[blocks in formation]

Faith, hope and love now dwell .. 229

Far as creation's bounds extend .. 120

Far from mortal cares retreating.. 350

Far from my thoughts, vain world 56

Father of all, whose cares extend 239

Father of lights, we sing thy name 91

Father of mercies, in thy house .. 88

Father of mercies, in thy word .. 216

For ever blessed be the Lord ..... 253

For thee, O God, our constant .... 118

Fountain of mercy, God of love .. 188

From all that dwell below the skies 54

From all that dwell below


From every earthly pleasure 452

From every stormy wind that ....


From Greenland's icy mountains .. 442
From Jesse's root, behold a branch 466
From north and south, from east .. 113
From the holy mount above

From worship now thy church 13
Gently, Lord, O gently lead us ... 343
Give me, O Lord, a thankful ... 235
Give to the Lord immortal praise 5
Give us room, that we may dwell 404
Glorious things of thee are spoken 370
Glory to God on high

Glory to the ever-living

God has turned my grief to ... 366
God is Love ! his mercy brightens 339
God is my strong salvation

God is the refuge of his saints

God of creation, our Father and ..*514
God of my life, my morning song 256
God of our lives, thy various


God of our salvation, hear us .... 330

God of our salvation, unto thee .. 546

Go, worship at our Saviour's feet .. 81

Grace, 'tis a charming sound ..... 300

Gracious Source of every blessing 337

Great God, and shall thy Spirit .. 77

Great God, attend while Zion .... 23

Great God, let all my tuneful .... 16

Great God of wonders, all thy

Great God, the universal frame .. 139

Great God, this sacred day of .... 135

Great God, to thee my evening ...


Great God, to thee my grateful 223

Great God, we sing thy mighty .. 86

Hail, great Creator, wise and good 151

Hail, happy day, thou day of ..... 464

Hail, sweetest, dearest tie that

.. 164

Hail the blest morn! see the ..... 498
Hail to the Lord's anointed


Hallelujah! praise the Lord 396

Hark! hark! the notes of joy 413

Hark! ten thousand harps and ... 367

Hark! the chorus of the sky 401

Hark! the glad sound; the Saviour 232

Hark! the song of Jubilee .. 575

Hark! the voice of love and ..... 358

Hark! 'tis our heavenly leader's .. 252

Hark! 'tis the prophet of the Lord 266

Hark to the cheering voice .......*509
Hark! what celestial notes


Hark! what mean those holy

... 335

Hasten, Lord, the glorious time 409

Hear what God the Lord hath .... 374

He dies ! the Friend of sinners 30

Here in thy house, eternal God ... 26

High in yonder realms of light 380

High o'er the earth the great .....*532

High o'er the heaven of heavens 533

Holy, holy, holy Lord ............

How charmingly sounds


How fearful and sad is the


How firm a foundation, ye


How glorious the Lord


How gracious the promise, how 484

How lovely the place where the .. 541

How pleasant 'tis to see ....... 323

How pleased and blest was I ..... 324

How pleasing is the voice .. 423

How precious is the book divine 228

How precious, Lord, thy holy word 140

How precious, when first I


How rich thy favors, God of grace 208

How sweet the name of Jesus 160
How sweet to the soul is the .....*529
How sweet to reflect on the joys .. 519
How vain is all beneath the skies 42
How wondrous and great


If clouds arise, and storms appear 576

If life's pleasures charm thee 504

I know that my Redeemer lives 126

I'll bless Jehovah's glorious 274

I long to behold him arrayed

I love awhile to steal away ......

I love the Lord, I love his laws.... 90

Indulgent God, whose bounteous ..


In duties, and in conflicts too .... 234
In every scene of sorrow .....


