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Cum 419 (Ind.App.) Approved compensation

agreement subject to modification.---Smith v.
Brown, 144 N. E. 849.

Om55 (Mass.) Judge should sign name, and Compensation claimant has burden of proving not write initials.- Volpe v. Sensatini, 144 N. changed condition.--Id.

Increased compensation, without finding of increased impairment of member, contrary to

law, notwithstanding increased disability:-Id. See Counties; Schools and School Districts;
Increased compensation for permanent par-

Street Railroads.
tial impairment of member contrary to law,
unless increased impairment is found.-Id.



(B) Territorial Extent and Subdivisions, See Infants.

Annexation, Consolidation, and


33(8) (Ind.) City council's refusal to disII. TRUSTS AND OTHER COMBINATIONS annex lands judicial act reviewable by court.IN RESTRAINT OF TRADE.

Livengood v. City of Covington, 144 N. E. 416.
w 17(1) (Ind.App.) Organization regulating
prices to be paid and charged for dairy products 11. GOVERNMENTAL POWERS AND FUNC-
held illegal.--State v. Indiana Mfrs, of Dairy

Products, 144 N. E. 423.

ww57 (111.) Powers delegated by Legislature.

--City of Chicago v. Murphy, 144 N. E. 802. MORTGAGES.

m58 (III.) Power strictly construed.-Lowen

thal v. City of Chicago, 144 N. E. 829. III. CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATION. (B) Parties and Debts or Liabilities Se III. LEGISLATIVE CONTROL OF MUNICIcured.

PAL ACTS, RIGHTS, AND w114 (111.) Held to secure only payment of

LIABILITIES, annuity.- Patterson v. Vermilion Academy, 141 mm 65 (Ohio) Power of Legislature to require N. E. 9.

municipal building inspection department to Om 116 (Mass.) Indebtedness other than note approve school building plans not abridged.held secured, and accommodation indorser could Niehaus v. State, 144 N. E. 433. not complain of application of foreclosure proceeds on other indebtedness.--Exchange Trust

IV. PROCEEDINGS OF COUNCIL OR Co. v. Hitchcock, 144 N. E. 373.

OTHER GOVERNING BODY. (C) Property Mortgaged, and Estates of (B) Ordinances and By-Laws in General. Parties Therein.

Oml !|(4) (III.) Power to regulate sale of 137 (Ind.App.) Mortgagee in possession certain beverages not to be denied because before foreclosure held to hold legal title as other articles are included in ordinance.--City trustee for mortgagor.--Wise v. Layman, 144 of Chicago v. Murphy, 144 N. E. 802. N. E. 564.

V. OFFICERS, AGENTS, AND EMPLOYÉS. (D) Lien and Priority. Om 151 (3) (Ind. App.) Laborer's lien for wages

(A) Municipal Officers in General. superior to that of mortgagee.-Pierce v. Blair, Omw 124 (3) (Ind.) Legislature may create mu144 N. E. 842.

nicipal offices and fix qualifications.-Connell v.

State. 144 N. E. 882.

Cmw 138 (Ind.) Citizenship, not essential quali-

fication of councilman.--Connell v. State, 144
w 194 (Ind.App.) Mortgagee in possession be- N. E. 882.
fore foreclosure bound to protect mortgagor's 149 (Ohio) Appointment to vacancy in vil-
interest.-- Wise v. Layman, 144 N. E. 561.

Tage council held valid-State y. Larsen, 14
L'uties of mortgagee in possession stated. N. E. 264.

cm 168 (Ohio) President pro tem. of council
em 199(1) (Mass.) Second mortgage held para invested with judicial powers of absent mayor.
mount to lease.-Burke v. Willard, 144 Ñ. E. -State v. Lanser, 144 N E. 734.

Where tenant refused to pay rent to mort (B) Municipal Departments and Oficers gagee taking possession, leasehold terminated.


