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6. An Appendix, made up solely from the London Gazettes, containing all the Accounts of the War which have been published in that Official Paper,

The Treaties are copies of those recently laid before both Houfes of Parliament, the Partition Treaty and the Convention at Pilnitz alone excepted. Those with Spain, Naples, &c, would have been first published in this Work, had it made its appearance, as was intended, before the meeting of Parliament. The lateness of the time in which the Editor's attention was first called to it, and the extent to which it has gone, has, how, ever, delayed its publication; and, taking advantage of the Treaties lately laid before the Houses of Lords and Commons, those first printed have been cancelled, purposely to give them in the very words of the Official Translations.

The Proclamations and Manifestoes have been selected with great care. It is almost unneceffary to observe, that the largest part of those publithcd by the French, relative to their own internal corcorns, are excluded : But such as are of importanee in explaining the conduct of other Powers are preserved, and a few material Decrees placed among them.

The O Nicial Correspondence commences with the Answers of the European Powers to the French King's Notification of 1. is acceptance of the Conftitution in September, 1791, which is thought the proper æra from whence to trace and disclofe the conduct and dispositions of the different States :-It is parricaiarly' full and complete at the very intcresting periods mediately preceding the rupture with Auftria, and the rupture with Britain, Miny of the Papers which paffed on the eve of those events a ver were before published in England; and others of them have bitherto been but imperfectly laid before the Public

It has been thought recessary to the completeness of the Work, to insert the Parliamentary Papers also ;-These con,

fist of the King's Speeches and Messages; and the Addresses, Amendments, and Motions, concerning the War, which last Seffion were moved either in the House of Lords or in the House of Commons,

The Appendix, containing the History of the War, is taken wholly from the London Gazettes : No article is omitted, nor is any inserted which has not appeared in that State Record. The different Accounts are classed under the heads of Operations at Sea; Operations in the Netherlands; on the Rhine; on the side of Italy; on the side of Spain; at Toulon; in the West Indies and America; and in the East Indies,

The whole, as well Proclamations, Correspondence, &c. as Gazettes, is brought up to the conclusion of 1793; and the English and foreign newspapers of the three last years have been carefully searched, in order to complete the Collection. Many of the Papers have been perfected, and their dates affixed; but even where dates could not be precisely found, the time at which they first appeared is ascertained and mentioned.

The Continuations of this Work will always be brought forward on the eve of every Session of Parliament. But the Editor will not impofe on the Public by printing Papers of litele value, merely because they may swell to an expensive size,

At a time like the present, when the heat of Parties renders every political Publication odious to the one side or the other, or perhaps fuspected by both, it is peculiarly fortunate for this Work, that it must be equally interesting to men of all descriptions, and equally approved by them. Hints for its improvement will be thankfully received by the Publisher; as it is the Editor's most ardent with to make it, what such a Work pught to be, an authentic, impartial, and complete Repository,

Monday, Feb. 24, 1794:

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