troops, he was on the point of being captured, when he listened to the proposals of a Priest, who, as it is said, went beyond the authority given him, and offered him a full

pardon and a pension, upon which he and his comrades surrendered. He complains loudly of the violation of the promise made to him."



generally is, to rest satisfied with themROSENMULLER quotes from the book of selves. Every excursion, also, of vain Mussar the following instructive incident: curiosity about others, is a subtraction from “A certain man travelling through the city that time and thought which are due to ourcontinued to call out, “Who wants the elixir selves and to God. In the great circle of of life?' The daughter of Rabbi Judah heard

human affairs, there is room for every one him, and told her father, who requested her to be busy, and well employed in his own to call the man in. When he came in, the province, without encroaching upon that of Rabbi said, “What is that elixir of life thaju others. It is the province of superiors to sellest?' He answered, “Is it not written, direct inferiors to obey. In all the various What man is he that loveth life, and desireth

relations which subsist among us in life, as to see good days ? let him refrain his tongue : husband and wife, parents and children, from e il, and his lips from speaking guile?

relations and friends, rulers and subjects, This is the elixir of life, and is found in the

innumerable duties stand ready to be permouth of man.'”

formed; innumerable calls to activity preR. B. sent themselves on every hand, sufficient to

fill up with advantage and honour the whole CURIOSITY.

time of man.-Blair. CURIOSITY concerning the affairs of other persons is very reprehensible. It interrupts the order, and breaks the peace, of society.

LOVE OF FLOWERS. Persons of this disposition are dangerous

In all countries women love flowers; in troublers of the world. Crossing the lines all countries they form nosegays of them; in which others move, they create confusion, but it is only in the bosom of plenty that and awaken resentment.

Hence many a

they conceive the idea of enbellishing their friendship has been broken; the peace of dwellings with them. The cultivation of inany a family has been overthrown; and flowers among the peasantry indicates a much bitter and lasting discord has been revolution in all their feelings. It is a propagated through society. Such a dis- delicate pleasure, which makes its way position is entirely the reverse of that through coarse organs; it is a amiable spirit of charity which our Divine whose eyes are opened; it is a sense of the Lord inculcates. Charity, like the sun, beautiful, a faculty of the soul, which is brightens every object on which it shines : awakened. Man then understands that a censorious disposition casts every character there is in the gift of nature a something into the darkest shade it will bear. All more than is necessary for existence; colours, impertinent curiosity about the affairs of forms, odours, are perceived for the first others tends greatly to obstruct personal time, and these charming objects have at reformation. They who are so officiously last spectators. Those who have travelled occupied about their neighbours, have little in the country can testify that a rose-tree leisure, and less inclination, to observe their under a window, a honeysuckle around the own defects, or to mind their own duty. door of a cottage, are always a good omen From their inquisitive researches they find, to the tired traveller. The hand which or imagine they find, in the behaviour of cultivates flowers is not closed against the others, an apology for their own failings ; supplications of the poor and the wants of and the favourite result of their inquiries the stranger,



"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord," (All notices for this department, if not sent by one of the Ministers of the Circuit, must be authenticated by his signature, in addition to that of the sender.) Name. 1 Residence, &c. 1

Circuit. | Age! Date of Death. Brewer, Mrs. Mary, | Tiverton,


67 Sept. 1st, 1831. Martin, Mrs. Mary, Temple-Town, South-Shields,

26 Aug. 15th, 1851.


Borany, PAPERS ON:

Apple, 56
Ash, 188
Carnaticn, 285
Chrysanthemum, 516
Economy of trees and plants, 317
Evening primrose, 377
Paeony, 252
Phlox, 345
Rush, 29
Teil-tree, 93
Water-lily, 221