185(1) (Mass.) Conduct of policeman out
Action in tort held maintainable against ten of uniform may show him unfit.-Coolidge v.
ant for mesne profits after mortgagee took Bruce, 144 N. E. 397.

C185(3) (Mass.), Charge of unbecoming con199 (3) (Ind. App.) Mortgagee in posses- duct of policeman held not too remote.-Coolsion, failing to account for rents, liable for idge v. Bruce, 144 N. E. 397. reasonable rental value.-Wise v. Layman, 144 cm 185(7) (Mass.) Charges against police ofN. E. 564.

ficer not construed with strictness on review:X. FORECLOSURE BY ACTION.

Coolidge v. Bruce, 144 N. E. 397.

C185 (8) (Mass.) Hearing for removal of of(L) Disposition of Proceeds and Surplus. ficer should be fairly conducted.-Coolidge v. C-567(1) (Ind.App.) Rights of owner, tak Bruce, 144 N. E. 397. ing property subject to mortgage, inferior to ano 185(11) (Mass.) Decision of mayor remov. those of trustee for bondholders under mort ng officer held not to show removal based on gage.--Pierce v. Blair, 114 N. E. 812.

reasons not charged.—Coolidge v. Bruce, 144

N. E. 397.

con 185(12) (Mass.) Statute held not to proOmw 603 (Ind.App.) Mortgagee in

vide for new trial on review of removal of po. not authorized to add sum for sodding lawn, lice officer.-Coolidge v. Bruce, 144 N. E. 397. painting, plumbing, etc.-Wise v. Layman, 144

N. E. 564.
C 604 (Ind.App.) Mortgagee in possession i Caw 255 (Ohio) Excessive payments by city for
not authorized to add sum for taxes.-Wise v. advertisements recoverable.-City of Cleveland
Layman, 144 N. E. 564.

v. Legal News Pub. Co., 114 N, E. 256.



For cases in Dec.Dig. & Am.Dig. Key-No.Series & Indexes see same topic and KEY-NUMBER

ww822(2) (Ohio) Instruction defining ordi(E) Assessments for Benefits, and Special nary care as that which similar municipal offiTaxes.

cers exercised under similar circumstances held 434(6) (N.Y.) Railroad property exempt

error.-Jones v. Village of Girard, 144 N. E.

847. from assessments.- New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co. v. City of Yonkers, 144 N. E. 490.

(D) Defects Obstructions in Sewers, Railroad property held subject to assessment.

Drains, and Water Courses. -Id. en 513(3) (N.Y.) Railroad held to have lost ble for damages through inadequacy of plan of

831(1) (Mass.) Municipality not responsiright to question assessment by failure to proceed under statute.--New York Cent. & H. R.

sewer system.-Pevear v. City of Lynn, 144 N.

E. 379. R. Co. v. City of Yonkers, 144 N. E. 490.

Cm832 (Mass.) Municipality's responsibility X. POLICE POWER AND REGULATIONS. for damages by inadequacy of sewers.-Pevear (A) Delegation, Extent, and Exercise of

v. City of Lynn, 144 N. E. 379. Power.

mo845(4) (Mass.) Finding sewer plass did

not warrant unrestrained flow of surface wam592(1) (Ohio) Municipality may not thwart ter warranted.-Pevear v. City of Lynn, 144 N. state law requiring approval of school build- E. 379. ing plans by requiring fee.-Niehaus v. State, 144 N. E. 433.

XIII. FISCAL MANAGEMENT, PUBLIC m625 (III.) Regulatory ordinances must be DEBT, SECURITIES, AND TAXATION. reasonable.-City of Chicago v. Kautz, 144 N. (A) Power to Incur Indebtedness and ExE. 805.

penditures. Regulatory ordinance void if arbitrary.-Id. Ordinance regulating weighing of coal, held ering same territory not aggregated, in de

Om 865(1) (Ind.) Debts of corporations covin valid.-Id.

termining borrowing capacity of one.–Follett v. (B) Violations and Enforcement of Rega- Sheldon, 144 N. E. 867. lations,

(C) Bonds and Other Securities, and Sink633(2) (ind.) Suit for penalty for viola

ing Funds. tion of ordinance civil action.-Seibert v. City 907 (Ohio) Statute held to attempt to reof Evansville, 144 N. E. 841.

quire municipalities to offer bonds to State InXI. USE AND REGULATION OF PUBLIC dustrial Commission at par.-State v. Frazine, PLACES, PROPERTY, AND WORKS.

