227 cases (Sup.)

. 1113 Franklins, Inc., Williams v. (Sup.). 11150 German-American Coffee Co. v. O'Neil, Frazer v. R. & L. Co. (Sup.). ..1112 three cases (Sup.)

. 1113








N. Y.) ....

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Page Gibbs v. Arras Bros. (Sup.).... ...1113 Grossman, Sackin v. (Sup.)...

1141 Gibbs v. Knickerbocker Savings & Loan Co. Grubb & Kosegarten Bros., Booth sup.) 4 (Sup.)

1099 Giles, Klauder-Weldon Dyeing Mach. Co. Gruber, Frank v. (Sup.).

.1111 V. (Sup.).. 1122 Gubitz, Howe v., two cases (Sup.).

.1118 Gilpin v. Columbia Nat. Bank (Sup.). 619 Gucker v. Kopp (Sup.). ...

370 Gibrel v. Cohen (Sup.).. 236 Guernsey, Joseph v. (Sup.).

.1120 Ginsberg v. Triangle Waist Co., two cases Guirizinski American Radiator Co. (Sup.) .1113 (Sup.)

.1115 Gleason v. Bush (Sup.).. 54 Gunther, Herzog v. (Sup.).

.1117 Gobe Antifriction Roller Bearing Co., Ver Gutman, Kurlan V. (Sup.).

807 derber v. (Sup.)..

.1147 | Gutta Percha & Rubber Mfg. Co. v. IlolGleser v. National Bank of Commerce

man (Sup.)

.1115 1 Sup.)

1113 Gwilliam Co., Alfred Marks Realty Co. v. Glowniak v. Lehigh Val. R. Co. (Sup.) 740 (Sup.)

...1151 Gluck, West Pub. Co. v. (Sup.). ..1149 G. W. Martin & Bro. y. Shellhoos (Sup.).1115 Godfree v. Godfree (Sup.).

257 Gueldnerov. New York Tel. Co. (Sup.). .1113 Haakenson V. Adam Reinhardt & Bros. Goetzmann v. Caldwell (Sup.)...


233 Goldenberg, Oliner v. (Sup.).



.1148 Goldberg, Greenberg v. (Sup.). :1114 Haff, Wells v. (Sup.).

.1115 Goldberg & Greenberg, Greenberg v. (Sup.) 1115 Hagarty v. Moyka (Sup.). Goldner v. New York Tel. Co. (Sup.). .1114

Hagmayer v. Novelty Stamp Co. (Sup.)...1115 Goldreyer v. Shalita (Sup.).

Haley's Estate, In re (Sur.)..

732 Goldsmith v. Levine (Sup.)..

Hallock Co. v. Kirst (Sup.)...

.1150 Goodman, In re (Sup.) .1114 Halsey, Roessle v. (Sup.).


561 Goodwin, M. C. Babcock Co. v. (Sup.). ...1127 Halstead v. Schnitzpahın (Sup.).. Gortikos v. Gortikov (Sup.).

Halsted v. Simmons (Sup.). .1114

..1115 Gotham Nat, Bank of New York v. Mar

Ilam, Smith v. (Sup.).

..1144 tin (Sup.)


Hamer v. Nassau Electric R. Co. (Sup.). .1115 Gottesman v. Barer (Sup.).


Hammer v. Eisner-Mendelson Co. (Sup.). .1003 Gottfried v. Griffenhagen (Sup.)

Hammond, In re (Sup.)...

.1115 Gould v. Gould (Sup.)

Hanigan, Bump v. (Sup.).

966 Grace v. North Hempstead (Sup.).

Hanson v. Hanson (Sup.).

.1115 Grace v. North Hempstead (Sup.). .1114

Harbison-Walker Refractories Co. v. 119th Grace, Spero v. (Sup.)..

St. Realty Co. (Sup.)..

.1116 Grade Crossing Com’rs of City of Buffalo,

Harburger v. Westchester Fire Ins. Co. In re, two cases (Sup.)..


272 Graf v. Mackay (Sup.)

Hardin v. Robinson (Sup.)

. 1116 1114 Grafton v. Ball (Sup.).

Hargraves v. Wickwire Steel Co. (Sup.)...1116

1116 Grand Union Paper Co., Weinberg

Harley v. Plant (Sup.). (Sup.)

Harmon v. Prentice (Sup.).

1116 Grant Ave. in City of New York, In re

Ilarrington's Sons Co., Piuntkosky (Sup.)



902 (Sup.) 13

956 Graves v. Hersperger (Sup.).

Harris, Burt v. (Sup.). 111+ Harris' v. Churchill (Sup.).

