noes, 377.

merce, 130.

cility and habits in regard to, Dante, characteristics of, 326 — guid465.

ed by Virgil, 328. Condé, his History of the Arabs in Daubeny, Professor, cited on volca

Spain, 266.
Congress, power of, to regulate com- Davis, John, his historical labors, 481.

Day, Icelandic mode of dividing the, Connecticut, Trumbull's History of, 181. 477. See Trumbull.

Denonville, Marquis of, governorConstitution, cardinal points of the, general of Canada, his treatment 129

of the Iroquois Indians, 417. Constitutional Law, 126 — respect- Detroit, post established at, in 1701, ing commerce, 130 — taxation, 137 427. - currency, 142.

Digestion, Sweetser's Treatise on, Cooper, J. Fennimore, his Gleanings noticed, 538.

in Europe, reviewed, 1- novels Dighton Rock, conjectures respecting and other works by, 5 — his char- the inscription on, 188, 197. acter as a novel-writer, ib. — his Dillaway, Charles Knapp, his edition land novels, 6 –

- wants literary of works by Cicero, reviewed, 20. finish, 7 — his female personages, Documentary History of the Ameri8- his conversations, 9— his con- can Revolution, importance of, 475. struction of plots, 10 — style of Don Pedro. See Pedro. narrative in his earlier novels, ib. Duelling, Steele's opposition to, 352.

his representations of the abor. Dunham, Dr., bis History of Spain igines, ]] - his sea-novels, 12 — and Portugal, 206, 208, 249, 250 – compared with Maryatt, 13 — char. abuses Marles, 267. acter of his Gleanings in Europe, Dyspepsy, Sweetser's Treatise on, 14- his sensitive pride of country, noticed, 538 on the cure of, 541. 15 — on the relative excellence of the different forms of government,

E. 16 — magnifies little incidents, 17 -- cited respecting a suspicious' lit. Earthquakes in St. Michael's, 384 — térateur, 18 — his success, 19.

in India, 535. Cordova, Gonsalvo de, facts respect

Education, of the People of Kening, 223 — his retreat to Barleta,

tucky, Plea for the, by Robert 225 — fights the battle of Ceri

Wickliffe, Jr., 297 — various pamphgnola, ib.-retires from Gaeta, 229

lets on, noticed, 556. his third triumphal entry into

Eells, Samuel, his Address on the Naples, ib. — his mode of quelling

Moral Dignity of the office of the

Professional Teacher, noticed, 557. a mutiny, ib. Cortes of Aragon, 252.

Egede, Paul, cited respecting the seaCoureurs des bois, origin of the, 423.

serpent, 192, note. Credit, remarks on, 551.

Eloquence of Cicero, 22- bis idea Criticism, remarks on, 470 Sir

of, 24 — effects of, 26-anecdotes, Walter Scott's sensibility to, 473.

27 — an art with Cicero, 28. Currency, remarks on, 142, 144

Energy of Sir Walter Scott, 454. in Canada, 425 — pamphlets on the English, their influence with the InUnited States', noticed, 550.

dians, 419. Cushing, Luther S., his Inquiry into English literature, recent investigathe present state of the Remedial

tions respecting, 341 Law of Massachusetts, noticed, Equity, remarks on the court of, 545.

the age of Anne, ib. See Anne. 545.

Eric Rauda emigrates to Greenland, D.

171 - further account of, 180, 182.

Erie, Lake, first ship there, 417. Danes, See Northmen.

Essays, Periodical, in the early part Daniel, portions of the book of, orig- of the eighteenth century, 342–

inally written in Chaldee, 489, 490. their objects, 343, 345 — first proG. 375. Female personages, in Cooper’s nov. Gambling, Steele's opposition to, els, 8.

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essays of

jected by Richard Steele, 346, 347 Clarke, their Documentary History —their present value, 365. See of the American Revolution, reSteele.

viewed, 475 — remarks on it, 485. European institutions, how to be France, the revolution there in 1830. viewed, 16.

402 - effects of the non-intervenEzra, part of the book of, written in tion of, on Italy, 403. the Chaldee language, 489, 490. Francia, a painter in Italy, 89 —

compared with Perugino, ib. F.

French, their popularity ainong the Fair of the Massachusetts Charita- Frobisher, his voyage to America,

Indians, 419. ble Mechanic Association, 312.

