The Manufacture of Steel: Containing the Practice and Principles of Working and Making Steel

H.C. Baird, 1873 - 273 sider

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Side 281 - Assayer's Guide : Or, Practical Directions to Assayers, Miners, and Smelters, for the Tests and Assays, by Heat and by Wet Processes, for the Ores of all the principal Metals, of Gold and Silver Coins and Alloys, and of Coal, etc. By OSCAR M. LIEBER.
Side 285 - Piles to Produce Boiler Plates, and of the Weight of Piles and the Sizes of Bars to produce Sheet-iron ; the Thickness of the Bar Gauge* in decimals ; the Weight per foot, and the Thickness on the Bar or Wire Gauge of the fractional parts of an inch; the Weight per sheet, and the Thickness on the Wire Gauge of Sheet-iron of various dimensions to weigh 112 Ibs. per bundle; and the conversion of Short Weight into Long Weight, and Long Weight into Short. Estimated and collected by GH PERKINS and JG...
Side 277 - DYER AND COLOR-MAKER'S COMPANION: Containing upwards of two hundred Receipts for making Colors, on the most approved principles, for all the various styles and fabrics now in existence; with the Scouring Process, and plain Directions for Preparing, Washing-off, and Finishing the Goods.
Side 284 - Ornaments, Trinkets, Bells, and Statues ; Description of Moulds for Iron, Bronze, Brass, and other Metals; Plaster of Paris, Sulphur, Wax, etc.
Side 269 - Machinist's and Engineer's Drawing Companion: Forming a Complete Course of Mechanical Engineering and Architectural Drawing. From the French of M. Armengaud the elder, Prof, of Design in the Conservatoire of Arts and Industry, Paris, and MM.
Side 270 - ASHTON — The Theory and Practice of the Art of Designing Fancy Cotton and Woollen Cloths from Sample : Giving full instructions for reducing drafts, as well as the methods of spooling and making out harness for cross drafts and finding any required reed; with calculations and tables of yarn. By FREDERIC T. ASHTON, Designer, West Pittsfield, Mass. With fifty-two illustrations.
Side 283 - O'NEILL.— A Dictionary of Dyeing and Calico Printing: Containing a brief account of all the Substances and Processes in use in the Art of Dyeing and Printing Textile Fabrics; with Practical Receipts and Scientific Information. By CHARLES O'NEILL, Analytical Chemist ; Fellow of the Chemical Society of London ; Member of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester ; Author of " Chemistry of Calico Printing and Dyeing.
Side 281 - A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Worsteds and Carded Yarns : Comprising Practical Mechanics, with Rules and Calculations applied to Spinning; Sorting, Cleaning, and Scouring Wools; the English and French Methods of Combing, Drawing, and Spinning Worsteds, and Manufacturing Carded Yarns. Translated from the French of CHARLES LEROUX, Mechanical Engineer and Superintendent of a Spinning-Mill, by HORATIO PAINE, MD, and AA FESQUET, Chemist and Engineer.
Side 275 - By FRANCIS CAMPIN, CE To which are added, Observations on the Construction of Steam Boilers, and Remarks upon Furnaces used for Smoke Prevention ; with a Chapter on Explosions.
Side 281 - LOVE. — The Art of Dyeing, Cleaning, Scouring, and Finishing, on the Most Approved English .and French Methods: Being Practical Instructions in Dyeing Silks, Woollens, and Cottons, Feathers, Chips, Straw, etc. Scouring and Cleaning Bed and Window Curtains, Carpets, Rugs, etc. French and English Cleaning, a.ny Color or Fabric of Silk, Satin, or Damask. By THOMAS LOVE, a Working Dyer and Scourer.

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