The English, Scotch, and Irish, 336


A common crror illustrated by a simple story, 189
A drunkard's teacher, 160
A pagan's prayer, 316
A river from a small rill, 159
A word in season, 28
Advantage of benevolence, 159
Agnew, Sir Andrew, 27
Chalmers, Dr., 28, 284
Chalmers, Dr., and his horre, 58
Coleridge incident in the life of, 27
Cromwell's envoy, 215
David Garrick, 316
Deaf mother, the, 94
Do you believe the Bible to be the word of

God ? 58
Don't hurry, 315
Flora Macdonald's husband, 189
Give good measure, 216
How men die without the Bible, 190
How to arouse attention in a congregation, 216
John Howie's fast-days, 216
Make the world sorry when you leave it, 252
My children still, 216
"Nothing mine but God." 216
Praying sailor.boy, the, 28
Presence of mind, 189
Sandwich islander's reply to the Jesuit, 216
Shirra, Rev. Robert, 122
Simple truth, 345
Thanks, the proper object of, 232
The infidel reprored, 252
The only source of comfort, 315
The stray lamb recovered, 316
True sell-devotedness, 316


Bread cast upon the waters, 208
God's care over a Missionary, 866
Providential admonitions, 272
Singular discovery of murder, 251
The deliverance out of trouble, 144


Helmets, 121
Hindoo vessels on the Ganges, 269
Molten " looking glasses," 136


British mining, 153
Magnitudes, distances, and physical states of the

stars, 25
The planets inhabited, 220
The spider's thread, 374
Wonders of the universe, 281

ESSAYS, &c. :

A stone removed, 166
Abounding in prayer, 167
Baxter, Richard, the poetry of, 193
" Be content with such things as ye have," 65
" Be not conformed to this world," 135
Bible, effects of the, upon nations, 8
Bible-fragment, the, 33
Blind sculptor at Innspruck, 69
Choice sayings, 8
* Christ pleased not Himsell," 195
Concealed loadstone, the, 266
Covenanting with God; Matthew Henry's coven-

ant, 1--John Howard's covenant, I
Deadness of heart, 169
Du Bourg, the inartyr of Paris, 225
Entire sanctification: its attainment, 359
Face of an angel, the, 234
Fear of Deatlı, 200
Forty martyrs of Sebaste, the, 233
“Gather up the Fragments," 292
Help one another, 42
Hinderances in the way of holiness, 330
How near is heaven ? 299
How to treat personal enemies, 101
Idols of the shop, 75
Investigation, the result of, 163
Is it right? 104
Jacob's vow, 6
Jones, Rev. Thomas, of Creaton, notices of, 289
Love of the truth, 298
Lukewarmness, 206
Martin, Sarah, the philanthropist, 97
Our own consequence, 137
Pain, the benefits of, 264
Piety of the early Christians, 166
Pleasure of doing good, 136
Popery, progress of, 264
Power of the cross, 299
Punctuality, 6
Revivals, 39
Saturday evening, 331
Scripture allegories, hy the Rev. R.M. Mac Brair :

No. II. The burning bush, 230


Briggs, Mrs., 156
Brummitt, Mr. George, 120
Cannon, Louisa, 372
G. S. L., 339
Halkyard, Mr. James, 277
Harker, Mrs , 20
Kay, Mr. John, 250
Olive, Elizabeth, 309
Pearse, Mrs., 186
Roberts. Mrs., 50
Shaw, Mary Ann, 214
Telford, William, 86
Travis, Mr John, 278
Wilson, William, 20
Woodhall, William, 371

[blocks in formation]

ESSAYS continued :
Scripture truth confirmed by example : Example

XVII. Designed blessing made the occasion of
destruction, 74-Example XVIII. Participation
in the sins of others prohibited, 164-Example

XIX. The appearance of evil to be avoided, 228
Selections from a Minister's manuscripts: No.

XX. The special answers to prayer, 102-No.
XXI. The light of grace succeeded by the
gloom of sin, 257-No. XXII. Fidelity with

the dying, 295
Soul, value of the, 328
Spiritual dangers, 327
Talking and doing, 136
Telling Jesus, 168
The disciple is as his Master, 167
"The princely and pious cobbler," 321
The relation of living and dying, 297
The sinner's warrant to pray, 170
The true Christian God's witness in the world, 267
The two bereavements, 132
The weaver's death-bed, 161
The year crowned with goodness, 356
Views of death, 262
Voice of the seasons, 7
Wesleyan-Methodist Society, rules of the, 2-

quarterly ticket for December, 1850, 4; for
March, 1851,70; for June, 197; for September,

260 ; for December, 353
“Who hath despised the day of small things ?"

