The woman's kingdom, by the author of 'John Halifax, gentleman'.


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Side 309 - VOL. VI.—ADAM GRAEME. BY MRS OLIPHANT. " A story awakening genuine emotions of interest and delight by its admirable pictures of Scottish life and scenery. The author sets before us the essential attributes of Christian virtue, their deep and silent workings in the heart, and their beautiful manifestationsin
Side 312 - standard of the Archbishop of York, we should expect that even he would pronounce • Christian's Mistake' a novel without a fault."—Times. VOL. XXXIV.—ALEC FORBES OF HOWGLEN. BY GEORGE MAC DONALD, MA " No account of this story would give any idea of the profound interest that pervades the work from the first page to the
Side 310 - about it quite charming."—Athen&um. VOL. XII.—THE OLD JUDGE. BY SAM SLICK. " The publications included in this Library have all been of good quality; many give information while they entertain, and of that class the book before us is a specimen The manner in which the Cheap Editions forming^ the series is produced
Side 309 - immortality in the annals of the prophets, and which no other writer has ever depicted with a pencil at once so reverent and so picturesque."—Sun. VOL. IV.—NATHALIE. BY JULIA KAVANAGH. "' Nathalie' is Miss Kavanagh's 'best imaginative effort. Its manner is gracious and attractive. Its matter is good. A sentiment, a tenderness, are commanded by her which are as individual they are
Side 310 - XIII.—DARIEN. BY ELIOT WARBURTON. "This last production of the author of ' The Crescent and tlie Cross' has the same elements of a very wide popularity. It will please its thousands."—Globe. VOL. XIV.—FAMILY ROMANCE; OR, DOMESTIC ANNALS OF THE ARISTOCRACY. BY SIR BERNARD BURKE, ULSTER KING OF
Side 312 - eloquent. Irving, as a man and as a pastor, is exhibited with many broad, powerful, and life-like touches, which leave a strong impression."—Edinburgh Review. VOL. XXXI.—ST OLAVE'S. " This charming novel is the work of one who possesses a great talent for writing, as well as experience and knowledge of the world. * St Olave's* is the work of an artist.
Side 311 - Bawn."—Illustrated News. VOL. XXI.—ADELE. BY JULIA KAVANAGH. " 'Adele* is the best work we have read by MissKavanagh; it is a charming story full of delicate character-painting."—Athenaeum. VOL. XXII.—STUDIES FROM LIFE. BY THE AUTHOR OF "JOHN HALIFAX, GENTLEMAN." "These 'Studies from Life' are remarkable for graphic power and observation. The book will not diminish the reputation of theaccomplishedauthor."—Saturday
Side 312 - story, to our taste, has rarely been written. The writer has hit off a circle of varied characters all true to nature, and has entangled them in a story which keeps us in suspense till its knot is happily and gracefully resolved. Even if tried by
Side 305 - read. The book has a real and substantial historical value."—Saturday Review. MEMOIRS OF QUEEN HORTENSE, MOTHER OF NAPOLEON III. Cheaper Edition, in 1 vol. Gs. "A biography of the beautiful and unhappy Queen, more satisfactory than any we have yet met with."—Daily
Side 304 - Oriental and Western Siberia." Dedicated, by permission, to HER MAJESTY. Royal 8vo, with Map and 83 Illustrations. A PERSONAL NARRATIVE OF THIRTEEN YEARS' SERVICE AMONGST THE WILD TRIBES OP KHONDISTAN, FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF HUMAN SACRIFICE. By Major-General JOHN CAMPBELL, CB ] vol. 8vo, with Illustrations.

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