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1 Ceased to be Chief Justice June 2, 1924.

* Elected June 2, 1924. * Became Chief Justice June 2, 1924; resigned ? Beginning May Term, 1924. June 17, 1924.

& Died August 22, 1924. * Became Chief Justice to succeed Orrin N. Car

• Appointed October 2, 1924. ter, resigned.

10 Died June 18, 1924. • Died May 18, 1924. * Elected June 2, 1924, to succeed James H. Cart

11 Appointed June 21, 1924. wright.







Page A. D. Smith Sons Co., Miller Bros. Hat Co. Bermont v. Swetland, two cases (Ohio).. 137 v. (N. Y.)

886 Berry Clothing Co. v. Shoppick (Mass.).. 392 Ahrens, Kinsey v. (Ohio) 689 Bingham v. Long (Mass.).

77 Ahrens, Missouri Province Educational In Birdsall v. General Electric Co. (N. Y.) 888 stitute v. (Ohio) 689 Black v. Black (Ohio)

268 A. J. Thompson Stone Co., Thompson v. Blair, Pierce v. (Ind. App.). (Ind. App.)

150 Blair v. Richmond Levering & Co. (N. Y.) 900 Akely v. Kinnicutt (N. Y.). 682 Blatt, Watters v. (Mass.)

106 Albrecht, Applebaum y. (N. Y.)

915 Board of Com’rs of Boone County v. Lewis Alfred Johnson Skate Co., Nestor Johnson (Ind. App.):

623 Mfg. Co. v. (Ill.)

787 Board of Com’rs of Crawford County V. All-American Investing Co., Barnes v. (N. Gibson (Ohio)...

117 Y.)

886 Board of Com'rs of Marion County, McAllen, People v. (Ill.) 800 Cardle v. (Ind.)

877 A. L. Reed Co. v. Whiteman (N. Y.). 885 Board of Com'rs of Sullivan County V. American Automobile Underwriters v. Ze

Carlisle of Sullivan County (Ind. App.) 859 vech (Ind. App.).

925 Board of Com’rs of Wyandot County, State American Ry. Exp. Co., Crittenden v. (N. v. (Ohio)

440 Y.)

899 | Board of Education of City of Akron y. American Ry. Exp. Co., Hartnett v.

Proprietors of Akron Rural Cemetery (Mass.) 756 (Ohio)

113 American Ry. Exp. Co., Lonergan

Board of Education of Union Free School (Mass.)

756 Dist. No. 1 of Town of Pelham, Moody American Ry. Exp. Co. v. Mohawk Dairy Engineering Co. v. (N. Y.)

920 Co. (Mass.)...

721 Board of Review of Will County, Yates v. Amis v. Clinton (Ind. App.). 925 (Ill.)

1 Angelo, Nesci v. (Mass.)

287 | Board of Trustees of Bellevue & Allied Anti-Saloon League of New York, Vannier Hospitals, People ex rel. Ledwith v. v. (N. Y.) 679 (N. Y.)

657 Applebaum v. · Albrecht (N. Y.).

915 Bolton v. Van Heusen, two cases (Mass.) 384 Armstrong Knitting Mills v. Oakes (Mass.) 81 Booth's Estate, In re (N. Y.).

923 Arnold v. Arnold (Ohio)

261 Boston Box Co. v. Shapiro (Mass.).. Arnold Paint Co., Barath v. (N. Y.).... 918 Boston Chamber of Commerce, Tapper v. Arnopolin v. Kawanova (N. Y.). 898 (Mass.)

89 Attorney General v. C. E. Osgood Co. Boston Elevated R. Co., Fitzpatrick v. (Mass.) 371 (Mass.)

75 Atwood v. Chicago, M. & St. P. R. Co. Boston Elevated R. Co., O'Callaghan v. (III.) 351 (Mass.)

74 Aurigemma y. Nippon Yusen Kaisha Co. Boston Transcript Co., Commonwealth v. (N. Y.). 495 (Mass.)

400 Boyle, People v. (Ill.)

342 Babbidge's Estate, In re (Mass.).

443 | Brand v. Sterling Motor Car Co. (Mass.).. 79 Bailey v. Meade (Mass.).

110 Brandon Farms Milk Co., Commonwealth Bailey v. State (Ind.) 36 v., two cases (Mass.)

381 Baird, Rode v. (Ind.) 415 Britton v. Scognamilló (N. Y.).

649 Baker v. Carlson (N. Y.) 910 Brokaw, L'Ecluse v. (N. Y.).

913 Baker v. Lynn (Mass.) 379 Brooks, Maxfield v. (Ohio)....

725 Balmat, McLear v. (N. Y.) 895 Brooks, Pope v. (Mass.).

214 Balmat, McLear v. (N. Y.) 914 Brown v. Grow (Mass.)

403 Barath' v. Arnold Paint Co. (N. Y.). 918 Brown v. London & Lancashire Indemnity Barger, Chicago & E. R. Co. v. "(Ind. Co. of America (Mass.)