73 Gray v. Forbes (Sup.)

.1114 Harris v. Ted Snyder Co. (Sup.). Great Central Palace Co., Erman v. (Sup.) 1109 Harrison, Farnum v. (Sup.)..


835 Greater New York Film Rental Co., Binns Hart v. Fuller (Sup.).

.1116 V. (Sup.).....


Hart v. Hopwood (Sup.). Greco y. Becker (Sup.). 1114 Hart, Sanford v. (Sup.).

. 869 Green v. Steinberg (Sup.).


Ilartley v. Eagle Ins. Co. of London, EngGreenberg v. Goldberg (Sup.) .1111 land (Sup.).

686 Greenberg v. Goldberg & Greenberg (Sup.) 1115 Hartmann v. Armstrong (Sup.)

..1116 Greenblatt, Dwyer y. (Sup.)..

.1108 Hartman Const. Co., Whitehill v. (Sup.). .1149 Greenes, Spitzer v. (City Ct. N. Y.).... 882 Hartwell v. Farrell (Sup.)..

..1110 Greenhut Co., People ex rel. Cooper v. Hartwick Power Co. v. Mix (Sup.). ...1116 (Sup.)

.1135 Hatch v. Lake Shore & M. S. R. Co. Greenhut-Siegel-Cooper Co., Gerbino


. 1116 (Sup.)

502 Hauck Mfg. Co., Schnibbe v. (Sup.). .1142 Greenwood, In re (Sup.).

1115 Hauptman v. New York Edison Co. (Sup.)1116 Greig Co., Platt v. (Sup.). ..1137 Hlaus v. Erie R. Co. (Sup.).

1117 Grifenhagen, People ex rel. Smith v. (Sup.) 776 Havemeyer, Melton v. (Sup.).

.1127 Grifenhagen, People ex rel. Wynn y. (Sup.) 679 Hayes, in re (Sup.).

.1117 Grifenhagen v. Whilden & Hancock (Sup.) 1115 Hayes, Preschmann v. (Sup.).

.1137 Griffenhagen, Gottfried v. (Sup.). . 1114 Hay Foundry & Iron Works, Johnson v. Griffin, In re (Sup.)... .1115 (Sup.)

.1120 Griffing. People ex rel. Loevin v. (Sup.).. 113 Haywood v. Lockwood (Sup.).

483 Gross V. Louis Metzger & Co. (City Ct. N. Hebberd v. American Sheet Metal Lath Y.) 462 Co. (Sup.)...






215 1119


Page 1
Hedges, Meyer V., two cases (Sup.). .1127 | Huguenot Trust Co. v. Ireland, two cases
Hedges, Meyer v. (Sup.).


..1119 Hedges v. Pioneer Iron Works (Sup.). .1117 Hulett, Simpson v. (Sup.).

.1143 Hedges, Smith v. (Sup.).

95 Hull v. Fifty-Second St. Storage House Hein, Ansonia, The, v., two cases (Sup.). .1097 (Sup.)

303 Heinze, Metropolitan Life Ins. Co.

Hull v. Fifty-Second St. Storage House (Sup.) 1127 (Sup.)

.1119 Heiss, Levi v. (Sup.). 1123 Hulse v. Smith (Sup.).

.1119 Held, Inc., Schafer v., three cases (Sup.)..1141 Hume, Otto v. (Sup.).

.1131 Heller v. Levinson (Sup.).

35 Humphreys v. Marine Basin Co. (Sup.).,1119 Henry Oestreicher Co. v. Winters (Sup.). .1117 Hungerford, Hollowell & Wise Co. Herbert v. Fields (Sup.)... 487 (Sup.)

.1118 Hershfield, Sussman v., two cases (Sup.)..1145 Hurlbut, In re (Sup.).. Hersperger, Graves v. (Sup.).

..1114 Hurlbut v. Stelle (Sup.) Herzfeld v. Robinson (Sup.)..

194 Huth, In re (Sur.). Herzog v. Gunther (Sup.)

.1117 Hutter, In re (Sup.).. Hess v. International R. Co. (Sup.). ..1117 Hyde, In re (Sup.)....

.1119 H. Freyknecht Electrical Engineering & IIyman Co., Hirsch v. (Sup.).

.1111 Construction Co., E. B. Latham & Co. v. (Sup.)

.1109 Illinois Surety Co., Cohen v. (Sup.)..... its Hickey, Purcell v., three cases (Sup.). .1135 Illinois Surety Co., Cohen v. (Sup.). .1104 Hickler, Mauerer v. (Sup.).

.1127 Illinois Surety Co., Riviera Realty Co. v. Hill, In re (Sup.).

