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Show This to Your Doctors




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We will send a pocket Urinalysis Case and complete Manual (worth $7), to every physician who sends us $3, N. Y. Exchange, for } doz. Bioplasm ($1 size-list, $8 per doz.); or, $5 for 1 doz. Bioplasm.

The case is unique and practical-invaluable for bedside urinalysis.

Get your doctors to order. You will make a profit of $7 on each dozen. Only one lot to each doctor while the cases last. Let them all in on it. They will thank you. Stock Bioplasm yourself.

Bioplasm is unequaled in neurasthenia, locomotor ataxia, intestinal disorders and tuberculosis.

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Heptol Splits

The most reliable goods

in the world.

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AND ALL Tin, Zino, Brass, Copper, Niokol and all Kitchen and

Plated Utensils. Class, Wood, Marble, Por

celain, Etc.


More Haan astut froprietor, 206 CAST WAGNINOTON ST., INDIANAPOLLO.

Because every customer recommends it

to his friends.


is to put in your hands the very best laxative water we
know how-one that acts on a different and more whole-
some principle than any other laxative, purgative or
cathartic you or any of your customers ever used, read
about or heard about.

To put it up in attractive packages.
To make it pleasant to take.

To tell the public just as much about HEPTOL SPLITS as a liberal expenditure of money in newspapers, bill boards and window displays will accomplish: Send for sample proofs of our advertising-it will show you we're advertising this "different” laxative in a "different" way from the other fellow.)

To offer you a liberal profit on your sales and to back you up with our guarantee on each bottle. ALL WE ASK OF YOU

is to put yourself in shape to supply th demand an to
occasionally create a little demand of your own by sug-
gęsting HĘPTOL SPLITS–The Only Perfect Laxative-
when somebody asks your advice as to a good laxative.
Are you supplied? HEPTOL SPLITS costs $5.00 for

case of 50 bottles direct or through your jobber. THE MORRISON HEPTOL CO.


THE BAR-KEEPERS' FRIEND. geszsegasasasasagapa

was donde

1-Pound Box Powder, 25c.

Established 15 Years.

'ry U. S. Metal Polish, guaranteed standard goods, 3-oz. box

retails 10c.

Meyer Brothers Druggist


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(WE HAVE BUT ONE PRICE.) One-fourth page, 3 months (2 5-6x4 1-4 inches).. One-fourth page, 6 months (2 5-6x4 1-4 inches). One-fourth page, 9 months (2 5-6x4 1-4 inches). One-fourth page, 1 year (2 5-6x4 1-4 inches). One-half page, 3 months (4 1-4x6 inches). One-half page, 6 months (4 1-4x6 inches) One-half page,

9 months (4 1-4x6 inches). One-half page,

(4 1-4x6 inches). One page,

6 months (6 x8 1-2 inches). One page,

(6 x8 1-2 inches).

. $ 27 00

45 00 65 00 82 50 51 00 87 00 125 00 157 50 160 00 300 00

1 year

1 year

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It Is Fortunate for the Pharmacists of Illinois that the recent conference of the State Board of Pharmacy, with representatives of the colleges of pharmacy of Chicago and the retail druggists of Illinois did not result in the adoption of a measure which would lead the board of pharmacy to at once put into operation the following proposed regulation:

The State Board of Pharmacy should refuse to grant apprenticeship registration to applicants who cannot furnish satisfactory proofs of at least one year's attendance at high school.

The result of such a rule can be easily realized by any pharmacist of Illinois who stops to think about


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the trouble and expense necessary to find and secure compends, while publishers and candidates for regisan apprentice who can comply with such a regula- | tration consider the quiz compend series to be just tion. We feel that we are well within the bounds of about the proper thing. We have detected an opporfacts when we say that less than one-half of the stu- tunity to speak a good word for quiz compends on dents from Illinois who attend colleges of pharmacy account of a purpose they have served in at least one come with proofs of one or more year's high school state. We refer to a board of pharmacy which anwork. They may have what is liberally construed to nounces its avowed purpose of framing its questions be “its equivalent,” but they do not have the actual in such a way that the quiz compend fiends will not schooling as set forth in the above proposition. be able to answer them. This resolution, if practi