144 N. E. 289.

Statute requiring municipalities to offer bonds (A) Streets and Other Public Ways.

to State Industrial Commission at less than ww705 (2). (N.Y.) Rights of way of vehicles market value held void.-Id. at street intersection under ordinance.-Goldman v. Stern Bros., 144 N. E. 494.

XV. ACTIONS. Em 706(1) (ind.) Complaint held not to show am 1025 (Ohio) City held not barred from recontributory negligence of bicycle rider.-Fame covering money illegally expended.-City of Laundry Co. of Indiana v. Henry, 144 N. E. Cleveland v. Legal News Pub. Co., 144 Ñ. E. 545.

256. en 706(3) (Mass.) Skidding of truck, alone, no

MURDER. evidence of negligence.-Lonergan vi American Railway Express Co., 144 N. E. 756. See Homicide. Occurrence of accident on public way not ev

NAMES. idence of negligence.-Id. Cm706(3) (N.Y.) Burden of issue of contribu-Cd (Mass.) Initials do not constitute name. tory negligence on defense.-Cooperstein

--Volpe v. Sensatini, 144 N. E. 104.
Eden Brick & Supply Co., 144 N. E. 501.
Cam 706 (6) (Mass.) Negligence in operating

truck held for jury.--Quinn v. Standard Oil Co. See Banks and Banking, 237.
of New York, 144 N. E. 53.
C 706(6) (Mass.) Negligence of truck driver

NAVIGABLE WATERS. striking pedestrians on sidewalk held for jury. -Lonergan v. American Railway Express Co.,

I. RIGHTS OF PUBLIC. 144 N. E. 756.

cm 1(2) (Ind.) Legislative acts held not to Negligence as to inspection of truck steering make river navigable stream so that bed did gear held for jury.-Id.

not vest in riparian owners.--Seymour Water Cm 706 (7) (N.Y.) Contributory negligence of Co. v. Lebline, 144 N. E. 30. pedestrian killed by truck hell for jury:-Cooperstein v. Eden Brick & Supply Co., 144 N. E.


See Master and Servant, Omw329-332; Munici(C) Public Buildings, Parks, and Other pal Corporations, 809-845; Railroads, Public Places and Property.

w330_182; Street Railroads, m&1-110. Cm721(1). (III.) Municipality cannot appro

I. ACTS OR OMISSIONS CONSTITUTING priate public park to erection of buildings.

NEGLIGENCE. Melin v. Community Consol. School Dist. No. 76, 144 N. E. 13.

(C) Condition and Use of Land, Buildings,

and Other Structures. XII. TORTS.

C32(1) (Ohio) Ordinary care required as to (C) Defects

Obstructions in Streets licensee.-Union News Co. v. Freeborn, 144 N. and Other Public Ways.

E. 595. Cm809 (2) (Ohio) Contractor not using rea

C52 (Ohio) Injury to licensee not warned of sonable care in leaving dump wagon in street as dangerous condition of slippery floor held acbarricade held liable for injuries to child.-De tionable.- Union News Co. v. Freeborn, 144 N. Groodt v. Skrbina, 144 N. E. 601.

E. 59). Om 818(2) (Ohio) Evidence of like or greater

III. CONTRIBUTORY NEGLIGENCE. depressions in sidewalks of other municipalities held prejudicial.-Jones v. Village of Girard,

(A) Persons Injured in General. 144 N. E. 817.