... 133

..... 550




INDEX OF HYMNS. In God's own house pronounce..H. 153 | Lo, what a glorious sight .. Hymn 177 In the morning of creation

Love divine, all love excelling.... 351 In thee, thou all-sufficient ........ 17 Love is the strongest tie

......... 320 In this world of joy and sorrow 340 In thy dear name, O Lord

277 May all our powers of mind...... 441 I see them on their Zion way

503 May the grace of Christ o'erflowing 344 I sing the gospel-day . 415 Mediator, Son of God..

403 I sing the mighty power of

569 Mercy, Othou Son of David...... 373 I've searched the sacred volume 565 'Mid darkness and sorrow,

535 I would not live alway.


Mortals, awake! with angels join 203
My country! 'tis of thee

439 Jehovah spake! wide chaos 269 My God, eternal is thy love ...... Jesus, at thy command

433 My God, my Father, --blissful..... 193 Jesus, lover of my soul

383 My God, my Life, my love... 313 Jesus shall reign where'er

109 My God, the Spring of all my 233 Join all the glorious names 430 My God, thy boundless love I.... 276 Joined in a union firm and

162 My God, what silken cords ....... 163 Joy to the earth! the Prince of ...*180 My gracious Redeemer I love..... 548 Joy to the world! for our Lord ...*502 My Maker and my King..... 318 Joy to the world! the Lord is 245 My opening eyes, with rapture 103

My soul, be on thy guard..

305 Know, my soul, thy full salvation 334 My soul has often stretched 566

My soul, repeat his praise ........ 301 Lamp of our feet, whose hallowed 27 My Shepherd will supply my...... 176 Let all created things

422 Let all the earth their voices 141 Nature, with all her powers, shall 9 Let all who fear the Lord

327 Never leave us, nor forsake us.... 378 Let earth and heaven agree

429 No change of time shall ever ..... 114 Let everlasting glories crown 49 Not with the outward eye ........ 289 Let every creature join

294 Now begin the heavenly theme... 399 Let every mortal ear attend 236 Now be the gospel banner

508 Let party names no more

286 Now, e'en now to thee I yield Let pure devotion rise .:.

321 Now for a tune of lofty praise... 94 Let songs of praises fill

201 Now from labor and from care.... 539 Let us adore the grace that

Now to God, in adoration

374 Life but a fleeting vapor is


Now to the Lord a noble song .... 6 Life is a span, a fleeting hour

Now to the Lord who built the ... 102 Lift up to God the voice of ...... 173 Now we are met from different... 50 Light of life, seraphic fire

408 Lo, down, down in yon beautiful 534 O all ye lands, in God rejoice..... 243 Lo, he comes in clouds descending 347 O all ye nations, praise the Lord.. 179 Lo, he comes ; let us adore him... 368 O all ye people, clap your hands .. 2 Long as I live, all-gracious

3 O all ye ransomed of the Lord.... 244 Lord, dismiss us hence with

349 O bless our God, ye nations round 112 Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing 345 O bless the Lord of light, who....*184 Lord, how delightful 'tis to see 100

O blest are they who feel the love *231 Lord of life and glory

545 O come, and adore him ; come.... 479 Lord of hosts! how lovely fair.... 387 O come, let us sing to the Lord 549 Lord of hosts! to thee we raise.. 398 O come, loud anthems let us sing.. 1 Lord of the worlds above...

414 O come to Mount Zion, the mount 483 Lord, thou hast searched and ..... 117 O come to the garden of grief .... 491 Lord, thou hast won, at length :

271 O could our thoughts and wishes. . 175 Lord, to us thy word is precious 362 O for a closer walk with God..... 214 Lord, we come before thee now... 390 O for a shout of sacred joy

202 Lord, what our ears have heard 303 O for a sweet, inspiring ray ..... 145 Lord, when my raptured thought.. 156 O for a thousand tongues to sing.. 190 Lord, when together here we..... 237 Oft by the silent tomb..

496 Lord, with glowing heart I'll ..... 356 Oft in the stilly night ..

. *497 Lo, the Lord, the mighty Saviour.. 363 O God of salvation, in mercy..... 542

.... 447

.... 195

... 332

O God, our Father and our. . Hymn 93 Praise, everlasting praise be. . Hymn 8 O God, to earth incline.......... 316 Praise the Lord, by whose kind ... 352 O had I wings like a dove .

528 Praise the Lord, who reigns above 449 O happy they who know the Lord . 154 Praise the Lord; Je heavens adore 371 O how happy are they....