Wise stewards, 105


The dying mother, 19
'The second stroke, 19
The simultaneous conversion, 87
The two sisters, 87

Alleine, Joseph, to his flock at Taunton: Direc-

tions for personal and family godliness, 114, 148
Carvosso, Mr. William, to a young person, 338
Chalmers, Dr., to his sister :

The Christian's difficulty in conversation, 180
The Holy Spirit, the Enlightener, 180,

The subjects of prayer, 150
Russell, Lord John, to the Bishop of Durham, 21

Lamartine on the irreligion of revolutionary

men, 91
Liberality, the obligation of, 349
London, 23
Loss and gain, 126
Love of flowers, 580
Love of the world, 312
Marrying for money, 311
Ministerial private devotion, 23
Old customs, 220
On listening to evil reports, 55
One's own history, 349
Painting the flower-pot, 23
Peevishness, 89
Queen Adelaide and her correspondents, 181
Spurious philanthropy, 52
Stoicism and Christianity, 154
The church and the tavern, 282
The drunkard's will, 55
The joint-stock ferry-boat, 310
The laws of conscience illustrated, 155
The poor may do good, 219
The Sabbath and its effects, 156
“The Sublime Porte," 24
Truth, the way to discover, 55
Turkish use of the grape, 23
Use the world as not abusing it, 155
" What o'clock is it?" 349
Woman, the rights of: by Mrs. E. Little, 218
Word of God, the, 312

Missions :

An aged Bengalee converted in South Africa, 347
Fox's “History of the Wesleyan Missions on the

Western Coast of Africa," 313
Genote, the Kaflir, 376
Languages spoken by Wesleyan Missionaries, 346
Martyrdoms in Madagascar, 376
Wesleyan Methodism in Canada, 348


Common faults at prayer-meetings, 181
Family prayer, 86
Matrimonial quarrels, 85
Prayer, the habit of, 186
Prayer meeting, the, 151
Private fasting, 185
Results of unprincipled compromise and con-

cession, 116
Sabbath-rain, 186
Self-denial, 338
Self-knowledge, 338
Sin and folly of scolding, 276
Sloth and misery, 84
Testimony in favour of week-day prayer-meetings,

The preacher and the hearer, 314


Buxton, Sir T. F., 285, 318, 350
Howard, John, the philanthropist, 190, 221, 253


Negro loveseast, 578


A tower of skulls, 311
An inducement to industry not much thought

of. 217
Bible-distributer among robbers, 182
Bisliop Hall's marriage, 218
Christian merchant, the, 218
Conversion, 350
Curiosity. 380
Death, 52
Death's prime minister, 219
Devil, wiles of the, 283
Drunkenness pictured, 54
Elixir of life, the, 380
False doctrine, the evil influence of, 182
Fretfulness under trial, 311
Good men at variance, 220
Happy days, 52
Heathen British India, 181
Here are the mouths, but where is the meat? 125
How many things in the world one has no

need of! 312
Howard's notions about property, 219
Kroomen, the, 22


Agouti, the, 369
Beaver, instinct of the, 240
Bees, singular American, 48
Bird, a wingless, 80
Birds, time of the morning song of, 177
Crickets, the, 16
Death-watch, the, 81
Dog, the Australian, 49
Dog, the Hare-Indian, 304
Eagle, the harpy. 145
Eagle-owl, the, and its young one, 178
Earthquakes, the phenomena of, 241
Flowers, the odour of, 18
Frogs, Egyptian, 80
Lioness, the, 240
Monkey, the Diana, 273
Pine-marten, the, 387
Ratel, the, 177
Reptile-room, the, by night, 18
Spider, sagacity and strength of the, 145
Tempest-prognosticator, the, 240
Water-root, the, 336
Whale, catching the, 112
Whale, maternal solicitude of the, 114
Widow-finch, the, 17



