Immunity of national securities from taxation,

VENUE. see "Taxation," 8 1. Intentas elementa of "crime in violating eight-Appellate jurisdiction of supreme court of issues hour law in public work, see “Criminal Law,” of criminal prosecutions, see "Criminal Law,'

relating to change of venue, see "Courts," 8 14. $ 1.

§ 3. Jurisdiction of federal court of action on bond of_contractor for public work,+ see "Courts,"

VERDICT. $ 5. Laws relating to hours of labor on government Review on appeal or writ of error, see “Appeal work, see "Master and Servant," $ 1.

and Error," $ 6. Liquidated damages under contracts with, see

"Damages," $ 1. Public lands, see "Public Lands," $ 1.

WAGES. Release of claims against, see "Release," $ 1.

Priority of claim for against bankrupt estate, § 1. Government and officers.

see "Bankruptcy," $ 5. Reclamation of arid lands not the property of the United States nor within a territory held. not granted to Congress by Const. U. S. art. 4,

WAIVER. $ 3.-State of Kansas v. State of Colorado, 655. State laws as to reclamation of arid lands of objection to pleading, see "Pleading," $ 2.

Effect of appearance, see "Appearance. cannot be overriden by Congress in the exercise of its power under Const. U. S. art. 4, § 3.-State of Kansas v. State of Colorado, 655.

WAR. § 2. Claims against United States.

Provision of Indian Appropriation Act March See "Army and Navy." 3, 1903, c. 994, § 13, 32 Stat. 1010, 1011, for presentation to Court of Claims of claim by register of land office for commissions for sell

WAREHOUSEMEN. ing lands ceded by Osage Indians, under treaty of September 29, 1865 (14 Stat. 687), does not Effect of proceedings in bankruptcy on lien of imply that there is anything due claimant.- pledgee of warehouse receipts, see "BankruptStewart v. United States, 631.

cy," $ 3.

Warehouses for imported goods, see "Customs § 3. Actions.

Duties," $ 3. *The United States cannot without its consent be sued by a state.-State of Kansas v.

No such change of possession results by isUnited States, 388.

suance of warehouse receipts on goods on premises occupied by the pledgor so as to render

valid a pledge of such receipts.-Security WareUNITED STATES COMMISSIONERS. housing Co. v. Hand, 720.

Commissioner of federal Circuit Court held WATERS AND WATER COURSES. not entitled to compensation in connection with complainants in civil rights cases, under Rev. See "Canals" ; "Levees." St. U. S. & 1986 [U. S. Comp. St. 1901, p. As boundaries of states, see "States," 1. 1265].-Allen v. United States, 324.

Conclusiveness of decree restraining city from Fees cannot be allowed commissioner of fed- constructing waterworks, see "Judgment," $ 6. eral Circuit Court for certifying complainants Contract with city for water supply, see' "Muin civil rights cases, required by Rev. St. U.

nicipal Corporations," § 1. S. & 2027.-Allen v. United States, 324.

Impairing obligation of contract to supply city

with water as ground of jurisdiction of Unit

ed States court, see "Courts," $ 4. UNIVERSITIES.

Laws impairing obilgation of contract fixing

water rates, see “Constitutional Law," § 4.

Original jurisdiction of United States Supreme See "Colleges and Universities."

Court of actions relating to water rights as between different states or citizens thereof, see

"Courts," $ 9. VACATION.

Rights to water as between states, see "States,'

$ 2.

See "Judgment," § 2.

§ 1. Subterranean and percolating waOf mortgage foreclosure sale, see "Mortgages," $ 1.


Determination of rights of Kansas and ColoVALUE.

rado to the waters of the Arkansas river held not affected by theory that, because sometimes

the entire bed of the channel is dry, there Limits of jurisdiction, see "Courts," $ 6.

are two rivers; one terminating near the state line, and another commencing near where the

former ends.-State of Kansas v. State of ColoVENDOR AND PURCHASER. rado, 655.

Presence of water beneath bed of Arkansas See “Sales.”

river as it passes through Kansas held not to Sales in proceedings to enforce levee tax, see show existence of independent subsurface river. "Levees."

-State of Kansas v. State of Colorado, 655. *Point annotated. See syllabus.

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