Name and address of writer.


Remarks of committee.




1 Maritimo Electric Manufactur. Search light ...

Will be considered in life-saving ing Company:

section. 2 E. M. Brown, 1285 Broadway, Electric-light illuminating . Not within scope of the Confer

New York. 3 John M. Hayward, Newfound. Night signaling, A B C sys. Examined. land.

tem. 4 Aug. Watson, 218 Twelfth | Storm and flood signaling... Do.

street, northwest, Washing.

ton, D.C. 5 Chas. Oatman, 131 Cambridge Signal lantern

This appears a good lamp and is Place, Brooklyn, N. Y.

well reported on by United

States naval officers. 6 A. F. Ward, Philadelphia, Pa.... Semaphoric color signals .... Examined. 7 W. I. Ward, Monongahela City, Nautical signals, ocean tele Do. Pa.

graph. 8 John Milne, 53 Codar street, Mothod and devices for sig. Do. New York,

naling. J. M. Batchelder, 1210 Massa Submarine signals.....

Do. chusetts avenue, Washing.

ton, D. C.
10 A. S. Harrison, Burgoyne Cot. Stellar code of signals......

tage, Carona road, Burnt
Asho Park S. E., London, Eng.

11 Wm. G. Spiegel, New York Marine signals...

Do. 12 Chas. E. Bridge, captain and Conversation between veg. Do.

acting signal officer, Eleventh sels at sea.
Brigade, National Guard,

State of New York. 13 J. L. Fleischer, inspector coast Relation betwoen light and Does not come within the scope lights, Denmark.

attached fog-signals.

of the Conference. 14 Jos. Wall, commanding steam. Distress and intercommu. Examined.

ship Montreal, Dominion Line, nication signals.

Liverpool, Eng. 15 T. R. Elton, 7 Diamond Harbor Maritime code of signals.... Proposing the changing of the road, Calcutta.

color of flags, which the committee does not think advis.

able. 16 G. W. Robertson, Mt. Vernon, New system of signals... Does not come within the scopo Ind.

of the Conference. 17 Wm. M. Crowley, Salt Lake Signaling

Examined. City, Utah. 18 John H. Mowo, 1503 Pennsyl. System of signals......

Do. vania avenue, Washington,

D. C. 19 H. Lathamer, commanding Ger. System of night signals..... Do.

man steam-ship Hungaria. 20 Baker & Roberts, Providence, Nigbt code of marine sig. Do. R.I.

nals. 21 S. F. Aminoff.....

Signal flags....

The proposed system has several

alvantages, but it is not advisable to change color the flags which have been known

for so many years. 22 Mr. Coston, 136 Pearl street, Night-signaling chart. Examined.

New York. 23 F.C. Jobnson

Night-signal system

Do. 24 Curtis Tilton, 419 Walnut street, Flash-light system...

Do. Philadelphia. 25 Crosby Automatic Signal Com Automatic signal apparatus. Not to be considered by Confer. pany, Providence, R. J.

ence unless course-indicating

signals are introduced. 26 Gartner-Harris, Savannah, Ga Marine signals...

Same as No. 25. 27 0. C. Hansen, care Gabriel | Ligbt-house fog-horn Not within the scope of the Con. Fedde, 71 Stone street, New

ference as regards light-houses, York.

but is worth a trial on board

ship. 28 Ferdinand Forster, care Thos. Sound-signals...

Drew Stetson, 23 Murray

street, New York.
29 Lieut. Fletcher, U.S. Navy.


Do. 30 A. Van Vliet, Paterson, N.J. System of throwing out col. Do.

ored bullets in a fog. 31 D. Ruggles, Fredericksburg, Signaling with guns, rock.


ets, eto. 32 Mr. James, Imperial Japanese Helm signal-lights....

Do. Navy. 33 Rear-Admiral Luce, U. S. Navy. Proposing additional lights, Not within the scope of the Con.

etc., to light-houses.

ference. 34 John Maurice, 1245 California Propoaing system of lights Examined. avenue, Chicago, Ill.

for determining distance
of ships.




