. 1096


. 1103


Pag Morse Dry Dock & Repair Co., Aiston v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Doppstadt (Sup.)

v. (Sup.)

.110 Morse Dry Dock & Repair Co., Nelson v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Finnie (Sup.) .1130 v. (Sup.)

111 Motor Transit Co., Meyer v. (Sup.). 1128 New York Cent. & H, R. R. Co., Galvin Moulton, In re (Sup.). 1129 V. (Sup.)

.111 Mt. Vernon Trust Co. v. l'entield (Sup.). :1129 New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Keiley Mowbray v. De Forest (Sup.).. ..1130 v. (Sup.)

1087 Moyer, People v. (Sup.).

..1133 New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Loomis Moyka, Hagarty v. (Sup.). .1115 v. (Sup.).

.113 Mulvaney v. Nesi (Sup.).

,1130 New York Cent. & II. R. R. Co., Read y. Murphy v. Hirschman (Sup.). .1130 (Sup.)

1139 Murray, Bannister v. (Sup.).

192 New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Snook v. Murray, Bannister v. (Sup.).

.1098 (Sup.) Murray, Fariello v. (Sup.).

.1110 | New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., White Murray v. Smith (Sup.). 102 v. (Sup.)

1119 Murray, Staley v. (Sup.).

163 | New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Wien v. Murtfeldt v. Thorn (Sup.). .1130 (Sup.)

131 Musica, Monroe v. (Sup.)..

.1129 New York Edison Co., Hauptman v. (Sup.) 1116 Mutual Furniture Co., Majestic Metal Bed New York Electric Lines Co. v. Empire Co. v. (Sup.). 994 City Subway Co. (Sup.)..

.11:30 Myers, Assets Collecting Co. v. (Sup.). 930 New York Life Ins. Co. v. Hoadley (Sup.) 284 Myer Strasburger & Co., Strasburger v. i New York Life Ins. Co., McKeever v. (Sup.) 757 (Sup.)

. 1125 New York Life Insurance & Trust Co., In re (Sup.)..

SS1 Nalewajko v. Tennessee Copper Co.

New York, O. & W. R. Co., Bell v. (Sup.) 1 (Sup.)

.1130 Nassau Electric R. Co., Hamer v. (Sup.). .1115 |

New York, O. & W. R. Co., Schoonmaker v. (Sup.)

10.9 National Bank of Commerce, Glover v.

New York Rys. Co., McLaughlin v. (Sup.) 11:5 (Sup.)

New York Realty Owners v. Isaacs (Sup.)..113 National Cash Register Co., Chalmers V.,

New York State Rys., Dean v. (Sup.)....1115 two cases (Sup.)....

New York Tel. Co., Goeldner v. (Sup.)....1113 National Fair & Exposition Ass'n, Empire

New York Tel. Co., Goldner v. (Sup.)....1111 City Racing Ass'n v. (Sup.).


New York Tel. Co., Mariani v. Sup.)....112 National Jewelers' Board of Trade, L.

New York Tel. Co., Olson v. (Sup.).

.1131 Meisel & Co. v. (Sup.).

913 New York Tel. Co., Rose v. (Sup.).. National Slavonic Soc. of United States of

New York Times Co., Andrews V.,

two America, Raab v. (Sup.). ..

. 1033

cases (Sup.). National Surety Co., Jones v. (Sup.). .1120 Neiger, New England Tel. Co. v. (Sup.)...1053 New York, W. & B. R. Co., Luhman v.

.1121 Neiheiser, Ruth v. (Sup.).

998 Niagara Falls Hydraulic Power & Mfg. Nelson v. Edward De V. Tompkins, Inc.

.1104 (Sup.)

Co., Clancy v. (Sup.). .1130

Nicholson v. Sprague (Sup.). Nelson v. Morse Dry Dock & Repair Co. Nicholson v. Sprague (Sup.). (Sup.)