Praise to thee, thou great Creator. 369 O it is not when riches and .. 555 Praise ye the Lord ! around whose 101 O let your mingling voices.. 273 Praise ye the Lord I be our employ * 181 O Lord, accept this sacred hour 260 Praise ye the Lord ! be our

*570 O Lord of glory, come....

436 Praise ye the Lord ! exalt his name 104 O Lord our God, whose holy light *572 Praise ye the Lord! let praise 4 O Lord, our Lord, in power... 70 Prayer is the contrite sinner's.... 257 O my soul, behold thy Saviour.... 333 O my soul, what means

331 Raise your triumphant songs ..... 317 Once more before we part ..... 458 Redeeming Spirit, О behold....... 178 Once more, O Lord, let grateful... 110 Rejoice, believer, in the Lord..... 187 One there is above all others ..... 365 Rejoice, the Lord is King, S. M... 290 On God the race of man depends.. 84 Rejoice, the Lord is King, H. M... 431 On Jordan's stormy banks I stand 242 Remark, my soul, the narrow .... 198 On what has now been sown..... 425 Rise, crowned with light, imperial 462 On Zion's mount we take our .... 267 Rise, my soul, and stretch thy 448 O praise ye the Lord, extol....... 471 Rock of Ages cleft for me

540 O praise ye the Lord, prepare a .. 474 O praise ye the Lord, prepare your 475 Safely through another week..... 381 O publish abroad Immanuel's..... 473 Salvation ! Ö the joyful sound.... 211 O render thanks, and bless ... 248 Saviour, bless thy word to all..... 405 O Saviour, delight of my soul .... 547 Saviour, breathe an evening. O Saviour, warm each languid.... 186 Saviour, I my cross have taken... 341 O sing to Jehovah, for light 527 Saviour, I thy word believe....... 446 O sing to the Lord a new song.... 553 Saviour, our hearts we bring .....*511 O Thou, at whose almighty....... 78 Saviour, whon our hearts adore.. 451 O Thou, enthroned in worlds above 167 See the lovely, blooming flower... 388 0 Thou, in whose goodness and ..*506 Shades of evening, ye have cast .. 411 O Thou, in whose presence.....

543 Shine forth, eternal Source of .... 158 O Thou, to whom in ancient time 134 Shine forth in splendor, holy 127 O Thou, to whose all-searching... 96 Shine, gracious Lord, O shine

282 0 Thou, to whose celestial light .. 241 Should pain and sickness o'er ....

500 O Thou, who driest the mourner's 217 Shout, for the great Redeemer .... 107 O Thou, who hast at thy command 64 Since all the varying scenes 197 O thou who, in mourning o'er ....*478 Sing hallelujah, praise the Lord .. 456 O Thou, whose arm of might..... 35 Sing to Jehovah's name

297 Thou, whose glory fills all...... 138 Sing to the Lord, ye favored. 251 O Thou, whose light divine

459 Sinners, will you scorn the. 376 O Thou, whose love o'er scenes..

.*494 Songs of immortal praise belong.. 226 o Thou, whose power o'er moving 461 Songs of praise the angels sang

400 O Thou, whose power the 238 Soon may the glorious song

99 Our Father, whose eternal sway.. 279 Sovereign of worlds above

419 Our God, we bow before thy .. 82 Spirit, leave thy house of clay.... 393 Our Saviour knows full well. 308 Spirit of beauty, of love and 515 O where shall rest be found ......*457 Spirit of bright, expanded wing... 95 O who shall see the glorious day.. 558 Spirit of peace, immortal dove.... 67 O worship the King, all-glorious .. 476 Stars upon the brow of night... 510 O why should the hearts of .. 482 Swell the loud pæan! be

516 O why should we mourn when.... 487 Sweet Hope, the balm of .

14 o Zion, tune thy voice 427 Sweet is the friendly voice

304 Sweet is the work, my God.

89 Parent of good! thy works of 278 Sweet is the work, O Lord

312 Peace be to this congregation

Sweet, sweet is the cordial

566 Peace, troubled soul!. 522 Sweet to the soul the parting.

128 Pilgrim, burdened with thy sin.... 384 Sweet the moments, rich in


9 Sweet the time, exceeding. . Hymn 407 Thy bounties, Lord, we see ...H. *513

Thy goodness, Lord, our souls .... 150 The bird let loose in eastern skies 557 Thy grace we adore, Creator ..... 470 The day is past, and toils and .... 129 Thy gracious aid, great God .. 255 The glittering heavens refulgent.. 116 Thy name, Almighty Lord... 309 The glories, Lord, thy works...... 212 Thy presence, ever-living God... 61 The glorious universe around. 568

Thy ways, O Lord, with wise 21
The God of Abraham praise ..... 445 'Tis by ihe faith of joys to come.. 36
The God who reigns above

To bless the human race ........