Name and address of writer.


Remarks of committee.

35 W. H. Hawkes, Putney, London. System of signaling with Examiner.

rockets. 36 Jacob & Walker, London High and low tone whistlo Do.

for fog. 37

H. H. Dotty, 11 Queen Victoria Claims to be a lamp of great Committee can not pronounce an street, London.

intensity without using a opinion witbout comparing this wick. Model submitted. lamp with others at sea.


1 F. Della Torre, Baltimore Eophone....

Examined. 2

A system of India rabber Do.

rollers. 3 John F. Schultz...

Captive balloons to be used Do.

in a fog. Arturo de Marcoartu

International institution to Contains neither systems nor

diminish the casualties at devices.

sea. 5 Fairman Rogers ...

Suggests that all wheels Examined.

should be made to work
the same way, and the
adoption of one appara-
tus by which pushing the
handle and the index
ahead means go ahead,
and pushing it astern

means go astern. 6 J. McAdams & Sons, New York Marino brake.

Do. 7 John Ris, Brooklyn, N. Y

Collision pad

Do. 8 W.T.L. Wharton.

Diagram relating to collis- These diagrams are well worth iong.

considera ion of Conference.

(See Miscellaneous, No. 20.) 9 Steamer Florence, New York.... Marine brako..

Tho invitation to view the Flor.

ence should be read to the

Conference. 10 William Pilcher, London, W.... Models for teaching the Not within scope of Conference.

rules of the road.



1 Bainbridge-Hoff, commander, Letter proposing list of Already disposed of. No action U.S. Navy, Washington.

subjects to be considered necessary.

by Conference. 2 Littlehales, Division of Chart Referring to Divisions 1, 2, Might be read to the Conference Construction, Washington. 10, and 11 of Conference. wher those subjects are con

sidered. Letters on similar subjects from Referring to Divisions 1,2,10, Might be read when those subC. M. McCarteny and S. W. 11, and 12.

jects are considered, except Witzel, flieutenants U. S.

paper on Division 1, which is Nary; also from Gustave

not necessary. Herrle. 3 Consul Catlin, of Zurich Proposing a Swiss maritime Not within scope of the Con.


ference. 4 John C. Morgan, Philadelphia.. Various matters.

Examined. 5 Northern Maritime Conference, Memorandum with pamph: Pamphlet should be distributed Copenhagen.

let on the the general to the members of the Confer.

subjects of programme. 6 F. Della Torre, Baltimore....... Letter and plan relating to Examined.

Division 10. 7 A. L. Woodworth, Virginia Automatic alarm-buoy..

Do. Iron Works, Norfolk, Va. 8 Maj. A. Stewart Harrison, Lon- Sound stella signals; night, Do. don.

day, and fog. 9 Lieut. M. L. Wood, U.S. Navy.. International buoyage Appears to be a well considered

and simple system. 10 S. A. Philipsen, Copenhagen....

An account of systems now in

existence and suggestions. 11 I. Leveielle, Montreal..... Additional improved safety. Does not come within scope of


Conference. 12 R. W. Allen

A jury-rudder ...

Not within the scope of Confor. 13 Report of U. S. Naval Engi. Kunstader's combined rnd- Not within the scope of Confor.

der and swiveling screw. 14 N. H. Borgfeldt, Brooklyn....... Nautical distanco-indicator Examined.

for use in fog.






Name and address of writer.


Remarks of committee.

15 S. N. Carvalho, New York...... Plan for dissipating fog by Not within scope of Conference.

flames of carbonized oxy. no experiments having been hydrogen gas.

reported. 16 M. E. Chamberlain

Suggests firing colored Examined.

rockets to avoid collis.

ion. 17 James Las son, London....... Lamp for the masthead, fit. Might be laid before Conference

ted with red and green if any system of helm-signals
shades, capable of being is adopted.
worked from the deck
to indicate which side it
is intended to approach

a vessel.
18 Various writers. No covering various matters ....... Examined.