Nitzke v. White (Sup.)... Nelson's Will, In re (Sur.). .

734 Nordon Const. Co., Foreman v. (Sup.). Nesi, Mulvaney v. (Sup.).


Northern Iron Co., Lamour v. (Sup.). New Belgravia Realty Co. v. Superintend

Northern Neck Const. Co., Richmond, W. tent of Banks of State of New York

& C. R. Co. v. (Sup.). ....

1110 (Sup.)

. 1102 North Hudson Contracting Co., Miller v. Newcomb v. La Rce (Sup.).


(Sup.) New Courthouse Site in City of New York,

Norwalk Bros. Co., Fein v. (Sup.). In re (Sup.). .


Novelty Stamp Co., Hagmayer 1. (Sup.)...1110 Newell, In re (Sup.).

.1130 Novick, People v. (Sup.).. New England Tel. Co. v. Neiger (Sup.). . 1085 Nowak' v. De Laney Forge & Iron Co. Newman v. Basch (City Ct. N. Y.).


(Sup.) Newman, Foley v. (Sup.).

.1111 Nusbaum v. Terry & Tench Co. (Sup.). ...1130 New Trinidad Lake Asphalt Co., Martin v. Nyboe v. Jacob Doll & Sons (Sup.). (Sup.)

..1126 New York, C. & St. L, R, Co., Zelinski v. O'Brien, Butler v. (Sup.). (Sup.)

.1151 O'Brien v. Coogan (Sup.). New York Cent. R. Co., Continental Se O'Brien, People v. (Sup.).. curities Co. v. (Sup.).

.1105 O'Connor v. Christopher... New York Cent. R. Co., MacKinstry v. O'Connor v. Levine, two cases (Sup.) .1131 (Sup.)

.1125 Oestreicher Co. v. Winters (Sup.). New York Cent. & I. R. R. Co., A. C. O'Grady v. Ilowe & Rogers Co. (Sup.). Cheney Piano Action Co. v. (Sup.). 285 | Ohlson, People v. (Sup.).

.1132 New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Anthony O'Keefe, People ex rel. La Chicotte V., & Jones Co. v. (Sup.).

.1097 two cases (Sup.).





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.1130 :



1133 9.15




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0., Wien,

Keever , ........


Page 235 People v. Licanziato (Sup.).

.1133 Doppstadt Oliner v. Goldenberg (Sup.).... Olson v. New York Tel. Co. (Sup.). .1131 People v. Lutz (Sup.)...

.1133 People v. Maestry (Sup.).

767 119th St. Realty Co., Harbison-Walker ReCo., Finne fractories Co. v. (Sup.)... . 1116 | People v. Miller (Sup.).

.1133 Oneida Sav. Bank v. Davis (Sup.). .1131 | People v. Moyer (Sup.)...

.1133 L'O., Galni LO'Neill v. General Film Co. (Sup.). 599 People v. Novick (Sup.).

.1133 Co., Keile; O'Neil, German-American Coffee Co. v., People v. O'Brien (Sup.).

.1133 three cases (Sup.).. .. 1113 People v. Ohlson (Sup.).

.1132 .1131 People v. Park Row Realty Co. (Sup.). .1133 Co., Lootais O'Neill v. Perkins (Sup.). Orentlich, Levine v. (Sup.). 962 People v. Rible (Sup.)..

.1133 .1129 People v. Roma (Sup.).

.1133 .., Readi. O'Rourke, Moore v. (Sup.). Ortelero v. Dougherty (Sup.) 1131 People v. Rosino (Sup.).

623 .1105 People v. Sandor (Sup.). Snooke Osborn, Connolly v. (Sup.).

..1133 Osborne, In re (Sup.)... 48 | People v. Schaefer (Sup.).

.1133 Co., White O'Shea, Stiles v. (Sup.). .1144 People v. Schiff (Sup.).