English ships of war in the fifteenth century, 184


Eastern war-horse, 313


Fortress of Akabah, 88
View of Suez, 373

POPERY continued :
Ilustrations of Popery: Popery in Rome, 118-

Popery the enemy of the Bible, 119--Popery in
New Zealand, 119–The Gospel and Popery in
Feejee, 119-Popery in Gambia, West Africa,

Mechanical consciences at Stonyhurst, 342
Miracle solved, 215
Mohammedan toleration and Popish intolerance,

Popery in small towns, 344
Popish Missions, 92
Queen Adelaide and Popery, 187
Spirit of Romanism, the, 157
Transubstantiation, Popish doctrine of: Remark-

able conversion of a Romish Priest, 283
What bas Popery done? 92


A filial spirit, 80
A gentle boy, 212
A good example, 306
Be kind to each other, 305
Hindu sisters, the, 279
Little blind boy, the, 280
The infidel and the dying child, 370
The tree that never fades, 213
Trust in Jesus illustrated, 80

Pretended miracles before the Reformation in

England, and their exposure, 125
What has Romanism done for nations ? 26


Papal aggression, the, 59


A servant's treasure, 146
Advices which relate to several circumstances in

the life of a servant, 274
Amy: a servant's temptations, 117
Disadvantages under which servants begin life,

and the true standard of duty, 82
The consistent servant, 245
The farewell: a parting address to servants,

The servant's choice of a situation, 210
The servant's happiness, 178


Lambeth-palace and the Lollards'-tower, 61
Strathfieldsay, the seat of the Duke of Welling-

ton, 281

Cranmer, Archbishop, 95
Galileo, 30

Passages in the last hours of the Rev. Edward

Bickersteth, Rector of Watton, 62
The Wesleyan Missions, 126


Gregory of Nazianzum, 344
How may I teach my child sincerity? 272
" It's only me," 304
Parental authority, 176
Parental example, 176
Parental solicitude, 210
Parents, pray, 304
Speak gently, 243
Success in home-training, 212
Teach children how to use money, 304
'The Bible in the family, 210
The duty of praise, 48
The mother's mistake fatal, 367
The parental relation: X. Piety of parents, 15


Capture of wild elephants, 345
Mosque of David, ihe, 152
Oriental instruments of the drum kind, 216
Swallow of Palestine, the, 124
Treading the winepress, 24
White asses, 249


The dying soldier, 506

A Christian Artisan and his Chartist Fellow-

Workmen, 51
Abel entering Heaven, 312
By Richard Baxter: Christian Union, 213 -
Psalm cxlviii., 214-Resignation, 214--The

Farewell, 372
"By the Grace of God I am what I am," by the

Rev. H. Bonar, 26
Complaint and Reproof, by Coleridge, 249
“Even so, come, Lord Jesus," 26
For the Afflicted, 150
The Fulness of Jesus, 248
The happy Man, 92
“ The Lamb is the Light thereof, 280
The Mercy-seat, by the Rev. Hugh Stowell, 52
The Stream of Death, by E. W. Canning, 187
Thoughts of Heaven, 122
“Thy Will be done,” 248
To a Friend, on receiving her first Ticket of

Membership, 341
" What Time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee,"



“ Be ye therefore perfect," 94
Census for 1851, 62
Christian fellowship, 94
Extract from the will of the late Queen Dowager,

Hints for writers, 80
Prophetic dew-drop, 62
Punctuality, 62
Tongue, the, 62
Value of the Bible, 30