311 The heavens declare thy glory.. 7 To God who reigns above ........ 326 The hills and dales lift up

142 To praise thy wondrous name.... 199 The holy spirit sure is nigh. 79 To Thee, eternal King..

417 The joyful scene before us .... 453 To Thee, my God and Saviour... 443 The light of other days..

.*495 To Thee my heart, eternal King.. 144 The living waters flow 298 To Thee, O God of Love ..

The Lord is our Shepherd, our.... 489 To Thee, O my Saviour, to thee ..*480
The Lord is our Shepherd, no..... 490 To Thee we raise our grateful.... 263
The Lord Jehovah reigns, S. P. M. 325 To Thy temple we repair......... 392
The Lord Jehovah reigns, H. M... 428 To your Creator, God ....

The Lord my pasture shall prepare 122 Triumphant, Lord, thy goodness.. 55
The Lord my Shepherd is.. 283 Triumphant Saviour, how divine.. 254
The Lord our God is clothed with 249
The praise of Zion waits for thee 75 Wait, O my soul, thy Maker's will 66
The ransomed spirit to her home.. 45 Wake, O my soul, and hail the 53
There is a flower, a holy one...... 218 We bless the Lord, whose tender.. 47
There is a fountain filled with.... 165 We come, and here as one in.....*530
There is a hope, a blessed hope 220 We eat, dear Lord, the broken.... 194
There is a land of pure delight.... 240 Weep thou, O mourner! but in...*505
There is a land where earthly woe 72 We here record thy matchless .. 18
There is an hour of peaceful rest.. 454 Welcome, delightful morn........ 420
There is a pure and peaceful.... Welcome, sweet day of rest 310
There is a star, whose gentle ray.. 132 Welcome, welcome, dear Redeemer 377
The rising morn, the closing day.. 85 We sing the bright and morning.. 11
There's a friend above all others.. 537 What are these in bright array ... 412
The Saviour calls; let every ear .. 210 What glorious tidings do I hear .. 264
The Saviour! O what varied ..... 206 What glory gilds the sacred...... 157
The voice of free grace from the.. *501 When all creation sings for joy... 58
The week is past-its latest ray.. 131 When all thy mercies, O my God.. 213
The word of redemption, how....*507 When doubts and fears prevailing 98
They are wed—the word is spoken *561 When dread misfortune's..

This God is the God we adore .... 551 When gathering clouds around I.. 523
This world and its glory, and all.. 526 When I can read my title clear ... 230
This world is not a fleeting show.. 455 When I survey the wondrous cross 33
Tho' travelling thro' a wilderness 577 When I tread the mortal vale 385
Tho' troubles assail, and ..

......... 517 When Jesus, our Redeemer, came 105 Tho' troubles assail me, and...... 481 When marshalled on the nightly.. 43 Thou art, Almighty Lord of all... 136 When our spirits shall soar .. ...*518 Thou art gone to the grave ..

524 When shall we all meet again.... 538 Thou art, O Lord, the life and ....

130 When streaming from the eastern 137
Thou art the way; and he who ... 46 When the news of free salvation. *559
Thou art the way; to thee alone.. 259 When thro' the torn sail the wild.. 562
Thou dear Redeemer, dying Lamb 170 When verdure robes the fertile ... 174
Thou God of truth! if we have... 10 While God my Father's near 281
Thou great Supreme, thou only. 465 While Shepherds watched their .. 204
Thou sweet-gliding Kedron.. 486 While Thee I seek, protecting ... 149
Thou whose Almighty word ...... 438 While with ceaseless course, the.. 379
Thou whose wide-extended sway.. *512 Whilst far and wide thy scattered
Thro' every age, eternal God .... 87 Who shall towards thy chosen seat 382
Thus far the Lord has led me on .. 38 Why do we mourn departing .. 192


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With commingling joy and..Hymn 360 Ye servants of Christ, your

469 Within thy house, O Lord our God 111 Ye servants of the Lord.......... 315 With one consent, let all the ..... 32 Yes, I will extol thee.

