A provincial glossary: with a collection of local proverbs, and popular superstitions

Printed for S. Hooper, 1787 - 75 sider
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Side ccxii - A Knight of Cales, A Gentleman of Wales, And a Laird of the North Countree ; A Yeoman of Kent, With his yearly rent. Will buy them out all three...
Side 53 - This knot I knit, To know the thing I know not yet, That I may see The man that shall my husband be: How he goes, and what he wears, And what he does all days and years.
Side cci - A gammon of bacon you shall receive, And bear it hence with love and good leave ; For this is our custom...
Side 31 - ... charm, or sorcery, whereby any person shall be killed, destroyed, wasted, consumed, pined, or lamed in his or her body, or any part thereof...
Side ccxvii - More saw this aged man, he thought it expedient to hear him say his mind in this matter, for, being so old a man, it was likely that he knew most of any man in that presence and company. So Master More called this old aged man unto him, and said, father...
Side ccxvi - DEVIL'S DAUGHTER'S PORTION: Deal, Dover, and Harwich, The Devil gave with his daughter in marriage; And, by a codicil to his will, He added Helvoet and the Brill; a saying occasioned by the shameful impositions practised by the inhabitants of those places, on sailors and travellers.
Side 53 - It is also a popular superstition that any unmarried woman fasting on Midsummer eve, and at midnight laying a clean cloth, with bread, cheese, and ale, and sitting down as if going to eat, the street-door being left open, the person whom she is afterwards to marry will come into the room and drink to her by bowing ; and after filling the glass will leave it on the table, and, making another bow, retire...
Side 31 - ... wicked spirit to or for any intent or purpose; or take up any dead man, woman, or child out of his, her, or their grave, or any other place where the dead body resteth, or the skin, bone, or any other part of any dead person...
Side ccxxix - Meadow, till all the butchers' dogs pursued one of the bulls (maddened with noise and multitude) clean through the town. This sight so pleased the Earl, that he gave the Castle Meadow, where the bulls' duel began, for a common to the butchers of the town, after the first grass was mowed, on condition that they should find a mad bull the day six weeks before Christmas Day, for the continuance of that sport for ever.
Side 6 - ... committed some injustice whilst living, cannot rest till that is redressed. Sometimes the occasion of spirits revisiting this world is to inform their heir in what secret place, or private drawer in an old trunk, they had hidden the title deeds of the estate ; or where, in troublesome times, they buried their money or plate. ( ') Some Ghosts of murdered persons, whose bodies have been secretly...

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