195. Falon, M., excites a spirit of discov. Frontenac, Count de, governor of

ery in Canada, 416. Farmer, John, his Historical Sketch

Canada, his administration, 413, of Amherst, noticed, 536 — his his- Fur trade, early establishments for

415, 420. torical labors, ib. Fauntleroy, Lamb's letter respecting,

the, 420 — importance of the, in

Canada, 422-difficulties and abuse 68.

of the, 423 — taken out of the Fayal, account of the island of, 369 situation and appearance of Hor

hands of companies, 424. ta, the capital of, 370 — opal in,

352. Females, estimation and influence of Gases, on the diffusion of, 375, note. in the age of Anne, 344.

Geddes, Dr., his works on Castile, Ferdinand, the Catholic, his reply to 246.

Charles the Fifth, respecting an Geology of Madeira and the Azores, expedition against Naples, 232 367. his message to him after entering Geology, McClelland's Inquiries in the Italian territory, 233 — his mar

the Province of Kemaon relative riage with Isabella, 260 — with a to, noticed, 533. princess of France, 271.

Gesenius, his Hebrew Lexicon, 491. Ferdinand and Isabella, History of Gibbs, Professor, his Hebrew Lexi

the Reign of, by William H. Pres. cott, reviewed, 203 — the want of Gillies, Robert Pierce, his Recollecsuch a work, ib. — importance of tions of Sir Walter Scott, reviewthe period treated, 209 — contem

originally published in porary sovereigns, 210 - materials Fraser's Magazine, 434 — its value, for the work, 218 — Gonsalvo de ib. Cordova, 222 — diplomacy of the Gleanings in Europe, reviewed, 1period, 230

their conduct to- its character, 14. wards Columbus, considered, 242 Gold, anecdote respecting the sup- colonial policy of, 245 — their posed discovery of, 195. marriage, 260 - progress of affairs Gonsalvo. See Cordova. afterward, 262 — their accession, Government, Cicero's ideas of, 35. 263 – Modern Inquisition under, Granada, Irving's and Prescott's dif265,

ferent modes of treating the war Ferreras, his History of Spain, 204.

of, 235

account of the people Fessenden, his Essay on the Law of

of, 266. Patenis, 296.

Greene, Nathaniel, his Tales from the Floods in Madeira and the Azores, German reviewed, 156 — its exe. 383.

cution, 160. Folsom, Charles, typographical accu- Greenland, Eric Rauda emigrates to,

171 - monuments of the ancient Force, Peter, and Matthew St. Clair occupation of, 188, 198.

con, 491.

ed, 431

racy of, 291.


Grund, Francis J., his Americans Horta, the capital of Fayal, its situareviewed, 106 — his style, 108 —

tion, 370. object of the work, 109 - eulogi. Humboldt, Alexander von, his work zes America and England, 110 -- on America, 164-cited respecting kind spirit of the work, 111 -- its the discovery of America, 200, 201. value to foreigners, 112 - demo- Hutchinson, Thomas, remarks on cratic, 113— alloyed by party views him and his History of Massachuand considerations, ib. — his par

setts, 477. tiality for Andrew Jackson, 114. cited respecting the American mer

I. chant, 115 — respecting the Indians, 116 — remarks thereon, 118

Iceland, a favorite seat of the Skalds,

170 – Eric Rauda emigrates from, on respect for the law in America, 120 — on the Lynch law, 121

to Greenland, 171 - mode of dion American literature, 123.

viding time in, 181. Guicciardini, 221.

India, the geology of, neglected, 533

remarks on the mountains in, 534 — mines in, 535 — earthquakes

in, ib. Hallam, remarks on his History, 248, Indians, Cooper's representations of, 252.

11 — Grund cited respecting, 116 Hamilton, lieutenant-governor, an. - remarks thereon, 118 - instituecdote respecting, 421, note.

tions for the conversion and instrucHastings, Warren, Sheridan's elo- tion of, in Canada, 411, 414. quence at his trial, 27.

Ingersoll, George J., his Address beHayti. See St. Domingo.

fore the Literary Societies of the Hebrew and English Dictionary, by University of Vermont, noticed, W. L. Roy. See Roy.

556. Hebrew language, decline of the Insane Asylum, at Charlestown, sta

study of, 487 — revived, . - on tistics respecting the, for 1837, 549. its being the primitive language, Insane Hospital, at Worcester, Re488 — portions of the Old Testa- ports and other Documents respectment not written in, 489.

ing the, 303. Hebrew Prophets, Noyes's Transla- Insanity, statistics respecting, 303. tion of the, noticed, 298.