..1134 Oshlag, In re (Sup.)..

.1131 People v. Schoch, two cases (Sup.). ..1134 Otsego & H. R. Co., Sheldon v. (Co. Ct.). . 702 People v. Seidenshner (Sup.)

595 Ott v. Wesel (Sup.).. .1131 People v. Serago (Sup.),

1134 . 1131 People v. Sinnott (Sup.). n v. Sup. LOtto . Hume (Sup.).

1134 ** Empire Otto Gas Engine Works. Moore, v. (Sup.)..112 People v. Smith (Sup.)..

1132 Otway v. Snare & Triest Co. (Sup.). 845 People v. Smith (Sup.)..

1134 dles (Supi: Overton, In re (Sur.).... 545 People v. Sporanza (Sup.).

1134 People v. Stadleman (Sup.)

1134 People v. Stagg (Sup.).

1131 Pace. In re (Sup.).


People v. Sylvestro (Sup.).. ist Co., lt Paddell v. Janes (Sup.). 918

1134 People v. Cebelmesser (Sup.).. 965

1134 Pakas v. Rawle (Sup.).

People v. Von Schlenczynski (Sup.). | v. (Sup. I Palley, Parsbelsky v. (Sup.).


.1134 .1131

People v. Wildner (Sup.).. hoonmaler Palma v. North Hempstead (Sup.).


People v. Willbrandt, two cases (Sup.)
Pancoast's Estate, In re (Sur.)


People v. Williams (Sup.). V. (Sup. L. Pangburn v. Buick Motor Co. (Sup.). .1131

1134 Ees (Sup... Park, In re (Sup.)..

People v. Xavier (Sup.)...

.1135 (Sup.)... Parker Hospital, "In re, two cases (Sup.)..1150 People ex rel. Abbruzzeze v. Woods (Sup.) 1135 (Sup... Park Row Realty Co.,' People v. (Sup...:11:33 People ex rel. Appleby v. Polk, two cases

(Sup.) (Sup..... Parshelsky v. Palley (Sup.)..



..1135 (Sup.... Pasinsky v. Metropolitan News Co. (Sup.) 232 People ex rel. Boice v. Woods (Sup.).

People ex rel. Boskowitz v. Purdy (Sup.). .1135 Patchinakis, In re (Sup.)..


People ex rel. Brunner v. Swasey (Sup.). .1135 Patterson, Farley v. (Sup.)...


People ex rel. Buddemeyer s v., two Pendleton, Zorn v., two cases (Sup.). ..1151

v. NicKay (Sup.)

Penfield, Mt. Vernon Trust Co. v. (Sup.). .1129
Pennsylvania R. Co., Brinkman v: (Sup.). .1100 People ex rel. Burke v. Hoffman (Sup.). .1135
People v. Abetti (Gen. Sess.).

People ex rel. Cooper v. J. B. Greenhut fell People v. Barclay (Sup.)..

Co. (Sup.)....

.1135 People v. Blutier (Sup.).

:1132 People ex rel. Costa v. Polk (Sup.). .1135 People v. Bright (Sup.).

1132 People ex rel. Crowley y. Waldo (Sup.)...1135 People v. Brown (Sup.).

::1133 People ex rel. Davanza v. Warden of City

Prison (Sup.)....
People v. Busccolieri (Gen. Sess.).

. 1135 People v. Cepriano (Sup.)..

.1132 People ex rel. Davis v. Board of Education People v. Chapman (Co. Ct.). Supl.

of City of New York (Sup.)..

1135 People v. Ciszenski (Sup.).

1132 People ex rel. Farley v. Woods (Sup.)....1136 People v. Cleary (Sup.)..

p.).. ..).



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1132 People ex rel. Empie v. Smith (Sup.). 295 People y. Copetta (Sup.).

. 1132 People ex rel. Gegan v. White (Gen. Sess.).. 887 People y. De Bellis (Sup.).