19 Capt. P. Talbot Peterson, New A running commentary on Do.

the rules and other topics
in connection with the

Conference. 20 Capt. W.J. L. Wharton, R. N., Charts with tables showing Worth the consideration of every London.

the maneuvering powers one interested in this subject.

of ships. 21 Hydrographic Office, U. S. Navy Bundle of papers bearing | These papers were presented to Department.

on every subject before us the last day of our sitting, the Conferenco.

having been previously considered by the Committees on Lights and Fog Signals, and as some of them appear to contain matters of interest, would recommend their being placed at the disposal of the

members of the Conference. American Ship-Windlass Com. Referring to steam capstan Not within scope of the Conpany, Providence, R. I.


windlasses, etc.

forence. 23 H. B.Cox, Now Haven, Conn... Proposing a new system of Committee can not pronounce an

lamps and electric buoy. opinion without seoing them 24 John Spiers, by Watson & Ha. Proposition for stopping Not within scope of the Con. gen, New York.

leaks in vessels built of ference.

iron or steel. 25 Curtis Tilton, Philadelphia White flash stern-light with Worth the consideration of Con.


ference if occulting stern light is introduced. but we would prefer that the occultation was made by a shade.

at sea.



Resolved, That a committee of nine be appointed to consider and re. port on the lights to be carried or shown on small vessels, pilot-vessels, and fishing vessels.


Great Britain
United States

Capt. A. M. BISBEE.
Lieutenant BABA.
Captain HUBERT.


WASHINGTON, November 8, 1889. To Rear-Admiral S. R. FRANKLIN, U. S. Navy,

President of the International Marine Conference, etc. : SIR: The Committee ou Lights for Small Craft, pursuant to the res. olution adopted by the Marine Conference instructing the said commit. tee to consider and report as to rules for the lights to be carried or shown on small vessels, pilot-vessels, and fishing vessels, have agreed upon a report, which, having adopted unanimously, or by a majority of votes, they respectfully submit, in the form of proposed amendments to the present international regulations.

The committee are unanimously of opinion that the part of the present Article 10, which precedes subsection (a), applying to fishing vessels and boats when in the sea off the coast of Europe, lying north

of Cape Finisterre, should be omitted. The amendments submitted are therefore proposed as applicable to all waters without distinction.

THOMAS GRAY, Chairman.

Delegate for Great Britain. THO. VERBRUGGIE,

Delegate for Belgium. A. M. BISBEE,

Delegate for China. AUG. SCHNEIDER,

Delegate for Denmark. HENRI LANNELUC,

Delegate for France. CHR. DONNER,

Delegate for Germany.

Delegate for Japan.
Delegate for The Netherlands.

Delegate for the United States.

ART. 7. Whenever, as in the case of small vessels under way during bad weather, the green and red side lights can not be fixed, these lights shall be kept at hand, ready for use; and shall, on the approach of or to other vessels, be exhibited on their respective sides in sufficient time to prevent collision, in such manner as to make them most visible, and so that the green light shall not be seen on the port side nor the red light on the starboard side, nor if practicable more than two points abaft the beam on their respective sides.

To make the use of these portable lights more certain and easy, the lanterns containing them shall each be painted outside with the color of the light they respectively contain, and shalỊ be provided with proper


ART. 8. No alteration.

ART. 9. (a) A pilot.vessel, whether under sail or steam, when engaged on her station on pilotage duty, shall not show the lights required for other vessels, but shall carry a white light at the masthead, visible all round the horizon, and shall also exhibit a flare-up light or flare-up lights at short intervals, which shall never exceed fifteen minutes.

When approaching a vessel to put a pilot on board, or where there is risk of collision with another vessel, such pilot-vessel shall have at hand two lights, which may be the side lights, one red and one green, so constructed that they can be flashed instantaneously, which shall be kept either in their places, screened, or at hand, always ready for use, and shall flash one of them (in order to show the direction in which she is heading) in sufficient time to prevent collision, so that the red light shall only be shown on the port side and the green light only on the starboard side.

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