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Prevalent discontents.--Mr. Walkes returns from exile-offers

himself candidate for London--rejected chosen for Middle-
fex-prosecuted at the instance of ministerstried before lord
Mansfield fentenced to the king's bench prison popular in,
vectives against the judge.-Riots in St. George's fields.
Wilkes's outlawry reversed.--King of Denmark visits Bri-
tain.--Favourite studies of his Britannic majesty.--Voyages
of discovery and science.--Capt. Cook.- Mr. Banks.-Af-
fairs on the continent.Parties in Poland.-Disidents.-
Interference of Prussia and Russia. -Conduct of Austria-
of France. - Rupture between Rusia and Turkey.-Ame-
rican colonies enraged at Mr. Townshend's new impoft.-
Province of Massachusets more active in refiftance.New
combination against British commodities.--Lord Hillsborough
the secretary of state, his letter to the governors of their re-
spective provinces.-— Riots at Boston-England. - Dissatis-
faction and licentiousness.--Wilkes inflames the discontent.---
Supported by the chief citizens of the metropolis.Lord
Chatham resigns the privy seal.Parties mutually adverse,
concur in opposition to administration,

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queen.--Artifuris. of the queen Dowager.— Struensee.- Ac-
cufation and arröff of Matilda.Remonftrances of the court
of Londoil-Hi Britannic majesty demands and rescues his

siing and offords her an asylum in his German


America, tranquil in the fouth, is turbulent in the north.

Masachusets disavows the authorities of the British consti-

tution.Britain.Mercantile failures of 1772.- Alex-

ander Fordyce.--Change of mercantile character.— Influence

of accumulation in India. - Stock-jobbing-fictitious credit

extravagant adventure without capital.High estimation

of lord North for financial skill.- Affairs of the India com-

panyits pecuniary embarralmentsconduct of its servants,

and distresses of thenatives--reported to the house of commons by

a committee. The company propose a scheme for correcting and

restraining its servants.--Parliament undertakes the task.-

Company's petition for a loan--granted on certain conditions.

-Company allowed to export tea from Britain duty-free.---

Lord North's plan for the government of Indiadiscuffed

in parliament-passes into a lawu.— Inquiry into the conduct

of lord Clive. Distinguished abilities of Messrs. Thurlow

and Wedderburne foewn against and for lord Clive.--The

war with the Caribs.-— Increase of half-pay to naval cap-

tains.--Petition of the disentersis rejected. Supplies.-

Reduction of the national debt.Continental affairs.-Com-

pletion of the dismemberment of Poland.Violent attacks of

Roman catholic powers on their clergy.-America-tran-

quillity, and flourishing commerce.Britaindiscoritent

and licentiousness subside. Increasing trade and prosperity

imputed to the policy of lord North.-The minister now

at the zenith of his fame.


tween Rufra and Turkey--terms of peace-motives of Ca-

tharine -Poland.-Vierus of Prussia and Austria.-- France.

- Death of Louis XV.--character,--tool of his favourites,

he did not discern the commencing changes of public opinion.-

Promising beginnings of Louis XVI.- Spain deprives the

inquisition of its most terrible powers.--America.Effects

of the Boston port bill-

ferment through the provinces -


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