The Law Journal, Volum 19

E.B. Ince, 1884

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Side 148 - ... survived to be so picked up and rescued ; but would within the four days have died of famine ; that the boy, being in a much weaker condition, was likely to have died before them ; that at the time of the act...
Side 159 - ... body corporate or public company, or make or concur in the making of any false entry or omit or concur in omitting any material particular in any book of account or other document shall be guilty of a misdemeanor...
Side 56 - SERVICE OUT OF THE JURISDICTION.' 1. Service out of the jurisdiction of a writ of summons or notice of a writ of summons...
Side 19 - ... regulating the remuneration of solicitors in respect of business connected with sales, purchases, leases, mortgages, settlements, and other matters of conveyancing...
Side 159 - ... shall wilfully and with intent to defraud, destroy, alter, mutilate, or falsify any book, paper, writing, valuable security, or account which belongs to or is in the possession of his employer, or has been received by him for or on behalf of his employer, or shall wilfully and with intent to defraud make or concur in making any false entry in, or omit or alter, or concur in omitting or altering, any material particular from or in any, such book, or any document, or account...
Side 102 - ... and to accept any composition, or any security, real or personal, for any debts due to the deceased, and to allow any time for payment of any such debts as they shall think fit, and also to compromise, compound, or submit to arbitration all debts, accounts, claims, and things whatsoever relating to the estate of the deceased.
Side 148 - That if the men had not fed upon the body of the boy they would probably not have survived to be so picked up and rescued, but would within the four days have died of famine.
Side 27 - A wife doing any act with respect to any property of her Act of wife husband, which, if done by the husband with respect to property "ro^i^™'"* of the wife, would make the husband liable to criminal proceedings by the wife under this Act, shall in like manner be liable to criminal proceedings by her husband.
Side 125 - ... of debts, the effect of a composition or scheme of arrangement, and the effect of a discharge shall bind the Crown.
Side 78 - ... during their joint lives, and of the survivor of them during his or her life, and after the death of such survivor, at the discretion of the...

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