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Preface of the Old Mortality of Walter Scott-Robert Patterson-Preface of

the Vie de Saint Marcellin, bishop of Embrun, written at the commence-

ment of the sixth century-Saint Ceran, bishop of Paris-Eagerness of

the Christians of these times to collect the traditions and monuments of

the life of the saints and martyrs-Statistics of this branch of sacred

literature-Collection of the Bollandists-Cause of the number and popu-

larity of legends-They almost alone satisfy at this epoch-1. The wants

of the moral nature of man-Examples: Life of Saint Bavon, of Saint

Wandregisilus, of Saint Valery-2. The wants of physical nature-

Examples: Life of St. Germain of Paris, of Saint Wandregisilus, of

Saint Rusticulus, of Saint Sulpicius of Bourges-3. The wants of the

imagination-Examples: Life of Saint Seine, of Saint Austregesilus-

Literary defects and merits of legends

p. 120


Some wrecks of profane literature from the sixth to the eighth century—Of

their true character-1st, Prose writers-Gregory of Tours-His life-

His Ecclesiastical History of the Franks-The influence of the ancient

Latin literature unites with that of the Christian doctrines-Mixture of

civil and religious history-Frédégaire-His Chronicle-2ndly, Poets-

Saint Avitus, bishop of Vienne-His life-His poems ou the Creation-

Original sin-The condemnation of man-The Deluge-The passage of

the Red Sea-The praise of virginity-Comparison of the three first with

the Paradise Lost of Milton-Fortunatus, bishop of Poictiers-His

life-His relations with Saint Radegonde-His poems-Their character

-First origin of French literature

. . p. 138

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