TABULAR RECORD or MORTALITY, 32, 64, 96, 128,

100, 224, 256, 288, 352, 380


Exodus i. 6....107
Exodus iii, 3....230
Exodus viii. 3....80
Exodus xix.....373
Judges y. 10....249
Judges xvi. 7. ...348
Job xxxiv, 29....4
Psalm xix.....172
Psalm xxxvii. 8....276
Psalm lxv. 11....356


A Popish epitaph, 58
Bible-burning, 57
Early Christianity of Great Britain, 215
Fasting and murdering, 379

[blocks in formation]


Psalm lxxxiv, 3.... 124
Psalm cxxvi. 6....202
Proverbs x. 11; 2 Peter ii. 17....76, 106
Isaiah ix. 14 ; xxxv. 7.... 29
Isaiah lxiii. 1-3....24
Fzekiel xxxiv. 16; Matthew xi. 28.... 141
Micah iii. 12....153
Zechariah iv. 10....129
Matthew xxiv. 12, 13....332, 312
Matthew xxiv. 44.... 364
John i. 3.... 334
John vi. 12....292
John x. 22, 23....78
Acts vi. 15....234
Romans i. 16....9
Romans xii, 2....135
Romans xv. 3....195
Romans xvi, 17....71
Romans xvi. 19....198
1 Corinthians iii. 22....10
2 Corinthians iii. 18.... 157
Galatians v, 13... 260
Epliesians iv. 26....11
Ephesians iv. 28....217
Philippians ii. 2. ...354
1 Thessalonians v. 22....228
1 Thessalonians v. 23, 24....359
1 Timothy i. 15....198
1 Timothy v. 22.... 164
Titus i. 15....143
Hebrews xi. 17....235
Hebrews xiii. 5....65
1 Peter i, 13-21....43
1 Peter iii. 1, 2....171
2 Peter iii. 16....74

THEOLOGY continued :

Evil-speaking, 301
Faith's results, 109
Faith's triumph over the greatest trials: a

sermon, 235
Fragments of thought, 79
God in nature and in grace, 172
Heart diseases, 271
How Christians may misjudge each other, 271
Idols, the removal of, 143
Illustration of Titus i. 15, 143
Immediately embrace an offered Saviour: a

sermion, 138
Inconsistencies, 300
Indecision, 334
Justification by faith, 503
Live for something, 207
Ministerial earnestness, 142
Money, the love of, 302
New heresies often old, 302
Our enemies within, 79
lower of God in the Gospel: a sermon. 9
Practical thoughts suggested by the doctrines of

theology :
The being of a God, 108
The immensity of Gori, 204

The immutability of God, 801
Preaching Christ, 301
Prepare for death, 206
Readings from Archbishop Leighton :

Wandering in prayer, 205
How to profit by the ministry, 205

Sincerity in the use of the means of grace, 301
Satan's temptations, 111
Scripture, the sufficiency of, 79
Scripture, holy, the suitableness of, 206
Scripture difficulties, 14
Scripture Expositor, The :

John X. 22, 23...78

1 Corinthians iii. 22....10
Sowing and weeping: tears and sheaves, 202
The aboundings of iniquity : a sermon, 332, 36!
The believing wife and unbelieving hustand: a

sermon, 171
The common lot, 107
The downward course of sin, 110
The good Shepherd bringing back the wanderer

to Himself, 141
The use of God's word in prayer, 268
The well with water: a sermon, 76
The world, 303
The world's verdict, 175
To the unawakened, 364
True submission to God in humiliation and

crosses, li


A Jewish parable, 239
A well without water; a sermon, 106
Affliction, the teachings of, 17
Against murmuring, 238
Against unbelief, 13
All things created by the Son of God, 334
Asleep in Jesus, 142
Basket of fragments, 335, 365
“Be ye angry, and sin not," 11
Begin to-day, 239
Christian duty, its means and motives: a sermon,

Delay, 300
Design of all external institutions, 175
Eternity, 303
Eternity! O eternity ! 239

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