(Specially from Paris.) First FigurE.-Tunic dress, with a train, handsome, and solid, and more than ever the made of pink grenadine and opening, apron mode this year. For excessively hot weather fashion, on a petticoat of pink silk trimmed with there is the choice of unbleached linen of foulard four flounces of figured muslin reaching up to ecru of good quality. This is another fabric the waist. The trained dress is bordered by a that has the merit of being strong, and that at long loose fringe of pink silk. Close-fitting the same time always looks well en voyage. jacket opening heart-shape in front. One side The skirt should neither be too long or too of the jacket forms a scarf from the right short, and on no account made with a train. It shoulder, and is fastened at the waist under the may be trimmed with several flounces, and if left arm, where it is met by a second end to striped, they should be cut bias. They may which the scarf is united by a single bow. be turned over simply to form a heading, or, if Long and very open pagoda sleeve falling in preferred, laid in plaits à la russe, or posed as a point. This jacket is fastened in front at plain bias pieces. I may observe that the plait the waist by two guimp buttons, and is every- à la russe always looks prettiest in stuffs that where trimmed with pink fringe. Duchess sustain and retain the plait when given to it. under-sleeves. Chemisette with lace round the As for colours, grey or black are preferable to neck, and a series of narrow embroidered muslin brighter ones, and there are many pretty shades frills falling one over the other. Round the of the first. Nothing looks worse than a worn neck a twisted chain supporting a medallion. toilet of bright blue or green ; chestnut, violet, Maize coloured gloves.

or havane wear, and look well much longer. SECOND FIGURE.-Petticoat of white sultana The compositions of the toilet are all made so with green stripes, and trimmed with a deep- distinguished at the present day, as to be easily headed flounce, which is ornamented with large converted into appropriate and handsome ruches. · Russian tunic of green Chambéry travelling dresses. Thus, a robe of grey or gauze, cut in six pieces, the two front ones maroon popeline, originally trimmed with buttoning from top to bottom like a priest's valenciennes, may have this replaced by a selfcassock, while those at the side are gathered and coloured fringe, and be forthwith transformed fall over the ends of the back part, which are into a very elegant robe de voyage.

Such a raised to form a puff. Close-fitting corsage. costume is ordinarily completed by a large garThe sleeve is large, in the pagoda form, and ment ornamented with a deep fringe, surmounted hangs very low down. Plain collar and cuffs. by a broad band of black velvet. Or it may be Saxony leather gloves without buttons. Black a collet half long and very ample, of fine pearllace bonnet with strings of the same ; the orna- gray cloth or popeline, trimmed with a flounce ment is a cluster of tea-roses, and the strings all round, and having a capuchon of guipure are fastened by a small bouquet of the same. behind, and flots of black velvet. The collet is

At this period of the year, when the ladies encircled with bands of black velvet, and is a generally leave home for the country or the sea- charming model for the country or sea-side. side, the choice of a costume du voyage, becomes Le toquet de voyage is another object of great a question of considerable interest. I enter incertitude. The most distinguished are of Eng; upon these details, having received many lish straw, black, brown, or grey, ornamented inquiries on the subject. In general, woollen with plumes of the same colour, the edges fabrics are much better than silk for travelling bound with the same shade of velvet; behind dresses, and those of hard wool preferable to the are two rounded barbs of black lace, and before, softer textures, which take up the most dust and three coques of ribbon of the same colour as humidity. It is often observed that materials the rest. The form of the chapeau should be entirely made of wool are lighter than those more or less elevated, and the genre Louis XVI. which are mixed; if there is an exception it is suits many physiognomies ; but the toquet in favour of popeline, which is always rich, Henri III. has the most originality

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