1132 People ex rel. Gleason v. Waldo (Sup.). .1136 People v. De Moo (Sup.)..

1132 People ex rel. Goldschmidt v. Travis (Sup.)1058 People y, D'Leen (Sup.)..

.1132 People ex rel. Hendrick v. Warden of RayPeople v. Dorthy (Sup.)..

mond St. Jail (Sup.). ...

1136 Trao C, People v. Eastman (Gen. Sess.).

314 People ex rel. Henninger v. Waldo (Sup.)..1136 People v. Egan (Sup.)....

.1132 People ex rel. Hook v. Waldo (Sup.).. .1130 up.... People v. Fuchs (Sup.).

445 People ex rel. Importers' & Traders' Nat. Finkelstein, three cases (Sup.).

Bank V. Purdy (Sup.).

275 People y. Fiore (Sup.).

.1132 People ex rel. Importers' & Traders' Nat. People v. Fitzgerald (Sup.). 641 Bank v. Purdy (Sup.)....

.1136 People v. Fowler (Sup.).

261 People ex rel. Johnson v. Connolly (Sup.) 495 People v. Fowler (Sup.).

672 People ex rel. Keenan v. McKay (Sup.)...1136 People v. Iser (Sup.)..

.1132 People ex rel. Kennedy v. Smith (Sup.)... 300 People v. Kardach (Sup.). .1133 People ex rel. Kieley v. Lent (Sup.)..

18 People v. Kirschman (Sup.).

.1133 People ex rel. Krohn v. Warden and KeepPeople v. Laster (Sup.). .1133 er of City Prison (Sup.)..

.1136 People v. Lehman (Sup.)..

72 People ex rel. La Chicotte v. O'Keefe, two People v. Levine (Sup.)... .1133 cases (Sup.).....



Miller 1

People v.





Page People ex rel. Lederman v. Warden of City Powers v. Lawyers' Title Insurance & Prison (Sup.)... 977 Trust Co. (Sup.)....

..1138 People ex rel. Little v. Johnson (Sup.). .1136 Powers v. Mechanicville (Sup.).

1077 People ex rel. Loevin v. Griffing (Sup.).... 113 Prendergast, People ex rel. McDonnell v. People ex rel. McCadden v. Woods (Sup.) 1136 (Sup.) People ex rel. McDonnell v. Prendergast Prentice, Harmon y. (Sup.).

.1116 (Sup.)

938 Presberger v. Mechanics' Bank, Brooklyn People ex rel. Mayer v. McKay (Sup.). . .1137 (Sup.)

1128 People ex rel. Mayham v. Board of Sup'rs Preschmann v. Hayes (Sup.).

1137 of Schoharie County, two cases (Sup.). .1137 Presimone v. Scocco (Sup.).

1138 People ex rel. Miller v. Smith (Sup.). 299 Press Co., Fay v. (Sup.).

.1110 People ex rel. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Price, Devine v. (Sup.). Co. v. Mealy (Sup.)..

435 Pring v. Thorp (Sup.).. People ex rel. New York, O. & W. R. Co. Pring v. Thorp (Sup.)..

1123 v. State Board of Tax Com’rs (Sup.).. 263 Proal, Sherry v. (Sup.).

.1143 People ex rel. O'Loughlin v. Board of Esti. Prowski v. Èrie R. Co. (Sup.).

.1133 mate and Apportionment of City of New Public Bank of New York City, Bank of York (Sup.).. 625 United States v. (Sup.)...

.1098 People ex rel. Rodgers v. Tomkins (Sup.)1137 Public Bank of New York City, Rand v. People ex rel. Smith v. Grifenhagen (Sup.).. 776 (Sup.)

.1139 People ex rel. Spang v. Carey (Sup.). 569 Public Service Commission, In re, two casPeople ex rel. Tinton Corp. v. Ganly (Sup.) 67 es (Sup.)....