395 App.) 646 Brown, Mullisen v. (N. Y.)

904 Barker v. Switzer (N. Y.). 918 Brown, Smith v. (Ind. App.)

849 Barnes v. All-American Investing Co. (N. Brown, Wrightsman v. (Ind.)

21 Y.)

886 Browning, King & Co. v. Davis (N. Y.).. 911 Barrett, Nephews & Co., Greene v. (N. Y.) 503 Bruce, Coolidge v. (Mass.)

397 Bastin v. Myers (Ind. App.)

425 Buckner, United States Printing & LithoBatts v. State (Ind.).. 23 graph Co. v. (N. Y.)

893 Baughman, Rickey v. (Obio) 610 | Buhler v. Trick (Ind.).

840 Bean v. Stoddard (N. Y.). 888 Burke v. Willard (Mass.).

223 Bean v. Stoddard (N. Y.). 900 Butterfield v. State (N. Y.).

922 Bean v. Stoddard (N. Y.) 916 Buzzi, People v. (N. Y.)..

653 Beard v. Beard (N. Y.)

908 Beatty, Fiske v. (N. Y.) 907 Cahill v. Gutting (Ind. App.)...

925 Beaumont Co. v. Charles H. Darmstadt, Capital Paper Co. v. Conner (Ind. App.) 474 Inc. (N. Y.).. 890 Carey v. State (Ind.)

22 Beckman v. Werstein (N. Y.). 921 Carfano, People v. (N. Y.)

886 Bell, Wentworth v. (Mass.) 102 Carlson, Baker v. (N.Y.)

910 Bell's Estate, In re (Mass.)

102 Carpinter & Baker v. City Equitable Fire Bennett's Will, In re (N. Y.)

901 Ins. Co., Limited, of London, England Bennett & Co., Egley v. (Ind.) 533 (N. Y.).

484 Bermont v. Gotshall (Ohio).. 137 | Cassidy v. Ellerhorst (Ohio)


144 N.E.


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Page Central Trust Co. of Illinois, Chicago Ti

Commissioner of Banks, Cunningham V., tle & Trust Co. v., two cases (Iil.)... 165 three cases (Mass.)

447 Central Union Trust Co. of New York, In

Commissioners of Upper Cache Drainage re (N. Y.). 772 Dist., Marshall v. (Ill.)

321 C. E. Osgood Co., Attorney General v. Commonwealth v. Boston Transcript Co. (Mass.) 371 (Mass.)

400 Chamberlain v. Lehigh Valley R. Co. (N. Commonwealth v. Brandon Farms Milk Y.) 512 Co., two cases (Mass.).

381 Chandler & Farquhar Co., Larkin

Commonwealth, Frothingham Buildings v. (Mass.) 405 (Mass.)

229 Charles H. Darmstadt, Inc., G. B. Beau

Commonwealth v. Hogan (Mass.)

390 mont Co. v. (N. Y.)

890 Commonwealth, Inhabitants of Town of Chase v. Lynn (Mass.). 379 Stoneham v. (Mass.)


718 Chicago, M. & St. P. R. Co., Atwood v. Commonwealth, McMurray v. (Mass.). (III.)

351 Commonwealth v. Norman (Mass.). Chicago Title & Trust Co. v. Central Trust Commonwealth-Atlantic Nat. Bank, PetiCo. of Illinois, two cases (Ill.).

tion of (Mass.)..

443 Chicago Trust Co., Dennison Brick & Tile Community Consol. School Dist. No. 76, Co. y. (Ohio) 610 Melin v. (III.)

13 Chicago & E. R. Co. v Barger (Ind. App.) 646 Conklin v. New York Cent. R. Co. (N. Y.) 895

130 Christ v. Pacific Mut. Life Îns. Co. (11.).. 161 Conn, State v. (Ohio)

Connell v. State · (Ind.)

882 Cincinnati, D. & T. Traction Co., Marfield v. (Ohio)


Conner, Capital Paper Co. v. (Ind. App.) 474

Conolly, People ex® rel. Desiderio v. (N. Cincinnati, I. & W. R. Co. v. Swain (Ind.


629 App.)

Conrad v. Lengel (Ohio)

278 City Equitable Fire Ins. Co., Limited, of

Conroy v. Conroy (Ill.)..

833 London, England, Carpinter & Baker v.

Conroy v. Equitable Trust Co. of New (N. Y.)

York (N. Y.)....

903 City of Chicago v. Kautz (Ill.).

805 Continental Casualty Co. v. Klinge (Ind. City of Chicago, Lowenthal v. (11.) 829


246 City of Chicago v. Murphy (Ill.). 802 Cook, Pittsburgh, C., C. & St. L. R. Co. City of Chicago v. Wisconsin Lime & Ce v. (Ind. App.)

