Journals of the House of Assembly of the Province of New Brunswick

Printer to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, 1847

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Side clxix - I have the honor to be, sir, your excellency's most obedient, humble servant, FB HEAD.
Side 17 - The rules of proceedings in the House shall be observed in a Committee of the Whole House, so far as they may be applicable, except the rule limiting the time of speaking ; but no member shall speak twice to any question, until every member choosing to speak shall have spoken.
Side 343 - And be it further enacted, That this act shall continue and be in force until the third day of March, one thousand eight hundred and one. and no longer: Provided, That the expiration of the act shall not prevent or defeat a prosecution and punishment of any offence against the law. during the time it shall be in force.
Side 127 - Governor or Commander in chief of the said Province for the time being, first obtain'd under your or his Hand and Seal or shall remain absent for the space of two years...
Side 287 - Year of the Reign of her present Majesty Queen Victoria, intituled ' An Act to enable the Owners of settled Estates to defray the Expenses of draining the same by way of Mortgage...
Side 109 - The holders of the stock of the said Bank shall be chargeable in their private and individual capacity, and shall be holden for the payment and redemption of all bills which may have been issued by the said Corporation, and also for the payment of all debts at any time due from the said...
Side 319 - Act passed in the fifth and sixth years of the reign of His Majesty King William the Fourth, intituled An Act...
Side 272 - An Act for the further Amendment of the Law and the better Advancement of Justice...
Side 6 - Honourable gentlemen of the Legislative Council and gentlemen of the House of Assembly : — I have...
Side 236 - Bank," that the joint stock or property of the said company (exclusive of dividends to be made in the manner hereinafter mentioned) shall alone be responsible for the debts and engagements of the said company.

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