.1138 People ex rel. Town of Pelham v. Pelham Pulitzer, Root v., two cases (Sup.). (Sup.) 428 Puma v. Southern Pac. Co. (Sup.)

.1138 People ex rel. Town of Pelham v. Pelham Purcell, Fay v. (Sup.)..

.1110 (Sup.)

.. 1137 Purcell v. Hickey, three cases (Sup.). .1138 People ex rel. Troy Union R, Co. v. Mealy Purdy, People ex rel, Boskowitz v. (Sup.). .1135 (Sup.)

435 Purdy, People ex rel. Importers' & Traders' People ex rel. Wynn v. Grifenhagen (Sup.) 679 Nat. Bank v. (Sup.)..

275 People ex rel. Young v. Shults (Sup.). 301 Purdy, People ex rel. Importers' & Traders' People's Milk Co., Cook v. (Sup.).. 465 Nat. Bank v. (Sup.)..

1136 Percippe v. Manee (Sup.)....

.1137 Purssell Mfg. Co., 78th St. & Broadway Perkins, O'Neill v. (Sup.).

1131 Co. v. (Sup.).. Perkins, Schliep v. (Sup.).

.1141 Putnam Foundry & Machine Co., Johnson Peters, Eberts v. (Sup.).

.1091 v. (Sup.).. Pfobl v. Rupp (Sup.).

47 Pye v. Pye (Sup.). Phalen v. Rae (Sup.).

.1137 | Pye v. Pye (Sup.). Phillips, Levins v. (Sup.). .1025 Pynchon v. Mendham (Sup.).

.1138 Phønix' Fire Ins. Co. of Paris, France, Montana V. (Sup.).

1129 Quale Co., Leonard v. (Sup.). Piel, Caire v. (Sup.) .1102 Quinby v. Stallo (Sup.).

.1139 Piel, Moffett v. (Sup.). 1128 Quincey v. Boyd (Sup.).

.1139 Pierce v. MacFarland (Sup.).

.1137 Quintard, Leonori Hotel Co. v. (Sup.). ...1007 Pierce v. Willets (Sup.).

.1137 Pillmore v. Walsworth (Sup.)

314 Raab v. National Slavonic Soc. of United l'inafeather V. Massachusetts Acc. Co.

States of America (Sup.). (Sup.) .1137 Raczek, Folger v. (Sup.).

.1011 Pioneer Iron Works, Hedges v. (Sup.). .1117 Radomski v. Consolidated Gas Co. of New Piuntkosky v. Thomas Harrington's Sons York (Sup.). . Co. (Sup.)...

902 Rae, Phalen v. (Sup.).. Place, Duffy v. (Sup.).

.1108 Rafter, Mollnow v. (Sup.). Plant, Harley v. (Sup.).

.1116 Raftery v. Carter (Sup.) Platt v. J. M. Greig Co. (Sup.).

.1137 Ralph, Morf v. (Sup.).. Polak Realty Co. v. Blum (Sup.). .1138 Rambaut v. Tevis (Sup.). Polish Roman Catholic Church of Holy Rand v. Public Bank of New York City

Mother of Rosary, of Buffalo, Buffalo (Sup.)

Sav. Bank v., two cases (Sup.).. .1101 Randolph v. Field (Sup.). Polk, People ex rel. Appleby v., two cases Rapelye v. Coupe (Sup.).

1139 (Sup.)

.1135 Rattigan v. Board of Sup'rs of Cayuga Polk, People ex rel. Costa v. (Sup.). .1135 County (Sup.)

402 Pollitz v. Wabash R. Co. (Sup.).

803 Rawle, Pakas v. (Sup.). Polstein v. General Acc., Fire & Life

Raymond Concrete Pile Co. v. John ThatchAssur. Corp. (Sup.).


er & Son (Sup.).. Porter v. Porter (Sup.),

.1138 Read v. New York Cent, & H, R. R. Co. Posner Co. v. Jackson (Sup.).

