Revolution Unending: Afghanistan, 1979 to the Present

C. Hurst, 2005 - 370 sider
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The defeat of the Greek armies in Asia Minor in August 1922, leading to what the Greeks call 'the Asia Minor Catastrophe', led directly to the flight of Greek refugees from Asia Minor, the compulsory exchange of populations between Greece and Turkey and the resettlement in Greece of 1,300,000 displaced people. This is the great theme of this book, which now makes a reappearance four decades after its original publication. Pentzopoulos sets out the background and the facts of the exchange and refugee settlement, and analyses the ethnological, economic, political, social and cultural impact. The book is an essential reference work for the study of modern Greece, and complements the historical study of the 1922 Catastrophe, Ionian Vision (Hurst, [1973] 1998), by Michael Llewellyn Smith, who contributes a new preface to this volume.

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Gilles Dorronsoro is professor of political science, Paris I (Pantheon-Sorbonne). He has written extensively on Afghan and Central Asian politics and is a member of the editorial committees of "Cultures and Conflicts" and "Central Asian Literature,

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