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" ... to divide the principal of said trust into as many parts or shares as there shall be children of mine then dead represented by descendants then living, subdividing the share of principal falling to each set of descendants of a dead child of mine amongst... "
Acceptance of Title to the Widener Art Collection. Hearings ... on S. J. Res ... - Side 7
av United States. Congress. Senate. Public buildings and grounds - 1942 - 22 sider
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United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds - 1942
...estate, real and personal, subject to the exercise of the discretion which I have vested in my sou, Joseph, in the third paragraph hereof, unto my Executors...of my descendants who may then be found entitled, bis or her share, subject, however, to the power of appointment by Will over the income which would...
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