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Next to a sound rule of faith, there is nothing of so much consequence as a sober standard of feeling in matters of practical religion: and it is the peculiar happiness of the Church of England to possess, in her authorized formularies, an ample and secure provision for both. But in times of much leisure and unbouticed oniosity, when excitement of every kind is sought after with a morbid cage mese. this part of the merit of our Liturgy. is likely in some measure to be lost, on inany even of its sincere admirers: the very tempers, which most require such discipline, setting themselves, in general, most decidedly against it.

The object of the present publication will be attained, if any person find assistance from it in bringing his own thoughts and feelings into more entire unison with those recommended and exemplified in the Prayer Book. The work does not furnish a complete series of compositions; being, in many parts, rather adapted with more or less propriety to the successive portions of the Liturgy, than originally suggested by them. Something has been aeded at the end concerning the several. Occasional Sesvices: which constitute;" from their personal and domestic natyre, the: most .perfect instance of that soothing condency in the Prayer Book, which it is the chief purpose of these pages to exhibit.

May 30, 1827.

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