544 With sacred joy we lift our eyes. . 171 Ye sons of men; with joy record.. 106 With transport, Lord, our souls... 39 Ye tribes of Adam, join


Your harps, ye trembling saints .. 319 Ye humble souls, approach your .. 152 Ye kindreds of the earth rejoice ..*183 Zion, awake! thy strength renew 97 Ye mighty rulers of the land 28

Zion's King shall reign victorious 372 Ye nations of the earth rejoice ... 51 Ye realms below the skies....... 426

* Hymns written by the Editor.


Supreme love to God-implying adoration of his character, submission to his will, and obedience to his laws-is the sublime end of the economy of heaven; and devotional exercises are valuable only so far as they contribute to or mani. fest this divine result. Hence, the graces of the christian life are commended, enjoined, and prayed for, prominently, in all the variety of subjects here presented.- Hymns inserted in one division of the Index, will, in many cases, be found equally suited to another.

General Praise. Thy name, Almighty 309 Oft in the stilly..... 497 Almighty Maker.... 287 To praise thy.... 199 Spirit of bright 95 Before Jehovah's.... 29 To your Creator 421 The God of Abram.. 445 Begin, my soul, the.. 268 With one consent... 32 This God is the..... 551 Be thou exalted..... 31 Ye mighty rulers.... 28 Thy bounties, Lord, 513 Be thou, O God ..... 121

Ye nations of the... 51 | Thy goodness, Lord, 150 Come, sound his .. 296 Ye realms below.... 426 To Thee, eternal.... 417 Eternal God, celestial 52

Yes, I will extol. ... 544 Triumphant, Lord,.. 55 Eternal God, in..... 265

Ye sons of men..... 106 Ye kindreds of...... 183 From all that ....54, 573

Ye tribes of Adam.. 424 Glory of God, 34, 116, 130, Give to the Lord... 5

Mercy of God.

136, 139, 278, 428. High o'er the....532, 533 Let all created......

Dear Father, to ..... 155 422

God in Christ, 78, 82, 560.

146 Let all the earth.... 141

Enduring, Lord,

Far as creation's.... 120 God in Nature, Let all who fear .... 327

291 Let every creature.. 294

From every stormy.. 115 Behold the lofty..
Holy, holy, holy

Celestial worlds
Long as I live

262 3 How rich thy .......

Father of lights.. 91 May all our power .. 440

My God, what. .... 163 | Hail, great Creator.. 151 Nature, with all .... 9

My soul, repeat..... 301 I sing the mighty... 569 Now to the Lord.... 102 To Thee, O my ..... 480

Jehovah spake .. 269 O all ye lands....... 243 O all ye nations .... 179 Love of God.

Lord, when my..... 156

O Lord our God. 572 O all ye people, clap. 2 Begin, my tongue, 224

On God the race .... 84 O come, loud anthems 1 Come, ye who


The glorious universe 568 O for a shout of..... 202 Earth with her 406

The heavens declare 7 O praise ye the Lord 471 Exalt the Lord ... 293

The hills and dales. . 142 Praise, everlasting.. 8 God is Love: his.... 339

The Lord Jehovah .. 325 Praise ye the..4, 101, 570

Great is our ....


The Lord our God... 249 Praise the Lord..371, 449 Lord of life and 545

The rising morn .... 85 Sing hallelujah 456 Lord, thou hast .... 271 Sing to Jehovah's... 297 My God, thy..

Confidence in God. Stars upon the.... 510 My soul has often ... 566 Altho' no flowers 159 The God who.. 460 Now begin the..... 399 Altho' the vine 275 Thou great Supreme 465 Now to the Lord.... 6 God is my strong.... 578

.... 395


.... 276

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