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I HAVE endeavoured to sketch in the following pages a course of English Parsing and Analysis suitable for the lower Forms in Classical Schools. I have omitted altogether to treat of Inflections, Derivation, Punctuation, &c., taking into consideration the very limited time, at most an hour or so a week, that can be spared for English Grammar.*

As a rule, boys begin to turn English Sentences into Latin as soon as they know a Declension or two and a few tenses of a Verb; and such attempts are of course useful in giving facility in the use of Inflections. Unfortunately the learner who starts in this way has not grasped the elementary principles which underlie the construction of an English as well as of a Latin Sentence, and is thus confronted from the first with the difflculties of Syntax. Indeed, this ignorance of principles makes itself evident, even in boys who have been learning Latin for years, as soon as they are cast adrift from the Latin Exercisebook, with its hints and cautions, references and para

* Also I have taken for granted such a practical acquaintance with English as makes it unnecessary to discuss the Compound forms of the verb ; c.g. am loving, would have loved.

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