Om 67 (Mass.) Contributory negligence not cm 822 (2) (Ind. App.) Instructinn on care of excused by being put in position of sudden street held not misleading.-City of Jasonville peril.--Fitzpatrick v. Boston Elevated Ry. Co., v. Griggs, 144 N. E. 560.

144 N. E. 75.



(B) Children and Others Under Disability.

Omw 85(3) (Ind.App.) Contributory negligence See Bills and Notes.
not imputable to child of tender years.--Terre
Haute, Indianapolis & Eastern Traction Co. v.

McDermott, 144 N. E. 620.

6 (Ind.App.) Possession of owner's broth(C) Imputed Negligence.

er presumed possession of owner.-Bastin v. 93(1) (Ind. App.) Instruction on imputed Myers, 144 N. E. 425. negligence held not erroneous.-City of Jason Possession of real estate is equivalent to conville v. Griggs, 144 N. E. 560.

structive notice by record.-Id. IV. ACTIONS,

NUISANCE. (A) Right of Action, Parties, Preliminary Proceedings, and Pleading.


(A) Nature of Injury, and Liability There113(1) (Ind.) Complaint held not objec

for. tionable for failure to negative contributory negligence.-Fame Laundry Co. of Indiana v. plant not a public nuisance.-Hecker v. State,

On 65 (Ohio) Authorized garbage disposal Henry, 144 N. E. 545.

144 N. E. 700. (B) Evidence.

When garbage plant brought within limits of On 121(1) (Ohio) No presumption of negli- another corporation, latter cannot declare it gence.--Norris v. Jones, 144 N. E. 274.

public nuisance.--Id. NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS.

OFFICERS. See Bills and Notes.

See Public Service Commissions; Receivers;

Sheriffs and Constables.


TENURE. m5(2) (Ohio) City cannot agree to pay more than statutory rate for advertisements.--City (G) Resignation, Suspension, or Removal. of Cleveland v. Legal News Pub. Co., 144 N. Em 61 (Ohio) Statute authorizing Governor to E. 256.

remove officers in classified service held valid. Om61/2 (Mass.) Statute requiring newspaper --State v. Donahey, 144 N. E. 125. to publish findings of minimum wage commission unconstitutional.- Commonwealth v. Bog 111. RIGHTS, POWERS, DUTIES, AND ton Transcript Co., 144 N. E. 400.

LIABILITIES. Statute requiring publication of proceedings om 103 (Ind.) Officers cannot be given arbiof minimum wage commission not valid as trary discretion as to permitting act otherwise amendment to charter.--Id.

lawful.--State v. Douglas, 144 Ñ, E. 548. Reasonable regulations authorized.--Id.


Om4 (Ind.) Supreme Court after affirming See Criminal Law, 915-951.

death sentence and denying rehearing without 1. NATURE AND SCOPE OF REMEDY.

jurisdiction to stay execution for insanity aris

ing after verdict.- Diamond v. State, 144 N. 06 (Mass.) Denial of motion for new trial, E. 250. where no question of law passed on, in sound

PARENT AND CHILD. discretion of judge.-Costello v. Hayes, 144 N. E. 368.

See Infants. C6 (Mass.) Denial of motion for new trial

PARTIES. commonly rests in judicial discretion.-Lonergan v. American Railway Express Co., 144 For parties on appeal and review of rulings as N. E. 756.

to parties, see Appeal and Error. 11. GROUNDS.

For parties to particular proceedings or instru

ments, see also the various specific topics. (A) Errors and Irregularities in General. On 26 (Mass.) Party cannot as matter of right

PARTITION. first raise question of law on_motion for new trial.-Lonergan v. American Railway Express


(B) Proceedings and Relief. Express company could not for first time 73 (N.Y.) Judgment authorizing sale of on motion for new trial claim nonliability on

property subject to option construed.-McLear ground it was under federal control.-Id.

v. Balmat, 144 N. 914. (C) Rulings and Instructions at Trial. Ow!13 (Mass.) Judge's finding in action for

partition cm 40 (3) (Mass.) Question whether verdict 144 N. E. 372.

open to review.-Howard v. Smith, should have been directed held not one of jurisdiction of court.--Lonergan v. American Rail

PARTNERSHIP. way Express Co., 144 N. E. 756.