Inscriptions, in Greenland, 188 - on Hennepin, Louis, discoveries by, Dighton Rock, ib. 416.

Institute of Instruction, remarks on Himalaya Mountains, on the geolo- the effects of the, 557. gy of the, 533.

Iroquois Indians, oppose Champlain, Historical Causes and Effects, by 411, 412 - animosity of, against

William Sullivan, noticed, 560. the French in Canada, 414 - trealHistorical Romances. See Italian ment of, and their retaliation, 417 Historical Romances.

- remarks on their confederacy Hoffman, David, his Course of Le- and territory, 418.

gal Study reviewed, 72 - sketch 'Irving, Washington, his works ieof it, 73– his learning and thorough- specting Spain, 206, 234 — comness, ib. — his accuracy of judg. pared with Prescott, 236 — his Coment, 74- his good nature, 75 — lumbus, 241 - in error about his his opinion of Kent's Commenta- appearance at couri, 244, ries on American Law, ib. — his Isabella, the Catholic, attractions to, tone of moral feeling, 78 its val- 214 — her interest in Columbus, ue to young lawyers, 81.

242 her childhood, 259 - her Holmes, Abiel, character of his An. marriage with Ferdinand, 260 nals of America, 481.

her death, 271. Hop, supposed to be Mount Hope, Italian Historical Romance, little 177, 197.

accomplished in, 325 Hope, Mount, supposed to be Hop, tarding the success of, 330 — soci177, 197.

romantic character of

-causes re

ety, ib.

Italian history, 330 — motives, 333 Noon Talfourd, reviewed, 55 — his pecuniary success, 334.

peculiar genius, 56 - no poet, 57 Italian literature, compensation for, - an excellent humorous essayist,

336 causes that will awake an ib. — his literary opinions, 58 - his interest in, 337 — present state of, private life, 59 — his attachmer

340. See National literature. his sister, ib. - brief outline of his Italy, favorable to Historical Ro- life, 60 — his familiarity and cormance, 325

causes affecting the respondence with Coleridge, 60, revival of letters in, 326 — Dante, 67, 69 -- his letters to Southey, 61 ib. — Petrarca, 327 – Boccaccio, his acquaintance and corresponib. foundation of the classic dence with Manning, 62 — his letschool in, 328 – sixteenth century

ter on Christmas day, 65 in, ib. — tendency to the formation Roast Pig, 67 — on Fauntleroy's of particular schools in, 330 — ro- fate, 67 — to Gilman, 69 - cited, mantic character of the history of, acknowledging a present of game, ib. — love of letters in, 337 – pub- 70 — frailty of, 71. lic mind in, after the fall of Napo. Lamberville, his treachery against the leon, 400 — rebellions in, 401 Iroquois Indians, 417. Charles Albert, Prince of Carigna. Land, the rise of, 330 — theory reno, hailed king of, 403 — effects of specting, 382. the non-intervention of France on, Lanzi, remarks on his work on paint



ing, 83.

Ivanhoe, facts as to its composition Latin language, Willard's Introducand publication, 447.

tion to the, noticed, 546.

Law, modern American and English J.

writers on, 72 — considerations on

the study of, 77 — the practice of, Jeremiah, one verse of, written in perilous to the moral nature, 79 — the Chaldee language, 489.

Respect of Americans for, 120. See Jesuits, settle in Canada, 411 - Col- Constitutional Law, and Hoffman.

lege of, founded at Quebec, 413. Lay of the Last Minstrel, by Scott, Jews, expelled from Spain, 265. published, 440 — its success,

ib. Joliet, M., discoveries by, 416. Leif, bis voyage to America, in 1000, Jonas, Arngrim, his History of 172, 178, 192. Greenland, cited, 179.

Leviathan, remarks on the, 515, 516, Jorullo, in Mexico, changes in the 517. vicinity of, 377.

Lieber, Francis, his Politica! HerJustiza of Aragon, his power, 253. meneutics, noticed, 300 — his pro

ject in regard to American statisK.

tics, 311.

Lincoln, William, his historical laKemaon, Geology in the province of, bors, 481, note.

