John Wesley Weldon,

William H. Steves,
David Wark.

John Smith.
William End,

Joseph Read.

Hon. Robert L. Hazen,

Isaac Woodward.
John Montgomery,
Andrew Barberie.

JOHN S. SAUNDERS, Clerk of the Crown. A Commission having issued under the Great Seal, bearing date the twenty second day of January instant, appointing Ward Chipman, James Carter, Robert Parker, and George Frederick Street, Esquires, Commissioners for the duly qualifying the said Members, the Honorable James Carter, one of the Commissioners named in the said Commission, attended, and administered the oath to the following Members, who thereupon subscribed their names thereto :Lemuel A. Wilmot,

John C. Vail,
Charles Fisher,

Thomas Gilbert,
James Taylor,

George Hayward,
Thomas Baillie,

Thomas O. Miles,
John R. Partelow,

Charles Connell,
John Jordan,

James Tibbits,
William J. Ritchie,

Alexander Rankin,
Robert D. Wilmot,

John A. Street,
Daniel Hanington,

William Carman,
William Wilson,

Martin Cranney,
William Hazen Botsford,

John W. Weldon,
Amand Landry,

David Wark,
James Brown,

William End,
Robert Thomson,

Joseph Read,
William Porter,

Andrew Barberie,
James Boyd,

William H. Steves,
Sylvester Z. Earle,

Robert L. Hazen,
William M‘Leod,

Isaac Woodward.
A Message was then received from His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, by
Beverley R. Jouett, Esquire, Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, requiring the
immediate attendance of the House in the Council Chamber.

The House attended accordingly, when the Honorable William Black, President of the Legislative Council, said, Honorable Gentlemen of the Legislative Council, and

Gentlemen of the House of Assembly, “I am commanded by His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor to inform you, that he doth not think fit to declare the causes for which he has summoned this General Assembly until there be a Speaker of the House of Assembly. It is therefore His Excellency's pleasure, that you, Gentlemen of the House of Assembly, do repair to the place where the sittings of the House of Assembly are usually held, and there choose a fit person to be your Speaker; and that you present the person who shall be so chosen to His Excellency, in this House, forthwith, for his approbation.”

And the House being returnedMr. Partelow, a Member from the County of Saint John, addressing himself to the Clerk, said

Mr. Wetmore, “Having been commanded by His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor to choose a Speaker, I rise to address you, as Clerk, for the purpose of nominating to that


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important office the Honorable John Wesley Weldon, a Gentleman who had the honor of being unanimously elected thereto during the last House, and the duties of which he discharged with great ability and impartiality.

“I therefore move that he take the Chair."

Mr. Rankin, a Member from the County of Northumberland, then addressed the Clerk, and said,

In seconding the nomination of Mr. Weldon for the honorable situation of Speaker of the House, it affords me much pleasure to add my testimony to the efficient and disinterested manner in which he filled that Chair during the existence of the last House ; I therefore confidently trust that he will be again elected.”

The Honorable Mr. Weldon being the only person placed in nomination, was then taken from his seat by Mr. Partelow and Mr. Rankin, and conducted by them to the Chair; and when standing on the step, addressed himself as follows:

« Gentlemen,

“ In this expression of your confidence, I return you my sincere thanks.

“In entering upon the discharge of those duties which your kindness and partiality have assigned me, I can only promise you the zealous, and, I trust, the honest devotion of such powers as I possess, to the performance of the duties of the Chair.

“ I rely with unreserved confidence upon the kindness, the forbearance and candour of the House; not doubting that in the exercise of those high and generous qualities will be found an efficient remedy for the numerous unintentional errors which my experience admonishes me I shall probably commit.

Again, accept my thanks with the assurance that I entertain a deep sense of obligation for the honor you have conferred upon me.” ”

Mr. Weldon then took the Chair.

A Message from His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, by the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, requiring the immediate attendance of the House in the Council Chamber.

Accordingly, Mr. Speaker elect, with the House, went up to the Council Chamber.
And being returned-
Mr. Speaker reported that he had addressed His Excellency to the effect following:

May it please Your Excellency, “ The House of Assembly having received Your Excellency's commands, returned to the place where their sittings are usually held, and in the exercise of their undoubted right immediately proceeded to the choice of a Speaker : They have chosen me to fill that important office, and I am presented to Your Excellency for Your Excellency's approbation.”

The Honorable Mr. Black, President of the Legislative Council, then spoke as follows:

Mr. Weldon, "I am commanded by His Excellency to assure you, that he is fully sensible of your zeal for the public service, and of your sufficiency to execute the duties of the office to which you have been elected by the House of Assembly, and that he doth most readily approve of their choice, and allow and confirm you to be their Speaker.”