478 ment Co. (Ill.). 3 Coolidge v. Bruce (Mass.)

397 City of Cincinnati, Doud v. (Ohio) 610 Cooperstein v. Eden Brick & Supply Co. City of Cincinnati, Sargent v. (Ohio). 132 (N. Y.).

501 City of Cleveland v. Legal News Pub. Co. Cooper Union for Advancement of Science (Ohio) 256 and Art, Hewitt v. (N.Y.).

650 City of Clinton, Amis v. (Ind. App.) 925 Corey v. Tuttle (Mass.).

230 City of Covington, Livengood v. (Ind.)... 416 | Corey Hill Garage, Forgeron v. (Mass.) 383 City of Evansville, Seibert v. (Ind.)...... 841 Costello v. Hayes (Mass.)

368 City of Jasonville v. Griggs (Ind. App.).. 560 Costello v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co. City of Lakewood v. Public Utilities Com

(N. Y.)....

514 mission (Ohio). 611 Coster, Hamilton v. (Mass.)

226 City of Lynn, Baker v. (Mass.). 379 Courtright v. Scrimger (Ohio)

294 City of Lynn, Chase y. (Mass.)

379 Coykendall's Estate, In re (N. Y.). 902 City of Lynn, Pevear v. (Mass.) 379 | Crabill, Gandy v. (Ind. App.)

926 City of New York, Hickey v. (N. Y.). 897 | Craig, Enterprise Printing & Publishing City of New York, Hickey v. (N. Y.). 909 Co. y. (Ind.)

542 City of New York, McNulty v. (n. y.)::: 889 Craig, Kilroe v. (N. Y.)

920 City of New York, Madura v. (N. Y.). 505 Crane's Sons Co., Jaabeck v. (N. Y.).... 625 City of New York, Odell v. (N. Y.)... 917 Crestonia Const. Corporation, Shanahan City of New York, Rung v. (N. Y.)... 889 v. (N. Y.)

919 City of New York, Sheedy v. (N. Y.). 899 Criss, Siegle v. (111.)

307 City of New York, Union R. Co. of New Crittenden v. American Ry. Exp. Co. (N. York City v. (N. Y.) 585 Y.)

899 City of New York v. Union R. Co. of New Croker v. New_York Trust Co. (N, Y.):: 905 York City (N. Y.) 896 Crouse's Will, In re (N. Y.)...

901 City of Olean, Hoffman v. (N. Y.) 894 Crusius, Morris v. (N. Y.)

908 City of Oswego, People's Gas & Electric

Culkeen & Sons Co., New York Cent. R. Co. v. (N. Y.)

Co. v. (Mass.)

96 City of Oswego, People's Gas & Electric

Cunningham v. Commissioner of Banks, Co. of Oswego v. (N. Y.)

three cases (Mass.). .

447 City

Cushman & Denison Mfg. Co., Flagg v. (N. of Portsmouth, Micklethwait V.


891 (Ohio) 274

926 City of Syracuse v. Hogan (N. Y.)

Cushwa, Deeb v. (Ind. App.)

896 City of Winchester v. Ring (Ill.)

Dailey v. State (Ind.),

523 City of Yonkers, New York Cent. & H. R.

Dampier v. State (Ind.)

241 R. Co. v., two cases (N. Y.) 490 Daniels v. Cohen (Mass.)

237 Clabburn, Johnson v. (Mass.) 105 Darby, State v. (Ohio)

611 Clabburn, Phillips v. (Mass.) 105 Darling, Nelson v. (N Y.)

923 Clark v. Clark (Ohio).

743 Darmstadt, Inc., G. B. Beaumont Co. v. Clark v. Hayes (N. Y.).

(N. Y.)

890 Clarke v. Eighth Ave. R. Co. (N. Y.). 516 Davis, Browning, King & Co. v. (N. Y.).. 911 Clevenger v. State (Ind.). 524 Davis, Jamieson v. (Ohio)

291 Clutter v. Mills Novelty Sales Co. (Ind. Davis, Northern Industrial Chemical Co. App.) 925 v. (Mass.)

64 Cobb v. Willrett (II.). 834 Davis, Weiss v. (Mass.)

765 Codman v. Dumaine (Mass.) 408 Davy v. State (Ind.).

532 Coghlin, Prudential Trust Co. v. (Mass.) 283 Deban, Snider v. (Mass.)

69 Cohen, Daniels v. (Mass.)

237 | De Camp v. Youngstown Municipal R. Co. Commercial Say Bank v. Mann (N. Y.).. 890 (Ohio)

128 Commissioner of Banks, In re (Mass.).... 73 | Deeb v. Cushwa (Ind. App.)


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