IV. RIGHTS AND LIABILITIES AS TO (F) Verdict or Findings Contrary to Law

THIRD PERSONS. or Evidence.

(A) Representation of Firm by Partner, 75(1) (Ind. App.) Refusal to grant C 159 (Mass.) Partners chargeable with grounds not mentioned in statute proper.-Old knowledge of copartner.- Boston Box Co. y. Reliable Paint Co. v. Storey, 144 N. E. 562. Shapiro, 144 N. E. 233. Om76(1) (Ind. App.) New trial because covery excessive unwarranted, where any evi

PAYMENT. dence sustains recovery.--Old Reliable Paint

II. APPLICATION. Co. v. Storey, 144 N. E. 562.

www38(1) (III.) Rule as to right of debtor to III. PROCEEDINGS TO PROCURE NEW

direct application of payments.-Chicago Title TRIAL.

& Trust Co. v. Central Trust Co. of Illinois, Cw151 (Ind. App.) Successful party may file 144 N. E. 165. counter affidavits to motion for new trial for Cw39(1) (III.) Rule as to application of pay. newly discovered evidence.--Miller v. Johnson, ments.-Chicago Title & Trust Co. v. Central 144 N. E. 37.

Trust Co. of Illinois, 144 N. E. 165.


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For cases in Dec.Dig. & Am.Dig. Key-No.Series & Indexes see samo topic and KEY-NUMBER
Cw39(5) (III.) Deposit properly applied to

oldest note by receiver of bank. Chicago Title

& Trust Co. v. Central Trust Co. of Illinois, em 237(3), (Ind.App.) Permitting amendment
144 N. E. 165.

of complaint during trial as to designation of

train not error.- Pittsburgh, C., C. & St. L. R.

Co. v. Cook, 144 N. E. 478.
65(1) (III.) Note presumed paid by parties IX. BILL OF PARTICULARS AND COPY OF
primarily_liable.—Chicago Title & Trust Co, v.

Central Trust Co. of Illinois, 144 N. E. 165.

316 (Mass.) Court may refuse to order

specifications on petition alleging living apart

from husband. for justifiable cause.-Gerrish v.

Gerrish, 144 N. E. 235.
See Hawkers and Peddlers.

Om8(8) (N.Y.) Stipulation in will against ap- tacking complaint for indefiniteness is by mo-

352 (Ind.App.) Appropriate method in at-
lawful accumulation. In re Juilliard's Will, 144 tion to strike out.-Risley v. Rumble, 144 N.

N, E. 772.

ww364(1) (Ind.App.) Refusal to strike mate-

rial allegations which were not impertinent or
See Equity, ww185-330.

scandalous held proper.-Jones v. Roshenber-

ger, 144 N. E. 858.
For pleadings in particular actions or proceed-1367(1) (ind.) Remedy to confine effect of
ings, see also the various specific topics. general averments to particular facts also
For review of rulings relating to pleadings, see stated is by motion to make specific.-Seymour
Appeal and Error.

Water Co. v. Lebline, 144 N. E, 30.
I. FORM AND ALLEGATIONS IN GENERAL. attacking complaint for indefiniteness is by mo-

Omw 367(1) (ind.App.) Appropriate method in
Ow35 (III.) Surplusage not ground for demur-tion to strike out and not motion to make more
rer.-People v. Jacobs, 144 N. E. 349.

specific.--Risley v. Rumble, 144 N. E. 568.

