317U.S. Rehearing Denied.

No. 503. Rau Construction Co. V. Phillips PetroLeum Co. January 4,1943.

No. 505. Paper Container Mfg. Co. V. Dixie-Vortex Co. January 4, 1943.

No. 76. Miller V. United States. January 11, 1943.

No. 86. Davis V. Department Of Labor And IndusTries Of The State Of Washington. January 11, 1943.

No. 463. Ranieri V. United States. January 11, 1943.

No. 509. Van Wormer V. Champion Paper & Fibre Co. January 11, 1943.

No. 537. Roddenberry v. Florida. January 11,1943.

No. 516. Eastman V. Guaranty Trust Co. Et Al. January 11, 1943. Petition for rehearing denied. Mr. Justice Roberts and Mr. Justice Douglas took no part in the consideration or decision of this application.

No. 349. Largent V. Reeves, City Marshal. January 14, 1943. The motion for leave to file petition for rehearing is granted, and the petition for rehearing is denied. The application for bail is also denied.

No. 79. Adams, Warden, Et Al. V. United States Ex Rel. Mccann. See ante, p. 605.


Rehearing Denied. 317 U. S.

Nos. 26 and 27. Pfister V. Northern Illinois FiNance Corp. Et Al. January 18,1943.

No. 507. Holiday V. United States. January 18, 1943.

No. 534. Orlando V. Illinois. January 18, 1943.

MAY 9, 1942.


Pursuant to the Act of May 9, 1942, c. 295, 56 Stat. 271, the Court will undertake the preparation of rules of practice and procedure with respect to appeals by the United States in certain cases.

To assist the Court in this undertaking, the Advisory Committee appointed by order of February 3, 1941, 312 U. S. 717 (amended by orders of May 26, 1941, 313 U. S. 602, and October 27, 1941, 314 U. S. 719), to assist the Court in the preparation of rules of pleading, practice, and procedure with respect to proceedings prior to and including verdict, or finding of guilty or not guilty, in criminal cases in district courts of the United States, is hereby authorized and directed to make such recommendations as may be deemed advisable respecting promulgation of rules of practice and procedure under the Act of May 9,1942.

October 26, 1942.




ABATEMENT. See Mandamus, 1.
ACTION. See Claims, 1-2.
ADMINISTRATORS. See Bankruptcy, 2.

1. Admiralty Jurisdiction. Action for death resulting from in-
juries sustained when decedent was boarding vessel in course of offi-
cial duties, within admiralty jurisdiction. Brady v. Roosevelt S. S.
Co., bib.

2. Id. Recovery under state law for death of employee drowned
in navigable river. Davis v. Department of Labor and Indus-
tries, 249.

3. Actions. Defenses. Construction of § 33 of Merchant Marine
Act; seaman's release as defense to action for personal injuries and
for maintenance and cure; suit in state court; burden of proof.
Garrett v. Moore-McCormack Co., 239.

4. Suits in Admiralty Act. Act does not preclude suit against
private operator of government-owned vessel though he have right
of exoneration or indemnity against Maritime Commission. Brady
v. Roosevelt S. S. Co., 575.

5. Id. Limitations. Two-year limitation applicable to suit in
rem on cause of action which arose during government ownership and
in which Government appears and assumes liability. Clyde-Mallory
Lines v. The Eglantine, 395.

6. Id. Two-year limitation not affected by § 9 of Shipping Act of
1916, as reenacted. Id.

7. Limitation of Liability. Application of R. S. § 4283; lack of
"privity or knowledge" of individual owner. Coryell v. Phipps, 406.


1. Validity. Application of Act to wheat consumed on farm.
Wickard v. Filburn, 111.

2. Referendum. Validity of referendum vote of farmers as af-
fected by Secretary's speech. Id.


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