Original papers: with an authentic state of the proofs and proceedings before the coroner's inquest, which was assembled at Madras, upon the death of Lord Pigot, on the 11th day of May 1777; likewise the subsequent proofs and proceedings before the justices at Madras, with the opinions of the judges of the Supreme Court of judicature in Bengal


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Side 128 - Labourer, not having the fear of God before their Eyes but being moved and Seduced by the instigation of the Devil...
Side 135 - ... againft the peace of our faid lord the king, his crown, and dignity, and allb againft the form of the ftatute in fuch cafe made and provided.
Side 122 - when a person of sound memory and discretion unlawfully killeth any reasonable creature in being, and under the king's peace, with malice aforethought, either express or implied.
Side 122 - ... may be, and eventually is, death, such killing may be murder, although no stroke were struck by himself: as was the case of the unnatural son who exposed his sick father to the air, against his will, by reason whereof he died; 1 Hawk. c. 31, в. 5; and of the harlot, who laid her child in an orchard, where a kite struck it and killed it.
Side 128 - Ireland, defender of the faith, and fo forth, and in the year of our Lord one thoufand, feven hundred, and fifty -five.
Side 248 - You admit that it is not in the power of any man or body of men to make innovations in the body of Masonry.
Side 122 - And if a man kills another fuddenly, without any, or without a confiderable provocation, the law implies malice ; for no perfon, unlefs of an abandoned heart, would be guilty of fuch an aft, upon a flight or no apparent caufe.
Side 130 - Lighthorne in the faid county, gentleman, not having the fear of God before his eyes, but being moved and feduced by the inftigation of the devil...
Side 123 - The evidences of such a malice must arise from external circumstances discovering that inward intention, as lying in wait, menacings antecedent, former grudges, deliberate compassings, and the like, which are various according to variety of circumstances.
Side 53 - October, in the forty-eighth year of the reign of King George the Third, and in the year of our Lord...

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