That he, Mr. Speaker, then further addressed His Excellency in the following words:

May it please Your Excellency, "Your Excellency having been pleased to approve of the choice which the Assembly have made in electing me to be their Speaker, it now becomes my duty, on their behalf, and in the name of the Assembly, to claim and demand that they have all their


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ancient and accustomed rights and privileges, particularly freedom of speech—freedom from arrest--access to Your Excellency whenever the public service may require itand that the most favorable construction be put upon all their proceedings. On my own behalf

, I have to intreat that any error of mine may not be imputed to the House of Assembly.” To which the President of the Legislative Council replied

Mr. Speaker, “ His Excellency hath the utmost confidence in the loyalty and attachment of this House of Assembly to Her Majesty's Person and Government, and in the wisdom, temper and prudence which will accompany all their proceedings; and he doth most readily and willingly grant and allow them all their privileges in as full and ample a manner as they have at any time heretofore been granted and allowed. “ With respect to yourself

, Sir, though His Excellency is sensible that you do not stand in need of such assurance, His Excellency will ever put the most favorable construction on your words and actions.”

Mr. Partelow moved for leave to bring in a Bill to increase the Fees of Petit Jurors. Leave granted.

The Honorable Mr. Speaker then further reported, that when in attendance on His Excellency in the Council Chamber, His Excellency had been pleased to make a Speech to both Houses, and that be, Mr. Speaker, had, to prevent mistakes, procured a copy thereof, which he read to the House, and is as followeth :: “ Mr. President, and Honorable Gentlemen of the Legislative Council,

Mr. Speaker, and Gentlemen of the House of Assembly, 66 S the situation of the Province did not require, after the elections, that I

should anticipate the ordinary period for the meeting of the Legislature, I have called you together at this time, with a confident reliance on your disposition to apply yourselves to the business of this first Session in a spirit of unanimity which will attest your zeal for the Public Service.

“I congratulate you on the abundance of the late Harvest, which has relieved the pressure on the Agricultural Classes occasioned by the failure of the Potato Crop in the preceding year; and while we deeply sympathize with the continued sufferings and privations of so many of our fellow subjects of the United Kingdom, we are bound to acknowledge with thankfulness that the People of this Province have, with few exceptions, been spared from a recurrence of this afflicting visitation.

“ In reflecting on the measures to which it becomes my duty to invite your attention, there are none which impress me with a deeper sense of their importance, than those which have for their object to improve and extend the means of Education for the People. The state of the Parish Schools, and the system under which they have been conducted, was the subject of an elaborate inquiry in 1844, and I need not remind you, that unless timely provision be made for their efficient regulation, training and inspection, there are those who are growing up around us, to whom the loss must soon become wholly irretrievable.

“ From the salutary effects which have elsewhere attended the introduction of an improved 'system in the management of Prisons, I recommend this subject to your especial notice. The enforcement of discipline, and of effective secondary punishments, under statutory rules, have been found to be conducive, not only to the reformation of offenders, but to the prevention of crime, and essential to the safety of society where the Criminal Laws have been ameliorated.

“ The recent improvements in the Laws of the United Kingdom which provide for the settlement and relief of the Poor, suggest for consideration, how far the Provincial Acts may require in this particular to be amended, to meet the altered circumstances of society. From the large increase in the number of Immigrants annually arriving, especially of the poorer classes, some amendment appears to be also necessary in the regulations applicable to their relief.



“Representations having been made to me on behalf of the Indian Population, and of persons residing on their Lands, of the ill consequences of delay in the adjustment of their respective claims, I hope that measures will be taken to facilitate such a settlement of them as will conduce alike to the satisfaction of the claimants, and to the credit and advantage of the Province.

Mr. Speaker, and Gentlemen of the House of Assembly, “I have the satisfaction to inform you, that from the prosperous state of Commerce, the Revenue in the past year has been amply sustained.

“I have given directions that the Public Accounts should be laid before you. “I have also directed to be communicated to you various Returns and Reports relative to the Roads and other Public Works, the execution of which, on a systematic plan, would materially tend to the public advantage.

“An urgent appeal having been made to me on behalf of the Inhabitants of Saint John's, Newfoundland, who had suffered from the destruction of that City by fire, I felt impelled to aid the private contributions which were raised for their relief, by an advance from the Public Funds, which I made in full confidence that I only anticipated your desire for the alleviation of the sufferings of our fellow subjects exposed to so severe a calamity. “Mr. President, and Honorable Gentlemen of the Legislative Council,

Mr. Speaker, and Gentlemen of the House of Assembly, “ Commissioners having been appointed by Her Majesty's Government to investigate and report on the Boundary in dispute between this Province and Canada, I have to regret that their labors have been in some degree retarded, owing to the lamented death of one of the Officers engaged on this service. I have no reason however to anticipate any further delay in the settlement of the question, and in the meantime the Jurisdiction of the Province in the Disputed Territory has been maintained.