.1105 (Sup.) Post, Beves v., two cases (Sup.)

1099 Realty Associates, Moorehead v. (Sup.). Post & McCord v. New York (Sup.) .1138 Realty Associates, Moorehead v. (Sup.). .1129 Post & McCord, Toms v. (Sup.)..

1146 Realty Mercantile Credit Ass'n v. Menger Powel & Co., Kohn v. (Sup.)..

1122 (Sup.)




10.30) .1137

110 .1139

.1139 ..1139

1139 .1139






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re, two cas




Page Dsurance & Rechnitz, Stern v. (Sup.).. 976 | Ross, Wiener v., two cases (Sup.).

.1149 Rector, etc., of St. George's Church in City Rosson, Sullivan v. (Sup.)..

.1145 of New York v. Morgan (Sup.).. 497 Roth v. Tribune Ass'n (Sup.).

755 cDoppell r. Rector, Inc., Alfred Marks Realty Co. v. Rovere v. Himmel (Sup.)..

.. 1151 Rowland, Rock Island Butter

Reddy v. Silverman (Sup.).
.1139 (Sup.)

1140 k, Brooklız Reddy, Windsor Realty Co. v. (Sup.)....1150 Rowland & Shafto, Frank v. (Sup.). .1111 Reeb, Buffalo Builders' Supply Co.

Rowland & Shafto, Frank v. (Sup.). .1112 (Sup.)

.1101 Roy Co. v. Roy Woolen Co. (Sup.). ..1120 Reece Buttonhole Mach. Co., Siegel v. Royal Ben, Soc., Famobrosis Soc. v. (Sup.) 84 (Sup.)

191 Royal Ben, Soc., Famobrosis Soc. v. (Sup.) 1109 Reed, White Plains Development Co. v. Roy Woolen Co., James Roy Co. v. (Sup.). .1120 (Sup.) .1149 Rueger, Hilliker v. (Sup.)...

.1117 Regensburg & Sons, Frey y. (Sup.). .1112 Ruger, In re (Sup.).

.1121 Reid v. Wuerfel (Sup.).. .1139 Rupp, Pfohl v. (Sup.).

47 Reilly v. Barrett, two cases (Sup.). ...1139 Ruth v. Neiheiser (Sup.).

998 y, Bank Reinhardt & Bros. Haakenson v. (Sup.)...1115 Rutland Leasing Co. v. Brown (Sup.). ..,1141 Reiss v. Day (Sup.l...

.1139 Ryan-Parker Const. Co., Chard v. (Sup.).. 743 ty, Rand Renaut v. New York (Sup.).. .1139 R. & L. Co., Frazer v. (Sup.).

Rensselaer & S. R. Co. v. Delaware & Hud- R. & L. Co. v. Frazer (Sup.).
son Co. (Sup.)..

Restivo v. Bradley Contracting Co. (Sup.).. 326 Sackett & Wilhelms Co., Boedicker
Reynolds v. Reynolds (Sup.)..
661 (Sup.)

.1099 1.). Rible, People v. (Sup.).. .1133 Sackin v. Grossman (Sup.).

.1141 ... Rice v. Miner (Sup.).

.1139 St. George's Church in City of New York Sup.)... Rice v. Miner (Sup.). .1110 v. Morgan (Sup.).

497 r. Sup... Rich v. Howard (Sup.). 1140 St. John's Guild, In re (Sup.).

635 & Traders ' Richards v. Richards (Sup.).

:1110 St. Paul's Place and Washington Ave., In Richelson, Manion v. (Sup.) .1126 re (Sup.).

1141 & Traders Richmond Assets Collecting Co. y. Gates,

Salomon v. Cohen (Sup.)...

.1141 three cases (Sup.)...

