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Sheldon & Company's Text-Books.

The Science of Government in Connection with

American Institutions. By JOSEPH ALDEN, D.D., LL.D.,
Pres. of State Normal School, Albany. 1 vol. 12mo.

Adapted to the wants of High Schools and Colleges.

Alden's Citizen's Manual: a Text-Book on Government, in

Connection with American Institutions, adapted to the wants of Common Schools. It is in the form of questions and answers. By JOSEPH ALDEN, D.D., LL.D. 1 vol. 16100. Hereafter no American can be said to be educated who does not thoronghly understand the formation of our Government. A prominent divine has said, that every young person should carefully and conscientiously be taught those distinctive ideas which constitute the substance of our Constitution, and which determine the policy of our politics; and to this end there ought forth with to be introduced into our schools a simple, comprehensive manual, whereby the needed tuition should be implanted at that early period.

By Dr.

Schmitz's Manual of Ancient History; from the Re

motest Times to the Overthrow of the Western Empire, A. D. 476, with copious Chronological Tables and Index.

LEONHARD SCHMITZ, T. R. S. E., Edinburgh. The Elements of Intellectual Philosophy. By FRANCIS

WAYLAND, D.D. 1 vol. 12mo. This clearly-written book, from the pen of a scholar of eminent ability, and who has had the largest experience in the education of the human mind, is unquestionably at the head of text-books in Intellectual Philosophy.

An Outline of the Necessary Laws of Thought :

A Treatise on Pure and Applied Logic. By WILLIAM THOM-
SON, D.D., Provost of the Queen's College, Oxford. 1 vol. 12mo.

This book has been adopted as a regular text-book in Harvard, Yale,
Rochester, New York University, &c.
Fairchilds' Moral Philosophy; or, The Science of

Obligation. By J. H. FAIRCHILDS, President of Oberlin
College. 1 vol. 12mo.

The aim of this volume is to set forth, more fully than has hitherto been done, the doctrine that virtue, in its elementary form, consists in benevolence, and that all forms of virtuous action are modifications of this principle.

After presenting this view of obligation, the anthor takes up the questions of Practical Ethics, Government and Personal Rights and Duties, and treats them in their relation to Benevolence, aiming at a solution of the problems of right and wrong upon this simple principle.

Any of the above sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of price.

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Sheldon & Company's Text-Books.

HISTORIES OF THE UNITED STATES. By BENSON J. LOSSING, author of "Field-Book of the Revolution," " Illustrated Family History of the United States,” &c.

Lossing's Primary History. FOR BEGINNERS. A charm

ing little book. Elegantly illustrated. 238 pages. Lossing's Outline History of the United States. One volume, 12mo.

We invite the careful attention of teachers to some of its leading points. In elegance of appearance and copious illustrations, both by pictures and maps, we think it surpasses any book of the kind yet published. 1. The work is marked by uncommon clearness of statement.

2. The narrative is divided into SIX DISTINCT PERIODS, namely: Discoveries, Settlements, Colonies, The Revolution, The Nation, and The Civil War an consequences.

3. The work is arranged in short sentences, so that the substance of each may be easily comprehended.

4. The most important events are indicated in the text by heavyfaced letter.

5. Full Questions are framed for every verse.

6. A Pronouncing Vocabulary is furnished in foot-notes wherever required.

7. d Brief Synopsis of topies is given at the close of each section.

8. An Outline History of ÎMPORTANT EVENTS is given at the close of every chapter.

9. The work is profusely illustrated by Maps, Charts and Plans explanatory of the text, and by carefully-drawn pictures of objects and events.

Lossiny's Common School History. 383 pages.

Containing the National Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Biographies of the Presidents, and Questions.

This work is arranged in six chapters, each containing the record of an important period. The First exhibits a general view of the Aboriginal race who occupied the continent when the Europeans came. The Second is a record of all the Discoveries and preparations for settlement made by indi. viduals and governments. The Third delineates the progress of all the settlements until colonial governments were formed. The Fourth tells the story of these Colonies from their infancy to maturity, and illustrates the continual development of democratic ideas and republican tendencies which finally resulted in a political confederation. The Fifth has a full account of the inportant events of the War for Independence; and the Sixth gives a concise Flistory of the Republic from its formation to the present time.

These books are designed for different grades of pupils, and adapted to the time usually allowed for the study of this important subject. Each embraces the history of our country from its discovery to its present administration. The entire series is characterized by chasteness and clearness of style, accuracy of statement, beauty of typography, and fullness of illustration. The author has spent the greater part of his life in collecting materias for, and in writing history, and his ability and reputation are a sufficient guarantee that the work has been thoroughly done, and a series of histories produced that will be invaluable in training and educating the youth of our country.

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