Journal of Materia Medica, Volum 14


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Side 275 - Summer Complaint. — It comes from overfeeding and hot and foul air ; never from teething. Keep doors and windows open ; wash your children with cold water at least twice a day, and oftener in the very hot season. When babies vomit and purge, give nothing to eat or drink for four or six hours, but all the fresh air you can. After that time you give a few drops of whiskey in a teaspoonful of icewater every ten minutes, but not more until the doctor comes, When there is vomiting and purging, give...
Side 67 - Macerate the powder for forty-eight hours in fifteen fluid ounces of the spirit, in a closed vessel, agitating occasionally ; then transfer to a percolator, and, when the fluid ceases to pass, continue the percolation with the remaining five ounces of spirit.
Side 7 - On the contrary, if the pulse be feeble or intermitting, the countenance pale, the lips livid, the skin cold, the swollen belly soft and fluctuating, or the anasarcous limbs readily pitting under the pressure of the finger, we may expect the diuretic effects to follow in a kindly manner.
Side 186 - And let me add," writes Boyle in his " Essay on the Pathological Part of Physik," " that he that thoroughly understands the nature of ferments and fermentations shall probably be much better able than he that ignores them, to give a fair account of divers phenomena of several diseases (as well fevers as others) which will perhaps be never properly understood without an insight into the doctrine of fermentations.
Side 321 - States, not including those which are put up for family use by the farmers ; that if four per cent, of this pork is diseased, which we believe to be a low estimate, we have 221,484 diseased hogs put annually upon the market; or, at an average of 200 pounds to the hog, 44,296,800 pounds of diseased meat, every ounce of which, under favorable circumstances, is capable of producing disease.
Side 188 - They are composed of both mineral and animal substances, united in the proportion of two parts of the former to one of the latter ; and we may separate each of these substances from the other for examination.
Side 68 - Angustura in a pint of boiling water, for two hours, in a covered vessel, and .straining. Infu'sum An-theml-dis.*
Side 193 - My rule is this : if the disease be recent, if it be only slightly marked, if it began about the hands, and there be no cuniculi about the penis, I order the parasiticide to be rubbed into the interdigits, the palm of the hand, and the wrists, and I apply a soothing lotion to all other irritable parts of the body. If, however, there...
Side 51 - Atropia has no ability to alter or lessen the energy with which morphia acts to diminish sensibility or relieve the pain of neuralgic disease. 12. As regards toxic effects upon the cerebral organs, the two agents are mutually antidotal, but this antagonism does not prevail throughout the whole range of their influence, so that, in some respects, they do not counteract one another, while as concerns one organ, the bladder, both seem to affect it in a similar way.
Side 246 - ... necessary. I examined the uterus, and, as in the other cases, found it patent, puckered, and dilatable, and I dilated it as much as I could with my finger in the hope that the sickness might cease after such a proceeding. I should say that the usual remedies had been carefully employed without producing the desired effect. A few days after my visit, her husband called upon me to say that his wife had no return of sickness after I left, and was now able to take food without inconvenience, although...

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