16-312. He protects the Christians of Gaul 291

13 Edict of Milan 292

Use and Beauty of the Christian Morality 293

Theory and Practice of Passive Obedience 294

Divine Right of Constantine 295

General Edict of Toleration 297

Loyalty and Zeal of the Christian Party 298

Expectation and Belief of a Miracle 299

I. The Labarum, or Standard of the Cross 301

II. The Dream of Constantine 301

III. Appearance of a Cross in the Sky 303

The Conversion of Constantine might be sincere 305

The fourth Eclogue of Virgil 307

Devotion and Privileges of Constantine ... ... ... ... 308

Delay of his Baptism till the approach of Death 309

Propagation of Christianity 311

312-438. Change of the National Religion 313

Distinction of the Spiritual and Temporal Powers 314

State of the Bishops under the Christian Emperors 315

I. Election of Bishops 316

II. Ordination of the Clergy 318

III. Property 320

IV. Civil Jurisdiction 322

V. Spiritual Censures 324

VI. Freedom of Public Preaching 326

VII. Privilege of Legislative Assemblies 327


Persecution of HeresyThe Schism of the DonatistsThe Avian Contro-

versyAthanasius—Distracted State of the Church and Empire under

Constantine and his SonsToleration of Paganism

312 African Controversy 332

Councils of Rome and of Aries 333

315 Schism of the Donatists 333

The Trinitarian Controversy 335

j6o The System of Plato 335

The Logos 336

joo Taught in the School of Alexandria 336


97 Revealed by the Apostle St. John 337

The Ebionites and Docetes 338

Mysterious Nature of the Trinity 339

Zeal of the Christians 340

Authority of the Church 342

Factions 343

318 Heterodox Opinions of Arius 344

Three Systems of the Trinity 344

I. Arianism 345

II. Tritheism 345

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ITI. Sabellianism ..

325 Council of Nice

The Homoousion

Arian Creeds

Arian Sects

Faith of the Western, or Latin Church

360 Council of Rimini

Conduct of the Emperors in the Arian Controversy

324 Indifference of Constantine

325 His Zeal

328-337. He persecutes the Arian and the Orthodox Party

337-361. Constantius favours the Arians

Arian Councils

Character and Adventures of Athanasius

330 Persecution against Athanasius

336 His first Exile

341 [340]. His Second Exile

349 [346]. His Restoration

351 Resentment of Constantius

353-355. Councils of Aries and Milan

355 Condemnation of Athanasius


356 Third Expulsion of Athanasius from Alexandria

His Behaviour

356-362. His Retreat

Arian Bishops


I. Rome

II. Constantinople ...

Cruelty of the Arians

354, &c. The Revolt and Fury of the Donatist Circumccllions

Their Religious Suicides

312-361. General Character of the Christian Sects

Toleration of Paganism by Constantine

By his Sons


'Julian is declared Emperor by the Legions of GaulHis March one

SuccessThe Death 0/ ConstantiusCivil Administration of Julian

The Jealousy of Constantius against Julian

Fears and Envy of Constantius

360 The Legions of Gaul are ordered to march into the East
Their Discontents

They proclaim Julian Emperor

His protestations of Innocence

His Embassy to Constantius

360, 361. His fourth and fifth Expeditions beyond the Rhine

361 Fruitless Treaty and Declaration of War

Julian prepares to attack Constantius

His march from the Rhine into Illyricum ..

He is worshipped as a Saint and Martyr ...

362 Restoration of Athanasius

He is persecuted and expelled by Julian ...

361-363. Zeal and Imprudence of the Christians



Plan Of Constantinople 149

The Roman Empire Under Diocletian 170

Mesopotamia ... .. ... 491

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