We publish elsewhere in this issue of the MEYER cally carried out, will cause the board of pharmacy to BROTHERS DRUGGIST the official report of the Chicago get up sets of questions which are calculated to test the conference and resolutions adopted by the I. Ph. A., practical ability of the applicants to a greater degree which led to the meeting. These resolutions were in- than have the questions of the past. The farther you troduced and passed, as resolutions so often are, by a get away from quiz compend questions the nearer you vote which was formal. The resolutions sounded well, are likely to be to an examination which a competent gave an air of “higher requirements” to the proceed pharmacist can pass at any time without special cramings and, as some one voting in favor, said to a neighming for the occasion. In this connection we call bor, “will do no harm, as the board of pharmacy can- attention to the item relative to examinations which not enforce them.”

was published on page 323 of the MEYER BROTHERS The time may come when the registered pharma- | DRUGGIST for October. cists of Illinois will all be at least high-school gradu

Medical Superstitions are as old as disease of the ates, but that will be when the N. A. R. D. has suc

human body and as numerous as superstitions in any ceeded in bettering trade conditions and increasing department of sociology. As the country becomes profits to that point where more high-school graduates settled and the inhabitants better educated, medical will feel justified in entering the drug trade. The N.

superstitions gradually die out. Many of them comA. R. D. has worked wonders in this direction, but

mon to the settlers of the new West three generations 1906 is too early to require even one year's actual

ago have been lost to history. Some of those still in high-school work on the part of the applicants for the memory of people now living are being recorded registration as apprentices. This is true even in the

in our Drug Clerks' Department. The editor of that highly educated and enlightened State of Illinois

department is a close observer and has the advantage where the board of pharmacy requires an examination

of exceptional opportunities in studying the thoughts in general education before an applicant can take the

and actions of a class of people who became the examination for registration either as apprentice, as.

pioneers of the Middle West two or three generations sistant or pharmacist.

ago. Mr. H. N. Force, by his contributions, enables We congratulate the conference upon so squarely

the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST to place on record stating the question at issue. It was wise, indeed, to

interesting superstitions which would otherwise soon say, “at least one year's attendance at high school,”

be lost to history. His “Diary of a Drug Clerk” is without adding the usual qualification of “or its

written in an interesting style, but also contains careequivalent.” This qualifying sentence opens the way

fully prepared and accurate records of conversations to a multitude of subterfuges. The State of Illinois

which have actually occurred within the past few years. is well supplied throughout its great length and entire breadth with good high schools and if one or

But One Price for Advertising Space. This is the more years' of high-school work is to be required, let

rule of the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST which has the law so specify without crippling the requirement worked satisfactorily for both publisher and advertiswith the indefinite "or its equivalent.” If work in ing patrons during a quarter of a century. We freother educational institutions is to be recognized, they quently have our attention called to the sliding schedshould be as specifically named as are the high

ule of advertising prices in force with some publicaschools.

tions, but the justice of our position is quickly comThe board of pharmacy in deciding that it could prehended when it is fully understood that we treat all not legally adopt the recommendations contained in of our advertising patrons alike. This is especially the I. Ph. A. resolutions, in a way, begged the ques- evident when our prices are taken into consideration tion; but the real issue of whether or not Illinois in connection with our paid subscription list and the pharmacists are ready to employ only such appren- position which the publication holds in the estimatices as have previously had at least one year in high tion of the drug trade. school is still before the trade and profession and Do You Take an Inventory of your stock of goods? should be calmly discussed in all of its bearings. The

If not, you are so far behind the times and out of columns of the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST are open touch with business methods that you cannot possibly to our readers who are ready to express their views. know whether you are making money or falling beWe invite correspondence on the subject.

hind. The retail drug trade of today requires the Good Work Accomplished by Quiz Compends.- same careful, systematic business methods that are Teachers and board examiners alike frown upon quiz followed in other lines of trade.

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