St. Martin's, Orgar's, Dr. Walton, assaulted, sequestered, plundered, and forced to fly; Mr. Mosse, his curate, turned out.

St. Martin's, Outwich, Dr. Pierce, sequestered and dead.

St. Martin's, Vintry, Dr. Ryves, sequestered, plundered, and forced to fly.

St. Matthew's, Friday-street, Mr. Chestlin, violently assaulted in his house, imprisoned in the Compter, thence sent to Colches. ter jail, in Éssex, sequestered and plundered,

St. Maudlin's, Milk-street, Mr. Jones, sequestered.

St. Maudlin's, Old Fish-street, Dr. Griffith, sequestered, plun. dered, and imprisoned in Newgate, whence being let out, he was forced to fly, and since imprisoned again in Peter-house.

St. Michael's, Bassishaw, Dr. Gifford, sequestered.

St. Michael's, Cornhill, 1. Dr. Brough, sequcstered, plunder. ed, wife and children turned out of doors, his wife dead with grief; 2. Mr. Weld, his curate, assaulted, beaten in the church, and turned out.

St. Michael's, Queen-hith, Mr. Hill, sequestered.
St. Michael's Quern, Mr. Launce, sequestered.
St. Michael's Royal, Mr. Proctor, sequestered, and forced to fly.
St. Mildred's, Bred-street, Mr. Bradshaw, sequestered.

St. Mildred's, Poultry, Mr. Maden, sequestered and gone beyond sea.

St. Nicholas's Acons, Mr. Bennet, sequestered,
St. Nicholas's Cole-Abby, Mr. Chibald, sequestered.

St Nicholas Olave's, Dr. Cheshire, molested, and forced to resiga. St. Olave's, Hart-street, Mr. Haines, sequestered.

St. Olave's, Jewry, Mr. Tuke, sequestered, plundered, and imprisoned.

St. Olave's, Silver-street, Dr. Boosie, abused and dead with grief.

St. Pancrass's, Soper-lane, Mr. Eccop, sequestered, plundered, forced to fly, his wife and children turned out of doors.

St. Peter's, Cheapside, Mr. Vocheir, sequestered and dead with grief.

St. Peter's, Cornhill, Dr. Fairfax, sequestered, plundered, im. prisoned in Ely-house and the ships, his wife and children turned out of doors.

St. Peter's, Paul's Wharf, Mr. Marbury, sequestered.

St. Peter's Poor, Dr. Holdsworth, sequestered, plundered, im. prisoned in Ely-house, then in the Tower.

St. Stephen's, Walbrook, Dr. Howell, through vexation forced

to fly.

St. Swithin's, Mr. Owen, sequestered.

St. Thomas Apostle's, Mr. Cooper, sequestered, plundered, sent prisoner to Leeds-Castle, in Kent, is dead with grief.

Trinity parish, Mr. Harrison, sequestered.

N. B. In the ninety-seven parishes within the Walls, besides St. Paul's, outed eighty-five, and dead sixteen.

Parishes without the ivalls.
St. Andrew's, Holborn, Dr. Hacket, sequestered.

St. Bartholomew's Great, Bishop Westfield, abused in the street, sequestered, forced to fly, and is dead.

St. Bartholomew's Less, 1. Mr. Henshaw, 2. Mr. Hall.
St. Bride's parish, Mr. Palmer, sequestered.
Bridewell Precinct, Mr. Browne, turned out.

St. Botolph's, Aldersgate, Mr. Booth, sequestered and plundered.

St. Botolph's, Aldgate, Dr. Swadlin, sequestered, plundered, imprisoned at Gresham Colledge and Newgate, his wife and chil. dren turned out of doors.

St. Botolph's, Bishopsgate, Mr. Rogers, sequestered.

St. Dunstan's, West, Dr. Marsh, sequestered, and dicd in re. mote parts.

St. George's, Southwark, Dr. Hobson, sequestered.

St. Giles’s, Cripplegate, 1. Dr. Fuller, sequestered, plundered, and imprisoned at Ely-house. 2. Mr. Hutton, his curate, assaulted in the church and imprisoned.

St. Olave's, Southwark, Dr. Turner, sequestered, plundered, fetched up prisoner with a troop of soldiers, and after forced to fly.

St. Sepulchre's parish, Mr. Pigot, the lecturer, turned out.

St. Thomas's, Southwark, Mr. Spencer, sequestered, and imprisoned.

N. B. In the sixteen parishes without the Walls, outed four. teen, dead two.

In the ten Out-Parishes, St. Clement's Danes, Dr. Dukson, sequestered, plundered, and forced to fly.

Covent-garden, Mr. Hall, sequestered and forced to fly.

St. Giles's in the Fields, Dr. Heywood, sequestered, imprisoned in the Compter, Ely-house, and the ships, forced to fly, his wife and children turned out of doors.

St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, Mr. Squire, sequestered, imprisoned in Gresham College, Newgate, and the King's Bench, his wife and children plundered and turned out of doors.

