Bibliotheca geographica, Volume 12

W. H. Kuhl, 1907

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Pagina 112 - Buckram. 6s. A Colonial Edition is also published. THE LIFE OF RL STEVENSON. See G. Balfour. Stevenson (MI). FROM SARANAC TO THE MARQUESAS. Being Letters written by Mrs. MI STEVENSON during 1887-8. Cr. Bvo. 6s. net. LETTERS FROM SAMOA, 1891-95. Edited and arranged by MC BAI.FOUR. With many Illustrations. Second Edition Cr. Bvo. 6s. net. Stoddart (Anna M.)
Pagina 124 - A compact Itinerary of the British Isles, Belgium, and Holland, Germany and the Rhine, Switzerland, France, Austria, and Italy.
Pagina 26 - Franz v. Wieser, Die älteste Karte mit dem Namen Amerika aus dem Jahre 1507 und die Carta Marina aus dem Jahre 1516 des M. Waldseemüller (Ilacomilus) (Innsbruck 1903, Reprint: „Theatrum Orbis Terrarum", Amsterdam 1968).
Pagina 292 - Blakeney, W. On the coasts of Cathay and Cipango, forty years ago. A record of surveying service in the China Yellow and Japan seas, and on the seaboard of Korea and Manchuria in the old British sailing frigate "Actaeon", with an index and illustrations of F.
Pagina 120 - Studies presenting the conclusions formed by the Author in a long life devoted to the subject of the relations between Asia and Europe.
Pagina 17 - An Abstract of General Geography, comprehending a more minute Description of the British Empire, and of Palestine or the Holy Land, etc. With numerous Exercises. For Junior Classes. By JOHN WHITE, FEIS, late Teacher, Edinburgh. Carefully Revised.
Pagina 72 - ELEMENTS OF GEOLOGY. A Text-book for Colleges and for the General Reader. By JOSEPH LE CONTE, LL.
Pagina 251 - Wales, a series of 84 plates of maps and plans, with descriptive text, illustrating the topography, physiography, geology, climate, and the political and commercial features of the country. Designed by and prepared under the direction of JG BARTHOLOMEW.
Pagina 261 - ... Russian words and names the scheme now in use at the Royal Library and the University in Berlin A few items, as Tyrrell's "The Geology of the Klondyke Region," under the subdivision "Alaska und Aleuten," might more properly have been placed under " Britisch Nord-Amerika." The Grand Duchy of Finland. By the Author of "A Visit to the Russians in Central Asia.
Pagina 194 - Quellen und Forschungen zur alten Geschichte und Geographie.

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