The Word of the Lord Endures Forever

AuthorHouse, 2007 - 376 sider
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Tyana Dominique emerges from her visions to find herself filled with an unyielding desire to pursue competitive ballroom dancing. It isn't long before her dance instructor, Antonio Lorenzo, sees more in Tyana than just a graceful and talented dancer.

Constantly plagued with feelings of déjà vu, Tyana struggles through her reflections only to find herself facing a moral dilemma regarding her future with boyfriend, Ellis Montgomery.

Ellis finds himself entangled in an affair with his salacious and sexy co-worker, Charlotte St. Jean. In Charlotte's attempt to steal Ellis from Tyana, she hires a private investigator to provide her with the edge she needs to accomplish her objective.

When Tyana learns of Ellis' affair, her future becomes certain to she thinks. But life then presents her with an unexpected situation. Her circumstances thwart plans to continue her pursuit of the only true love of her life. Is she destined to be reunited with that love? Will she dance to the end of love?

This sensual love story is the sequel to Theresa Liggins' first novel, "Life is But a Dream." The enchantment of ballroom dancing comes alive in these two novels.

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