3 May erring minds that worship here

Be taught the better way,
And they who mourn, and they who fear,

Be strengthened as they pray.
4 May faith grow firm, and love grow warm,

And pure devotion rise,
While round these hallowed walls the storm

Of earth-born passion dies.


Ordination Hymn. 1 GREAT Source of good; our God and Friend !

Fountain of life and light divine ! Here thy adoring children bend,

And pray to be forever thine.
2 Bless thou the work we here begin;

Bless him who now is set apart;
That, moved by faith lost souls to win,

Thy holy truth he may impart.
3 Long may thy blessings crown, O God,

This servant of the Prince of Peace; Here may he spread heaven's light abroad,

Bid knowledge reign, and faith increase. 4 Wisdom to us and virtue give,

And, by thy Spirit, lead us still With thee to walk, for thee to live,

To love thy word, and do thy will. 5 And when our mission here is o'er,

O, take us to thyself in love,
To know thee better, serve thee more,

And dwell with Christ, in worlds above.


705. L. M. BOWRING.

Introduction to Evening Worship. 1 How shall we praise thee, Lord of light?

How all thy boundless love declare? The earth is veiled in shades of night,

But heaven is open to our prayer, That heaven, so bright with stars and suns,

That glorious heaven which has no bound, Where the full tide of being runs,

And life and beauty glow around. 2 We would adore thee, God sublime,

Whose power and wisdom, love and grace, Are greater than the round of time,

And wider than the bounds of space; 0, how shall thought expression find,

All lost in thine immensity !
How shall we seek thee, glorious Mind,

Amid thy dread infinity!
3 But thou art present with us here,

As in thy glittering, high domain; And grateful hearts and humble fear

Can never seek thy face in vain : Help us to praise thee, Lord of light;

Help us thy boundless love declare; And, while we crowd thy courts to-night,

Aid us, and hearken to our prayer.

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706. L. M. COLLYER.

An Evening Hymn. 1 ANOTHER fleeting day is gone!

Slow o'er the west the shadows rise, Swift the soft stealing hours have flown,

And night's dark mantle veils the skies. 2 Another fleeting day is gone!

Swept from the records of the year;
And still, with every setting sun,

Life's fading visions disappear. 3 Another fleeting day is gone!

But soon a fairer shall arise ;-
A day, whose never-setting sun

Shall pour its light o'er cloudless skies. 4 Another fleeting day is gone!

In solemn silence rest, my soul,
And bow before His awful throne,
Who bids the morn and evening roll.


Evening Devotion.
1 SOFTLY now the light of day

Fades upon our sight away;
Free from care, from labor free,

Lord, we would commune with thee! 2 Thou, whose all-pervading eye

Nought escapes, without, within,
Pardon each infirmity,
Open fault, and secret sin.

3 When, from us, the light of day

Shall on earth have passed away,
Then, from sin and sorrow free,
Take us, Lord, to dwell with thee.

708. C. M.

Evening Meditation.
1 I LOVE to steal awhile away

From every cumbering care,
And spend the hours of setting day

In humble, grateful prayer. 2 I love to think on mercies past,

And future good implore,
And all my cares and sorrows cast

On him whom I adore.
3 I love by faith to take a view

Of brighter scenes in heaven;
The prospect doth my strength renew,

While here by tempests driven. 4 Thus, when life's toilsome day is o'er,

May its departing ray
Be calm as this impressive hour,

And lead to endless day.


Social Evening Worship.
1 O'Tis a scene the heart to move,

When, at the close of day,
Whom God unites in Christian love,

Jnite their thanks to pay.

2 What though the number be but small?

Wherever two or three
Join on the Saviour's name to call,

There in the midst is he.

3 When faithful and repentant hearts

His heavenly grace ensue,
His grace, intreated, he imparts

To many or to few.
4 0, come, then, and with joint accord,

In social worship meet;
And, mindful of the Saviour's word,

The Saviour's boon entreat.

710. 7. M. 61. SPIRITUAL SONGS.

For a social religious meeting.
1 0, 'T IS sweet to mingle, where

Christians meet for social prayer;
O, 't is sweet, with them to raise
Songs of holy joy and praise ;
Then how blest that state must be,

When they meet eternally.
2 Father, let these meetings prove

Scenes of fervent Christian love;
While we worship in this place,
May we go

from grace to grace,
Till we, each in his degree,
Fit for endless glory be.


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