Om 367(1) (Ind.App.) When motion to make

complaint more definite allowed.-Terre Haute,

Indianapolis & Eastern Traction Co. v. McDer-
49 (Ohio) Where relief sought may be mott, 144 N. E. 620.
predicated on one or more grounds, pleader C-367 (6), (Ind.) Refusal to require abstract
need not classify operative facts under sucn of title held not abuse of discretion.-Seymour
grounds.-Arnold v. Arnold, 144 N. E. 261. Water Co. v. Lebline, 144 N. E. 30.

w63 (Ind.App.), Party claiming statutory
right must bring himself within statute.-Jelic- XIII. DEFECTS AND OBJECTIONS, WAIV-
ic v. Vermillion Coal Co., 144 N. E. 38.



Sw406(5) (Ind.) General averment of ad-

verse possession lield good in absence of motion

to make specific.-Seymour Water Co. v. Leb-
(A) Defenses in General.

line, 144 N. E. 30.
ww99 (III.) Plea held not bad for duplicity.- Cw409 (1) (!nd.) Objection to answer waived.
People v. Jacobs, 144 N. E. 349.

-St. Vincent's Hospital v. Stine, 144 N. E. 537.

Om430(2) (Mass.) Recovery proper for re-
(C) Traverses or Denials and Admissions, pairing elevator, though installation of elevator
El 29 (2) (Mass.) Descriptive allegations of alleged.-See v. Nesson, 144 N. E. 238.
writ respecting defendant were admitted by
general appearance.-Lonergan v. American

Railway Express Co., 144 N. E. 756.

See Constitutional Law, m81; Municipal

Corporations, m592–633.

em 176 (Ohio) Reply denying receipt of mon-
ey in judicial sale held demurrable.-Judy v.

For practice in particular actions and proceed-
Trollinger, 144 N. E. 44.

ings, see the various specific topics.

0194(5) (Ind.) Overruling demurrer to ar- See Adverse Possession; Limitation of Actions.
gumentative denial not error.--Seymour Water
Co. v. Lebline, 144 N. E. 30.

201 (Ind. App.) Memorandum to demurrer
held too definite to present question of in- See Attorney and Client; Brokers.
sufficiency of contracts sued on under statute
of frauds.-Indianapolis Abattoir Co. v. Penn 11. MUTUAL RIGHTS. DUTIES, AND LIA-
Beef Co., 144 N. E. 573.

C204(2) (Mass.) Order overruling demur-

(A) Execution of Agency.
rer proper, where some counts were valid. -
Vitagraph, Inc., v. Park Theatre Co., 144 N. E. Cm76(1) (Ind.App.) Principal may estop him-

self from taking advantage of or waive miscon-
em 214(2) (Ind. App.) Only facts well pleaded duct of agent.-H. H. Woodsmall, Inc., v. Steele,
are_assumed to be true on demurrer.-Risley

144 N. E. 620.
v. Rumble, 144 N. E. 568.
216(1) (ind.) Rule stated as to effect of

(B) Compensation and Lien of Agent.
denial of motion to make more specific on mat- Onm89(5) (Ind.App.) General denial putting in
ters considered on subsequent demurrer.---En- issue validity of contract insufficient to present
terprise Printing & Publishing Co. v. Craig, defense of dual agency.-H. H. Woodsmall, Inc.,
144 N. E. 542.

V. Steele, 144 N. E. 620.
144 N.E.-61

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Public Utilities Commission may avail itself
of services of engineers in determining value.

& 15 (Ohio) Reports of engineers and assist-
ants become evidence analyzed and impeached
as other evidence.—Lindsey v. Public Utilities
Commission of Ohio, 144 N. E. 729. -
<= 19%. [New, vol. 12A Key-No. Series]
(Ind.) Petition for rehearing prerequi-
site to suit to vacate order of Public Service
Commission does not lie.—McCardle v. Board
of Com'rs of Marion County, 144 N. E. 877.
<>31 (Ohio) When evidence before Public
Utilities Commission not in record, Supreme
Court cannot review question of fact.—Lind-
sey v. Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, 144
N. E. 729.
<>32 (Ind.) Circuit court cannot grant af-
firmative relief on review of order of Public
Service Commission.—McCardle v. Board of
Com’rs of Marion County, 144 N. E. 877.

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