533 — igneous rocks in, 535 Lindsley, Philip, his Speech in behalf earthquakes in, ib.

of the University of Nashville, Kent, James, Hoffman's criticisms on

noticed, 310 - his Lecture on the Commentaries of, 75.

Popular Education, noticed, 556. Kentucky, Wickliffe's Plea for the Lionardo da Vinci, the founder of

Education of the People of, 297. modern painting, 86 - various opinKentucky Bank case, 142, 155.

ions respecting, ib. — his love of Kertk, David, conquers Canada, 412. novelty and discovery, 87 — his

indecision of character, 88 — his L.

death, ib. — but little known in his

day, 89 cartoons of, 91. Lady of the Lake, published, 443 Literary criticism. See Criticism.

its enthusiastic reception, 444. Literature, Castilian, 256 — of the Lamb, Charles, Letters of, with a Spanish Arabs, 263 — Sir Walter

Sketch of his Life, by Thomas Scott's low estimate of, 469.


on his

Llorente, his work on the Inquisition 396 — honored and beloved, ib. — in Spain, 26-1.

influenced by Austria, ib. Lockhart, J. G., his Memoirs of the murs against, 397 — lines to, ib.

Life of Sir Walter Scott, reviewed, note jealousy of Austria respect431 — his qualifications for the

ing, 398

Count of Neipperg, work, 432 — its literary execution, private secretary to, ib. — her inti433.

macy with him, 399 -- their marLombardy, condition of, 331.

riage, ib. — death of Neipperg, 400 London Quarterly Review, origin of - discontents, ib., 405 — her perthe, 442.

plexing situation, ib. — bids fareLynch law, Grund cited respecting, well to Parma, 406 — returns again, 121.

408 — her death, ib. Lyrist, the, by Mason and Webb, no- Mariana, his History of Spain, 204. ticed, 553.

Marmion of Scott, first published,

441 - criticized in the Edinburgh M.

Review, 442 — the consequences,

ib. McClelland, John, his Inquiries in the Marquette, discoveries by, 416.

Province of Kemaon relative to Marshall, John, his decisions and inGeology and other branches of fluence, 127, 133, 155.

Natural Science, noticed, 533. Martha's Vineyard, supposed to be McGregor, John, his British Ameri. Straumey, 177. ca, reviewed, 409.

Maryatt, Captain, remarks McLean Asylum for the Insane, re- novels, 13.

marks on the, for 1837, 549. Masaccio, the frescoes of, 92. Madeira, account of, 367 - uniform- Mason, Lowell, and G. J. Webb, the

ity of its temperature, 363 — the Lyrist by, noticed, 553. resort of invalids, ib. - no roads Massachusetts, supposed to be Vin. in, ib., 372 — hot springs in, 375 — land, 173 — early histories of, 476 volcanic origin of, 379 – floods and – Cushing's Inquiry into the reavalanches in, 383.

medial law of, noticed, 545. Mai, Angelo, bis singular discovery Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic

of Cicero's treatise De Republica, Association, First Exhibition and 38.

Fair of the, 312. Majority principle, remarks on the, Massachusetts General Hospital, 151.

Annual Report of the Board of Manning, Mr., Lamb's acquaintance Trustees of the, for 1837, noticed, and correspondence with, 62.

548. Maria Louisa, wife of Napoleon, Mathews, George, Watts's Discourse

sketch of the life of, 386 - parent. on the Life and Character of, noage and early education of, 387 – ticed, 306. given up to Napoleon, 389 - their Mechanic Association, First Exhibi. nuptials, ib.- her personal appear- tion and Fair of the Massachusetts

becomes a mother, 390 Charitable, 312. - at the head of the regency in Medicine, on the abuse of, 539 – France, ib. — goes to Blois, 391 – Sweetser cited respecting, 540. to Vienna, ib. - does not visit Memory, the, of Sir Walter Scott, Elba, ib. anecdote of, respecting

464. Cambacérès, ib., note Napole. Mignot, (Vincent, Abbé,) his His. on's attachment to her, 392


toire des Rois Catholiques Ferdirequital of his affection, ib. nand et Isabelle, 204, 262. duchess of Parma, 393 — her re- Milton, John, his perseverance, 216 ception at Parına, ib. — condition commenced a Latin dictionary, of Parma, 394 — her taste for the 217. arts, ib. — character of her admin- Mines, in India, 535. istration, 395 — of her journeys, Mississippi River, discovered, 416.

ance, ib.

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