Jodgts of election, with fuch aflbciates as the Council may from time to time appoint,

.sect. 3 And be it jurther mailed., That the firft election of members for the City Council fhall be held on the firftMond'av in June next, and in every year afterwards, at fuch place, in each ward, as the Judges of the election may prelcribe.

Sect. 4. And be it further enaded, That the polls fhail be kept open from 8 o'clockinthe morning till 7 o'clock in the evening, and no longer, for the reception of ballots. On the clofing of the poll, the Judges fhall clofe and feal their ballot boxes, apd meet on the day following in the pretence of the marfhal of the diflricT', on the firft election, and the Council afterwards, when the feals fhall be broken, and the votes counted; within three days after fuch election, they fhall give notice to the per Ions having the greateft number of legal votes, that they are duly elected, and fhall make their return to the mayor of the City.

Sect. 5. And be it further enabled, That the Mayor of the City fhall be appointed, annually, by the Prefidentof the United States: He mud be a citizen of the United States, and a refident of the City, prior to his appointment.

Sect. 6. Andbe it further enaOed, Thatthe City Council fhall hold their feifions in the City Hall, or until fuch building is eredled, in fuch place as the Mayor may provide for that purpofe, on the fecond Monday in June, in every year; but the Mayor may convene them oftener, if the public good require their deliberations. Three fourths of the Members of each Council nfty be a quorum to do bufinefs, but a fmaller number may adjourn from day to day; they may compel the attendance of abfent members, in fuch manner, and under fuch penalties as they may by ordinance provide; they fhall appoint their refpective Prefidents, who fhall prelide during their feflions, and fhall vote Oh all queftions where there is an equal divifion; they fhall fettle their rules of proceedings, appoint their own officers, regulate their refpe&ive fees, and remove them at pleafure; they fhall judge of the elections, returns and qua


Jjfications of their own members; and may, with the concurrence of three-fourths of the whole, expel any member for diforderly behaviour, or mal.conduct in office, but not a fecond time for the fame offence; they fhall keep a journal of their proceedings, and enter the yeas and nays 011 any queftion, ref'olve or ordinance, ac the requeft of any member, and their deliberations fhall be public. The Mayor fhall appoint to all offices under the Corporation. All ordinances or acts palled by the City Council fhall be lent to the Mayor for approbation, and when approved by him, fhall then be obligatory as fuih. But if the faid Mayor fhall not approve of fuch ordinance or act, he fhall return the fame within five days, with his reafons, in writing, therefor; and if three-fourths of both the branches of the City Council, on recondderation thereof, approve of the fame, it fhall be in force, in like" manner as if he had approved it, unless the City Council, by their adjournment, prevent its return.

Sec T. 7. And be it further enaBel, That the Corporation aforefaid, fhall have full power and authority to pals all bye laws and ordinances; to prevent and remove nnilances, to prevent the introduction of contagious difeafes within the City; to eftabli/hnight watches or patroles, and erect lamps; to regulate the ftationing, anchoring and mooring of velfels; to provide for licenfing and regulating auctions, retailers of liquors, hackney carriages, waggons, carts and drays, and alfo pawn brokers within the City; to reftrain or prohibit gambling,and to provide for licenfing,regulating or retraining theatrical or other public amufements w^irhin the City; to regulate and eftablifh markets ; toerect and repair bridges; to keep in repair all necelfary ftreets, avenues, drains and fewers, and to pais regulations necelfary for the prefervation of the fame, agreeably to the plan of the faid City; to provide for tbe lafe keeping of the llandard of weights and meafures fixed by Congrefs, and for the regulation of all v/eights and meafures 1i fed in the City 1 to provide for the licenfing and regulatiug the fweeping of chimneys, and fixing the rates thereof; to cftablifh and regulate fire wards and fire companies; to regulate and eflablifft the fizc of bricks that are to be made and ufed in the City; to fink wells and erect and repair pumps in the 11 reels j to impol'e and appropriate fines, penalties and forfeitures for breach of their ordinances; to lay and collect taxes, to enact bye laws for the prevention and extinguishment of fire; and to pafs all ordinances neceffary to give effect anJ operation to all the powers vefred in the Corporation of the City of Wathington :— Provided, That the bye laws or ordinances of the Paid Corporation, fhall be in no wife obligatory upon the perfons of non-rcfidents of ihe laid City, unlefs in cafes of intentional violation of bye laws or ordinances previoufly promulgated: all fines, penalties and forfeitures itnpoled by the City of Wellington, if not exceeding twenty dollars, fhall be recovered before a fingle Magiltrate, as finall debts are, by law, recoverable; and if fuch fines, penalties and forfeitures exceed the fum of twenty dollars, the fame fhall be recovered by action of deb: in the Diftrict Courts of Columbia for the county of Wafhington, in the name of the Corporation and for the ule of the City of Wafhington.