“ An examination of the Country by the same scientific Officers, with the object of ascertaining the best direction for a Trunk Line of Railway, to connect the Provinces, has been in progress, and will be resumed when the season becomes again favorable, another Officer having been appointed to the Survey.

“ In order to effect a rapid communication of intelligence through the Provinces, the establishment of a Line of Electro Magnetic Telegraph, from Halifax to Quebec, has been proposed by the Governor General, in a Despatch which will be laid before you.

“ Availing myself of the encouragement held out in the last Session, I have directed the prosecution of some special inquiries in reference to those important undertakings -the Reports, when received, will be communicated to you.

I congratulate you on the prospects which at this time appear to be opening to the Province. With improved means of intercourse, so fertile a region cannot long remain imperfectly settled and reclaimed; and the time we may hope is approaching when the labors of the early settlers and their descendants, aided by British enterprise and capital, will be applied in developing its vast and varied resources. That undertakings of this nature, conducted in a righteous spirit, will be eminently successful, I can entertain no doubt; and that they may prosper under your auspices, and become the means of diffusing the blessings which have elsewhere followed in their train, must be the aspiration of

all who regard the welfare of their Country, and desire to extend and perpetuate the glory of her Institutions."

On motion of Mr. Street,

Resolved, That a standing Committee be appointed, to whom may be referred all matters which may arise that will in any way affect the Privileges of the House.

Ordered, That Mr. Street, Mr. End, Mr. Fisher, Mr. Ritchie, and Mr. Barberie, do compose the Committee.

The Honorable Mr, Speaker informed the House, that the Clerk had communicated to him, that he had nominated George Lee, Junior, Esquire, to the office of Clerk



Assistant of the Assembly; and the nomination being approved of by the House, Mr. Lee took his seat at the Clerk's Table.

On motion of Mr. Partelow, Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to whom shall be referred all matters which may in any way affect the Trade of this Province.

Ordered, That Mr. Partelow, Mr. Rankin, Mr. Porter, Mr. R. D. Wilmot, Mr. Read, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Tibbits, Mr. Botsford, and Mr. Wark, do compose the Committee.

On motion of Mr. Taylor,

Resolved, That a standing Committee be appointed to examine and report upon the Public Accounts.

Ordered, That Mr. Partelow, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Woodward, Mr. Rankin, Mr. Boyd, Mr. Cranney, and Mr. M‘Leod, do compose the Committee.

On motion of Mr. Barberie,

Resolved, That the Reverend William Quinton Ketchum, A. B., be the Chaplain of this House.

On motion of Mr. Hayward,

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed, consisting of a Member from each County, to take into consideration the state of all the Roads of Communication in the Province, and report to the House what sums it may be necessary to grant for the repairing and improving of the Great as well as the Bye Roads.

Ordered, That Mr. Hayward, Mr. Partelow, Mr. Fisher, Mr. Tibbits, Mr. Gilbert, Mr. Earle, Mr. Brown, Mr. Steves, Mr. Hanington, Mr. Wark, Mr. Rankin, Mr. End, and Mr. Barberie, do compose the Committee.

On motion of Mr. Wark,

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed, consisting of a Member from each County, to whom shall be referred all matters which may be brought before the House relating to the Agricultural Interests of the Province.

Ordered, That Mr. Wark, Mr. L. A. Wilmot, Mr. Miles, Mr. Connell, Mr. Gilbert, Mr. Vail, Mr. Carman, Mr. Read, Mr. Barberie, Mr. Thomson, Mr. Landry, Mr. Steves, and Mr. R. D. Wilmot, do compose the Committee.

On motion of Mr. Tibbits, Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to whom may be referred all matters affecting the Lumbering Interests of this Province.

Ordered, That Mr. Tibbits, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Rankin, Mr. Porter, Mr. Read, Mr. Hayward, and Mr. Hanington, do compose the Committee.

On motion of Mr. End,

Resolved, That an humble Address be presented to His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, in answer to His Speech at the opening of the Session.

Ordered, That Mr. End, Mr. M.Leod, and Mr. Carman, be a Committee to prepare the Address.

On motion of Mr. Ritchie,

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to examine and report to the House what Laws have expired or are about expiring.

Ordered, That Mr. Ritchie, Mr. Street, and Mr. L. A. Wilmot, be the Committee for that

purpose. On motion of Mr. Street,

Ordered, That the House do on Monday next, being the first day of February, go into Committee of the whole in consideration of the Speech from His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor at the opening of the Session.

On motion of Mr. Connell,

Resolved, That the Journals of this House be daily printed, or so soon as a copy thereof can be prepared by the Clerk, and that the Printer do furnish five hundred copies thereof, for the use of the Legislature.


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