1140 Samuels v. Samuels, two cases (Sup.). 1141 Broadway Richmond Light & R. Co., Huested

Samuels v. Southern Pac. Co. (Sup.) .1141 (Sup.) ..1118 Sandor, People v. (Sup.)...

.1133 Johnson, Richmond Light & R. Co., Moriarta v., two

Sanford, Cornwell v. (Sup.).

582 cases (Sup.). ..1129 Sanford v. Hart_(Sup.).

809 Richmond, W. & C. R. Co. v. Northern

Santi Amoroso Fruit Co. v. Carnegie Trust
Neck Const. Co. (Sup.).

Co. (Sup.).

.1141 Richter v. Lindemann (Sup.).

784 Sarafian v. United States Fidelity & GuarRichter, Lindemann v. (Sup.). .1124 anty Co. (Sup.)....

737 Ridley, Trustees of Mission Church in City Sargold Realty Co., Sherwood v. (Sup.). .1142 of New York v. (Sup.).

745 Savage, Gavrilutz V., two cases (Sup.). .1112 Riley v. McGee (Sup.).

485 Scamamelli, Banco di Roma v. (Sup.). .1149 Sup.)... Ritter, Kugelman v. (Sup.).

.1027 Scaramelli, Banco di Roma v. (Sup.)....1098 Riviera Realty Co. v. Illinois Surety Co.

Scarsdale Estates, Fairchild v. (Sup.). .1109 (Sup.).

.1140 Schafer v. Max Held, Inc., three R. J. Horner & Co. y. Lawrence (Sup.). .1140


. 1141 ... Robbin's Estate, In re (Sur.). ..1067 Schaefer, People v. (Sup.).

.1133 :of New Robesteien v. Franklin Sav. Bank (Sup.) 227 Schallock v: Wood (Sup.).

225 Robinson, Hardin v. (Sup.). . 1116 Schanz v. Sotscheck (Sup.).

851 Robinson, Herzfeld v. (Sup.). 194 Schapiro, Caluwaert v. (Sup.).

..1016 Robinson v. Sun Ins. Office (Sup.).

.1022 Schenectady R. Co., Tableporter v. (Sup.) 1145 Robítscher, In re (Sup.)... .1140 Scher, Silberman v. (Sup.).

. 1143 Rock Island Butter Co. v. Rowland (Sup.)1140 Schiff, People v. (Sup.).

.1134 ,Roediger y. Kraft (Sup.). 327 Schlegel v. New York (Sup.)..

975 rk City. Roessle v. Halsey (Sup.).. .1140 Schleicher Co., Vaden v. (Sup.).

354 Rohe, Meighan y. (Sup.).

.1127 Schlessinger, Abramowitz v. (Sup.). 337 Roma, People v. (Sup.)...

.1133 Schlessinger, Cusumano v. (Sup.). . 1081 Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum, Campion Schliep v. Perkins (Sup.)....

.111 F., four cases (Sup.).... .1102 Schmitz, Kellogg v. (Sup.).

.1121 Root v. Pulitzer, two cases (Sup.). .1140 Schmitz v. Weitkus (Sup.)..

.1141 Root, William S. Merrell Chemical Co. v. Schneider v. Farley (Sup.).

1141 (City Ct. N. Y.).

368 Schnibbe v. Hauck Mfg. Co. (Sup.). .1142 I Rose v. New York Tel. Co. (Sup.) 827 Schnitzpahn, Halstead v. (Sup.).

561 8. Co Roseff , Brooks v. (Sup.).

of C'nited



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.1100 Schoch, People v., two cases (Sup.). .1134 Rosen, Weiss v. (Sup.).. .1148 Schofield v. Wolper (Sup.)...

.1112 Jo... Rosen v. Werle (Sup.):

992 Schoneberger v. Fey, two cases (Sup.). .1142 Rosendorf, Marsullo v. (Sup.).

51 Schumacher v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co., Rosenstock, Winter v. (Sup.) 1150 two cases (Sup.)....

