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pećted from the feudatory chiefs. The cavalry of the em. peror,

of Tyre ( xvi. c. 18–29.), Otho of Frisingen (l. i. c. 24–45. 59, 60.), Matthew Paris (Hist. Major. p 68.), Struvius (Corpus. Hist. Germanicae, p. 372, 373.), Scriptores Rerum Francicarum a Duchesne, tom. iv. Nicetas, in Vit. Manuel, l. i. c. 4, 5, 6. p. 41–48. Cinnamus, l. ii. p. 41–49. (to) For the third crusade, of Frederic Barbarossa, see Nicetas in Isaac. Angel. l. ii. c. 3–8. p. 257–266. Struv. Corpus, Hist. Germ. p. 414.), and two historians, who probably were spectators, Tagino (in Scriptor. Freher. tom. i. p. 406—416, edit. Struv.), and the Anonymous de Expeditione Asiatică, Fred. I. (in Canisii, Antiq. Leštion. tom. iii. p. ii. p. 498–530. cdit. Basnage). - -

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Their numbers.

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