.1117 (Sup.) Hilliker v. Rueger (Sup.).

.117 Illinois Surety Co., Sciaballa v. (Sup.). , Hilton, Lowinson v. (Sup.).

1124 Mlinois Surety Co., Sciaballa v. (Sup.). .114 Himmel, Rovere v. (Sup.).

1141 India Wharf Brewing Co. v. Wasser (Sup.)11:38 Hirsch v. S. Hyman Co. (Sup.).

.1117 Interboro Rapid Transit Co., Bockbaus v. Hirschfield v. Board of Education (Sup.).. S70 (Sup.)

.1039 Hirschman, Murphy v. (Sup.).

.1130 Interboro Rapid Transit Co., Meyrson v. HIoadley, New York Life Ins. Co. v. (Sup.) 284 (Sup.)

.112S Hochman v. Bollt (Sup.)...

(1031 Interborough Rapid Transit Co., Callahan Hodgeboom, Buffalo Wholesale Ilardware

Estate v. (Sup.)... Co. v. (Sup.)....

900 Interborough Rapid Transit Co., Codington Hodgens, Lindeberg v. (Sup.).

2:29 v. (Sup.)... Hodges, In re (Sup.).

1117 Interborough Rapid Transit Co., D'Arcy Hoffman v. Columbia-Knickerbocker Trust

v. (Sup.). Co. (Sup.)

1117 Interborough Rapid Transit Co., Weber v. Hoffman v. North Hempstead (Sup.)


197 Hoffman, People ex rel. Burke v. (Sup.). . 1135 International Handkerchief Mfg. Co. Holland Laundry v. Travelers' Ins. Co.

Morse (Sup.) (Sup.)

92 International R. Co., Davis v. (Sup.). Hollender, Tielenius v. (Sup.).

1146 International R. Co., Davis v. (Sup.) ..110 Hollender y. Wallace (Sup.).

617 International R. Co., Hess v. (Sup.)......1117 Hollowell & Wise Co. Hungerford International R. Co. v. Wotherspoon (Sup.) 971 (Sup.)

..1118 Ireland, Hughenot Trust Co. v., two cases Holman, Gutta Percha & Rubber Mfg. Co. (Sup.) v. (Sup.).

..1115 Ireland, Huguenot Trust Co. v., two cases Holme's Will, In re (Sup.).

822 (Sup.) Holme's Will, In re (Sup.)..

8:26 Isaacs, New York Realty Owners y. (Sup.) 11% Holstein v. Steeplechase Park Co., two cas

Israelson v. Williams (Sup.).

.1119 es (Sup.)

1118 Iser, People v. (Sup.).... Holzworth, In re (Sup.). 1118 Isman, Fitzsimons v. (Sup.).

..1111 Hopwood, Hart v. (Sup.).

1116 1. W. & C. llorn Co., Deacon v. (Sup.). .1073 Horn Co., Deacon v. (Sup.).

1073 Horner & Co. v. Lawrence (Sup.).

Jackson, C. S. Posner Co. v. (Sup.).

.1110 .11.10 Horton, Shannon v. (Sup.).


Jacob Doll & Sons, Nyboe v. (Sup.). llorton Ice Cream Co., Levitt v. (Sup.)..1123 Jacobs, Lane v. (Sup.).

Jacobs, Lane v. (Sup.). Hosner v. Agricultural Ins. Co. (Sup.)....1118 Jacobson v. Jacobson, three cases (Sup.). .1119 Hotel Astor, Koehne v. (Sup.)..


Jacobson v. Strong (Sup.)... Howard, Rich v. (Sup.)...


Jacobson v. Wolthausen (Sup.). Howev. Gubitz, two cases (Sup.). .1118

Jaffe, Arthur Wolfsohn Co. v. (Sup.). Howe & Rogers Co., O'Grady v. (Sup.)

Jaffe v. Krakower (Sup.). Hoyt v. Dick (Sup.). 1118 Jagerhuber, Begiebing v. (Sup.).

789 Huber's Will, In re (Sup.).

Jagerhuber, Begiebing v. (Sup.).

. 1095 Huested v. Richmond Light & R. Co. James A. McCreery & Co., Timen T. (Sup.)


(Sup.) Huffmire v. General Electric Co. (Sup.)...1032 James Roy Co. v. Roy Woolen Co. (Sup.)..1120 Huguenot Trust Co. v. Ireland, two cases Jamison. City of New York v. (Sup.)....1104 (Sup.) .11181 Janes, Paddell v. (Sup.)..








.1119 . 1097 .1119

. 1146

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