Clinical Lectures on Mental Diseases

J. & A. Churchill, 1883 - 631 sider

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Side 616 - No act is a crime if the person who does it is, at the time when it is done, prevented, either by defective mental power, or by any disease affecting his mind...
Side 537 - Solitude in any wide scene impressed her with an undefined feeling of immeasurable existence aloof from her, in the midst of which she was helplessly incapable of asserting herself.
Side 279 - Idiocy is mental deficiency, or extreme stupidity, depending upon malnutrition or disease of the nervous centres, occurring either before birth or before the evolution of the mental faculties in childhood.
Side 43 - To one whose mind is healthy thoughts come and go unnoticed ; with me they have to be faced, thought about in a peculiar fashion, and then disposed of as finished, and this often when I am utterly wearied and would be at peace ; but the call is imperative. This goes on to the hindrance of all natural action. If I were told that the staircase was on fire and I had only a minute to escape, and the thought arose — 'Have they sent for fire-engines?
Side 537 - She meant to do what was pleasant to herself in a striking manner; or rather, whatever she could do so as to strike others with admiration and get in that reflected way a more ardent sense of living, seemed pleasant to her fancy. "Gwendolen will not rest without having the world at her feet...

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