Sect. 8. And be it further mafled, That the pet fon or persons appointed to collect any tax impofed in virtue of the posvers granted by this act, fhall have authority to collect the fame by diftrefs and fale of the goods and chatties of the perfon chargeable therewith: no file fhall be made unlets ten days previous notice thereof be given t no law fhall be paired by the City Council, fubjecting vacant or improved City lots, or parts of lots, to be fold for taxes

Sect. 9. And be it further enacted, That the City Council dial 1 provide for the fupport of the poor, infirm anddifeaied of the City.

Sect. i0. And be it further enafted, That no tax fhall be impofed by the City Council on real property in the faid City, at any higher rate than three quarters of one per centum, oa the afleflment, valuation of fuch pro

Sect. Ii. And be it further enatkd, That this aft fhalt be in force two years, from the palling thereof, and from thence to the end of the next felfion of Congrefss thereafter, and no longer.

AN Acr

Supplementary to an Aft, entitled, ** An Aft to incorporate the Inhabitants of the City of Wafliington, in the Diftrifl of Columbia"

BE it enalied by the Senate and Houfe of Reprefentativts of the United States of America in Cong.efs ajfembled, That the Act entitled " An Ac"! to incorporate the Inhabitants of the City of Wafhington, in the Diftrict of Columbia," except lb much of the fame is as inconfillent with the provisions of thisAct, be, and the fame is hereby continued in force for and during the term of fifteen years from the end of the next feliion of Cnngrefs.

Sect, 2. And be it further enafted, That the Council of the City of Wafhington, from and after the period for which the members of the prei'ent Council have been elected, Stall cenfift of two Chambers, each of which fhall be compofed of nine members, to be cholen by diftincl ballots, according to the directions of the A61 to which this is a lupplement; a majority of each chamber fhall conflitute a quorum to do bufinefs: In case vacancies fhall occur in the Council, the chamber in which the fame may happen, fhall fupply the fame by an election, by ballot from the 3 perfons next highelt on the lift, to thole elected at the preceding election; and a majority of the whole number of the chamber in which fuch vacancy may happen, fhall be neceffary to make an election.

Sect. 3. And be it further enafted. That the Council fhall have power to ellablifh and regulate the inlpectio* of flour, tobacco, and falted provilions, the guagingof calks and liquors, the ftorage of gunpowder, and all naval and military Morel, not the property of the Unit', ed States, to regulate the weight and quality of bread; to tax and licence hawkers and pedlars; to reftrain or


prohibit tipling hcmfes, lotteries, and all kinds of gaming ; to fuperinrend the health of the City, to preferve the navigation of the Potomac and Anacofta rivers, adjoining the City ; to erecT, repair, and regulate public wharves, and deepen docks and bafons; to provide for the eftablifhment and fuperintendance of public fchools 1 to licence and regulate, exdufively, hackney coaches, ordinary keepers, retailers and ferries 1 to provide for the appointment of infpeclors, conftables, and filch other officers as may be neceflary to execute the I»\vs of the Corporation, and to give fuch compenlation to the Mayor of the City as they may deem fit.

Sect. 4. And be it further enacled, That the Levy Courtof the county of Wafhington fhall not hereafter poflef* the power of impofing any tax on the inhabitants of the City of Wafhington.

Speaker of the Houfe of Reprefentatives,


Preftdent of the Senate pro tempore.

February 14, i804.

Approved, TH. JEFFERSON.

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