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With a View cf Luss, the Seat of Sir James Colquhoun, Bart.

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'Page ■ • , - - -; ' i . -1 Page

Register of the Weather {ot July, 2 Anecdotes of the South Sea

Arguments in favour of I-arge _ Gotnpany, - :- - - 47

Farms, - - - 3 Chara,cter of the Rev. Wm.

Some Account of Tobias Smollett, 8 Lanpt ...... 49

Description of the View, - - - ib. On the Life and Education

Narrative of the Adventures of of a School, .... 50

the Mutineers on board fjis Ma- Literary Intelligence, ... 51

jesty's (hip Bounty after their Theitriofll Intelligence, - - J3

separation from Capt. Bligh, - 9 Drury-Lane, .-■ - - - ib.

Life of Linnxus, ... - .. - -.16 Covent-Garden, ... 53

Memoirs of the House of Savoy, Hay-Market 54

with sorpe account of the Court Opera House, ■- - - . 55'

cf Sardinia, - ... . - 21 Theatre-Royal, Dublin, - ib.

Government, Dominions, PoT Books and Pamphlets published

pulation, Taxes, Revenue, in June 1796, - - • - 56

Troops, and Marine, - - 22 Albert and Emma; a Tale, - 57

Account of the Prince of Pied- Poetry.

mont, Duke d'Aoste, Dukes de On the Death of Lieut..Col.Z?.*//,fr ,64

Montferrat, Gennovois, and the To the Memory of Ceo. Campbell,

Count de Maurienne; Duke de D. D. .-;..- - - 65

Chabiais, and Princesses, - 25 Vcrles to the Memory.of the Rev.

Life of George Anderson, Esq. - 26 William Bryden, S. S. T. P. - 66

Memoirs of the Rev. Get. Camp. , Epitaph for Algernon Sidney, - ib.

bell, - - - - -'-'.-, 31 * an

Anecdotes,of Persons connected Proceedings of the Sixth Session

with the French Revolution, 34 of the Seventeenth Parliament

Neckar, - - - . - _- - ib. of Great Britain, - - - - 66

Vergniaud and Chabot, - - 35 Monthly Register.

Pastures .and St Hutuge,. - • 36 Proceedings ofthe Legislative As-

AnarchafiiCloots, - - - 37 sembly o^France, . - - - 73

Mallet Du Pan, - - - - 33 Accounts from the French Armies, 74

M.Peltier, ..'... 39 Suspension of Aims with the Duke

Mesderaoisellts de Fernigs, and of Pat ma, ------ 75-

M. de la Tude, - - - 40 Articles of the Treaty of Peace

M. Drouet, ..... 31 between France and Sardinia, 76

Collot d'Herbois, - - - 42 Conditions of the Armistice with

Account of Jas. Macpl.erfin, Esq. ib. the Duke of Modena, - - ib;

Extracts from the Miscellaneous Interesting Intelligence from the

Works of Edward Gibbon, Esq. 45 London Gazettes, - - - - 77

On Pride of Ancestry, - ib. Election of Peers for Scotland, 72,

On Self Biography, . . 46 Births, - - 84

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THE writer of the Observations relative to Large Farms, in your Magazine for May last, though fie professes, from the attention he has paid to Agriculture, to be not

enable him to lay out considerable sums on the adventitious manures necessary for the enriching his land. But the want of sufficient capital too often precludes small farmers

an incompetent judge of the effects from the possibility of improving

of large farms, appears to me to have taken a very partial view of the subject. And though he is of opinion, that he has said enough to prove that large farms art highly injurious, I am not deterred from offering some arguments in their favour, which, if not sufficient to prove them, on the contrary, highly advanla

their land. Small possessions around? towns, in the occupation of manufacturers and others, ate, no doubt, cultivated to the greatest advantage j but their occupiers are enabled to do so, only by employing part of the capital, which they have acquired by their success in trade, in the improvement of their land. Indeed, the

geoui, will, i hope, induce the unpre- quantity of land possessed in this way

is comparatively so small as to afford no argument against farms in general being large. From all the Agricultural Reports of the different counties of the kingdom, it will be found, that they are rith and large

judiced reader, not to put implicit faith in his assertions, The advantages, or .disadvantages, of large farms, will probably more distinctly appear, if we take a separate view of their effects, upon the annual pro

duce of the land, and upon the po- farmers only, who have made them

pulation of the nation at large. So selves conspicuous forthesuperiorqua

far from a large farm producing lityofthejrstocks,ortbemoreimprov

lefs than the fame land divided ed cultivation of their land, From the

amongst a number of occupiers would variety of soils in a large farm, its pof

do, in all places where the spirit of sessor has it in his power to make the

improvement has made any progress, proper cultivation of one more sub

the contrary effect has universally been produced, und must necessarily be so. The improvement of worn out, or of waste land, necessarily requires that its occupier should be possessed of capital, not only sufficient to stock his farm, but also to

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servient to the improvement of another species of soil. He is enabled to keep his live stock at much greater advantage, as very often the fame labour is necessary to attend a few sheep or cows, as would be required for a- greater number. In


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