Reports of Cases in Law and Equity in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Volum 45


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Side 519 - The time during which the person committing any of the offenses above mentioned is absent from the district wherein the same is committed shall not be taken as any part of the time limited by law for the commencement of such proceedings.
Side 220 - No owner of any vessel shall be liable to answer for or make good to any person any loss or damage which may happen to any merchandise whatsoever, which shall be shipped, taken in, or put on board any such vessel, by reason or by means of any fire happening to or on board the vessel, unless such fire is caused by the design or neglect of such owner.
Side 276 - No liability is assumed for errors in cipher or obscure messages, nor is any liability assumed by this company for any error or neglect by any other company over whose lines this message may be sent to reach its destination...
Side 348 - The report of the referees upon the whole issue, stands as the decision of the court, and judgment may be entered thereon in the same manner as if the action had been tried by the court.
Side 203 - ... provisions in acts of Parliament according to the ordinary sense of the words, unless such construction would lead to some unreasonable result, or be inconsistent with, or contrary to, the declared or implied intention of the framer of the law, in which case the grammatical sense of the words may be extended or modified ; instances of which are to be found in the case of Eyston v.
Side 378 - That we may the better apprehend the nature of a visitor, we are to consider, that there are in law two sorts of corporations aggregate: such as are for public government, and such as are for private charity. Those that are for the public government of a town, city, mystery, or the like, being for public advantage, are to be governed according to the laws of the land...
Side 319 - NY of the first part, for and in consideration of the sum of five hundred dollars, lawful money of the United States, to him in hand paid at or before the cnsealing and delivery of these presents...
Side 645 - To divide, withdraw, or in any manner pay to the stockholders, or any of them, any part of the capital stock of the corporation ; or to reduce such capital stock without the consent of the legislature ; or, 3.
Side 316 - The true meaning of this maxim is, that equity will treat the subject-matter, as to collateral consequences, and incidents, in the same manner as if the final acts contemplated by the parties had been executed exactly as they oug-ht to have been ; not as the parties might have executed them.
Side 585 - ... whenever any proceeding taken by a party fails to conform in any respect to the provisions of this code, the court may, in like manner, and upon like terms, permit an amendment of such proceeding, so as to make it conformable thereto.

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