(Specially from Paris.)

First FIGURE.- Costume of straw-coloured 1st.-Green velvet hat, slightly puffed round foulard, Petticoat of foulard trimmed with the sides. On the top a rather spreading tust three plaitings surmounted by two cross-strips of flowers with a trail behind. of light green silk, between which runs a row

2nd.-Diadem bonnet of rice-straw, bordered of small green buttons. Tunic of the same

with blue velvet. At the top a blue bow with material ; this tunic crosses on the breast, and four square loops, the ribbon of which is conforms in front a large point, bordered by a tinued to form wide strings, which come forward plaiting edged with silk and surmounted hy a

and are fixed on the corsage with a small row of green buttons between two rolls of the bouquet of blue cornflowers. same silk. This ornament runs up one side as far as the waist; on the right the tunic is raised three narrow blue velvets in front, and two

3rd.-Belgian straw bonnet bordered with by a tab. Jacket of straw-coloured foulard, behind on a stiff curtain made of strav.. At presenting two pointed skirts in front, and the side, agrafes of large daisies with a trail of behind a single rounded one. Tabs catch up long green grass thrown behind. the jacket at the sides; and it has lapels trimmed throughout with a double roll of green silk, with 4th.-Rice-straw bonnet in the diadem-form, small light green buttons. Sleeves close-filling, high in front, and a curtain banging in hollow bordered by a double plaiting. Fanchon plaits behind. The diadem in front is surbonnet of black lace ornamented with a wreath mounted by a lilac blond. Bow of gros grain of wild roses ; barbs of black lace, and ribbon lilac silk near the ear, passing under the chin.

5th.-Low straw bat turned up with black SECOND FIGURE.- Round dress of mauve

velvet, gauze veil, the Dona Maria, proceeding algérienne, three deep founces at the bottom of from the top and hanging down as a scarf the skirt, bordered with mauve silk. Above behind. This veil is bordered with black lace. these runs a puffing, and over that again, but separated by a roll of mauve silk, there is a

6th.-Rice-straw hat, crown rather convex, parrow plaiting of algérienne. Jacket of black and the brims turned down. Wreath of blue gros grain. Waistband of gros grain satin, cut

corn-flowers on the hat. Blue velvet border. from the piece; it is arranged in five large Bow of maroon ribbon behind. loops behind, with a long end hanging below Black lace bonnets are very much worn, one them, both laops and end being bordered with called the “Isabella” is a very handsome and lace. The corsage of algérienne has pagoda novel affair. The whole bonnet is composed of sleeves trimmed with a plaiting. Belgian straw a scarf of Spanish net, the diadem being high, hat with wreath of vine leaves, and at the side a and set in front. The diadem is a wreath of large black satin bow. Collar and under leaves fastened at the top by a jet butterfly and sleeves of embroidered muslin. Talking of black aigretie. An oddity in trimming, on a black hats reminds me that a description of a few new lace bonnet, is a bird's nest of golden hue moss models may be usesul. Here are ball-a-dozen on the forehead, with three tiny pearly eggs to begin with :

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