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Barry Eaton starts his book AFTERLIFE with some thoughts regarding his former/last incarnation in World War 1 in France, where he ended that life in the war massacres in the Battle of Somme, quite similar to the story that the clairvoyant healer Stephen Turoff got from another soldier who died there. And Turoff, communicated for long times with this soldier; James Legget, to bring his informative account correct through  from the other side.
So Barry Eaton, being an Australian in the current life, have thru some processes he decribes, been able to open some paranormal psychic abilities. He further in the book talk about his earlier views of “death” and how he met JUDY and their deep spiritual connection. In this process he began testing “automatic writing” – and he got messages on among other things – their common earlier lives together, including war losses and pains.
In this “now-life” in Australia, Judy died after they had been together for 4 years. But the connection was not broken. It happened to be a reconnection to the spiritworld in her leave. A short time after her passing, she came through a mediumfriend of them. And the he soon learned to get in connection with her by this ‘automatic writing’. But this form of communication costs a lot of ‘work’ for the other side he learned. The book is not only from his Judy's information, but put together from information gathered thru many similar books and experiences.
"A very good and easily read book on this – for ALL - important theme, from 2011."
 short extract:
".....The astral body is best described as our mind, or consciousness. After the energy from the etheric body is cut off after death, the astral body returns to what are generally known as the astral planes. Here, there are many different levels or planes of existence. Our soul is guided to its appropriate level, according to our development. Our astral body knows the astral world well, as it is accustomed to traveling there all through our life, usually when we are asleep. The astral body is attached to our physical body by a very fine silver cord. This cord allows us to return to our body after astral traveling at night. Once the cord is cut, in what we refer to as death, our physical body perishes and our astral and physical bodies separate permanently.

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