Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery, from the Year M DCC LXXXIX to M DCCC XVII: With a Digested Index, Volum 16


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Side 74 - Stockdale, and the survivors and survivor of them, and the heirs, executors and administrators of such survivor...
Side 166 - ... he directed that the share or shares of him, her, or them so dying...
Side 179 - Bart., deceased, and his assigns, for and during the term of his natural life, without impeachment of or for any manner of waste; and...
Side 156 - Where the act is a breach of duty in the trustee, it is very fit that those who deal with him should be affected by an act tending to defeat the trust of which they have notice. But where the sale is made by the trustee in performance of his duty, it seems extraordinary that he should not be able to do what one should think incidental to the right exercise of his power ; that is, to give a valid discharge for the purchase-money, (c) 34.

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