.1142 F... Rosenthal, Debany v. (Sup.).

. 1043 Schoonmaker v. New York, O. & W. R. 1. Rosido, People v. (Sup.)... 623 Co. (Sup.)..

. 1079





717 .1134


Page Schwartz v. Minsker Realty Co. (Sup.)... 70 Smith Contracting Co., Wiesnewsky v. Schweizer, De Cicco v. (Sup.)... ..1106 (Sup.)

.1149 Sciaballa v. Illinois Surety Co. (Sup.). 760 Smith's Estate, In re (Sup.). Sciaballa v. Illinois Surety Co. (Sup.). .1142 Snare & Triest Co., Otway v. (Sup.).. Scofield's Estate, In re (Sup.).

.1142 | Snare & Triest Co., Su v. (Sup.). Scocco, Micelli v. (Sup.)..

.1128 Snare & Triest Co., Summo v. (Sup.). .1145 Scocco, Presimone v. (Sup.).

.1138 Snook v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co. Seaward, Davis v. (Sup.)..


(Sup.) Secor, Farley v. (Sup.). 787 Snyder Co., Harris v. (Sup.).

1110 Seggerman Bros., Aspegren V., two cases Sociological Research Film Corp., Merle v. (Sup.)

.1151 (Sup.) Seidenshner, People v. (Sup.).

595 Sothman v. Standard Gas Power Corp. Selmo v. Selmo (Sup.).. . 1142 (Sup.)

.1144 Serago, People v. (Sup.). 1134 Sothman v. Ward (Sup.)

.1114 Serial Bldg. Loan & Savings Inst., Bel Sotscheck, Schanz v. (Sup.).

851 mont Powell IIolding Co. v. (Sup.). ... 868 Sound Transp. Co. v. Delaware, L. & W. 78th St. & Broadway Co. v. Purssell Mfg.

R, Co. (Sup.)

..1144 Co. (Sup.).....

52 Southern Pac. Co., Puma v. (Sup.). 1138 Seviere v. New York (Sup.),

1142 Southern Pac. Co., Samuels v. (Sup.)....1141 Shalita, Goldreyer v. (Sup.).

Spain v. Talcott (Sup.).

611 Shannon v. Horton (Sup.). 1112 Spellman, In re (Sup.).

.114 Sheedy v. Foster (Sup.).

Spero v. Grace (Sup.)...

114 Sheedy v. Foster (Sup.)...

:1143 Spitzer v. Greenes (City Ct. N. Y.). Sheldon v. Otsego & H. R. Co. (Co. Ct.). 702 Spooner's Will, In re (Sur.).. Shellhoos, G. W. Martin & Bro. v. (Sup.) 1115 Sporanza, People v. (Sup.). .. Sherman, McKeon v., two cases (Sup.)....435 Sprague, Nicholson v. (Sup.). Sherry, Brokaw v., two cases (Sup.).

..1100 Sprague, Nicholson v. (Sup.). Sherry v. Proal (Sup.). :1143 Spritzer v. Ahearn (Sup.)..

791 Sherwood v. Sargold Realty Co. (Sup.). 1113

Stacey's Estate, In re (Sur.). Shields v. Byrd (Sup.).


Stadleman, People v. (Sup.). Shinnick v. Clover Farms Co. (Sup.).

1114 619

Stafford v. Stafford (Sup.). Shubert Theatrical Co., Engel v. (Sup.). .1109 Stagg, People v.. (Sup.).

.1134 Shults, People ex rel. Young v. (Sup.).... 301 Staib Abendschein Co., Dock & Mill Co. S. Hyman Co., Hirsch v. (Sup.). . .1117

v. (Sup.).....

163 Siegel v. Reece Buttonhole Macn. Co. (Sup. 191 Staley v: Murray (Sup.) Silaby, Evans V. (Sup.)...


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.1122 . 11:38 .115 .1143






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