St. Martin's in the Fields, Dr. Bray, sequestered, imprisoned; plundered, forced to fly, and dead in remote parts.

St. Mary's, White-chapel, Dr. Johnson, sequestered.
St. Magdalen's, Bermondsey, Dr. Paske, sequestered.

Savoy, 1. Dr. Balcanquell, sequestered, plundered, forced to fly, and dead in remote parts. 2. Mr. Fuller, forced to fly. N. B. In the ten out-parishes, outed nine, dead two.

In the adjacent Towns. The Dean and all the Prebends of the Abby-church, Westmin. ster, (but only Mr. Lambert Obaston) sequestered.

St. Margaret's, Westminster, Dr. Wimberly, sequestered.

Lambeth, Dr. Featły, sequestered, plünttered, imprisoned, and dead a prisoner.

Newington, Mr. Heath, sequestered.
Hackney, Mr. Moore, sequestéred.
Islington, divers ministers turned out.
Stepney, Dr. Stamp, sequestéred, plundered, and forced to fly.

N. B. In the adjacent towns, besides those of the Abby-Church and Islington, outed five, dead one.

The total of the ministers of London, within the bills of mor. tality (besides S. Paul's' and Westminstér) turned out of their liv. ings by sequestration and other write, one-Ktndréd'and' fifteen. Whereof were doctors in divinity, above forty.

And the most of thend plundered of their goods, and their wives and children turned out of doors.

Imprisoned in London, and in the ships, and in the several jails and castles in the country, twenty.

Fled to prevent imprisonment, twenty-five.
Dead in remote parts and in prisons, with grief, twenty-two.
About forty churches void, having no cotistant minister in them.

Usquequo, domine*, Rév: vi: 10.



Compiled in Verse, by MARCHAMONT NEDIAM,

Author of Mercurius Pragmaticus.
London : Printed in 1661. Quarto, containing thirty-seven pages.

THEN as we lid in peace (God wot)'

But we, forsooth, must hire the Scot,

To all-be-parliament us.
Then down went king and bishops too;

On goes the holy wirk,
Betwixt them and the brethren blue,

T'advance the crown and kirk.
But when that these had reigned a time,

Robb’d kirk, and sold the crown;
A more religious sort up climb,

And crush the jockies down.

• How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judgrana ayenge our blood, &c.


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But now we must have peace again,

Let none with fear be vext;
For, if without the king these reign,

Then high down they go next.
A peace, a peace, the country cries,

Or else we shall be undone;
For this brave war we thank the wise

Confiding men of London.
Sure now they may, as well as we,

Know how to value quiet,
When th’army comes their guests to be,

For a twelvemonth's cash and diet.
Free quarter is a tedious thing,

And so is the excise.
None can deliver us but the king,

From this damn'd Dutch device.
The parliament hath serv'd seven years;

True vengeance then we see, Upon feign'd jealousies and fears;

For yet they are not free. Long peace a plenty did beget,

And plenty brought forth pride; Through pride to faction men were set

In parties to divide.
The new-formed priests first led the way,

And said it was no sin,
By force to drive the king away,

And draw the city in.
The lords and commons they consent

To what each Rabbi saith;
And so the catholick down went,

T'advance the publick faith.
This brought a war and taxes on,

T' inslave a free-born people: And now the work is thus far gone,

Next have at Crown and Steeple.
Our wise reformers, brave and gay,

Have ta’en a goodly course,
To fight, to feast, to fast and pray,

And milk each honest purse.
The crown's revenue goes to wreck,

While they sing hymns and psalms;
And, rather than themselves will lack,

The king must live on alms.

We are, the learned Synod says,

The Church of England's nurse,
Who make them bless the Sabbath-days,

And all the week to curse.
The plough stands still, and trade is small;

For goods, lands, towns, and cities;
Nay, I dare say, the Devil and all,

Pays tribute to committees.
A Scot and Jesuit, join'd in hand,

First taught the world to say,
That Subjects ought to have command,

And Princes to obey.
These both agreed to have no King;

The Scotchman he cries further,
No Bishop; 'tis a godly thing

States to reform by murther.
Then th’ Independent, meek and sly,

Most lowly lies at lurch,
And so, to put poor Jocky by,

Resolves to have no Church.

The King dethron'd, the Subjects bleed!

The Church hath no abode;
Let us conclude they ’re all agreed,

That sure there is no God.

Our States-men (though no Lunaticks,

No Wizards, nor Buffoons)
Have shewn a hundred changeling tricks,

In less than three new-moons.

The devil's foot is cleft (men speak)

And so (God knows) are they :
The factions rule by fits, then take

Their turns, and run away.
They vote, unvote, and vote with noise

What they cry'd down before,
As ready as if London boys *

Were knocking at the door.
To-day an Independ outside ;

And then a Scotch to-morrow;
Thus shuffle and cut, they do divide

Our wealth, whilst we know sorrow. This refers to the petition of the tumultuous rabble of the London apprentices against the ing and bishops.

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