21 HYMN 29.

HYMN 32.
Before Jehovah's awful throne, With one consent, let all the earth,
Ye nations, bow with sacred joy! To God their cheerful voices raise,
Know that the Lord is God alone: And sing to him who gave us birth,
He can create, and he destroy.

And light and life, the songs of praise.
His sovereign power, without our aid, He is our God, and he alone :
Made us of clay, and formed us men;

From him both we and all proceed ; And when, like wandering sheep, we We, whom he chooses for his own, stray'd,

The flock which he delights to feed.
He brought us to his fold again. O enter then his temple gate,
We'll crowd his gates with thankful Thence to his courts devoutly press ;

And still your grateful hymns repeat, songs; High as the heavens our voices raise ;

And still his name with praises bless. And earth,with her ten thousand tongues, He is the Lord-supremely goodShall fill his courts with sounding praise. His mercy is forever sure: Wide as the world is his command,

His truth, which always firmly stood, Vast as eternity his love ;

To endless ages shall endure. Firm as a rock his truth shall stand

HYMN 33.
When rolling years shall cease to move.

When I survey the wondrous cross,
HYMN 30.

On which the Prince of glory died,
He dies! the Friend of sinners dies !

The gains of earth I count but loss, Lo, Salem's daughters weep around;

And feel the guilt and shame of pride. A solemn darkness veils the skies, Forbid, O God, that I should boast, A sudden trembling shakes the ground ! Save in the cross of thy dear Son ; Here's love and grief beyond degree;

By dying love attracted most, The Lord of glory dies for men ;

By grace and truth may I be won.
But, lo, what sudden joys we see,-

HYMN 34.
Jesus, the dead, revives again!
Break off your tears, ye saints, and say,

Almighty and immortal King,
How high your great Deliverer reigns; Thy peerless splendor none can bear;
Sing how he rose to endless day,

But seraphs bow and veil their eyes, And led the tyrant Death in chains !

When God unveils his glory there! Say, Live forever, glorious King,

Yet faith can pierce the dark profound, Born to redeem, and strong to save;

Thy realm of light and life to see,
Then ask the spojler, Where's thy sting? And with its tremblings mingle joy,
And, Where's thy vict'ry, boasting grave? In fixed regards, great God, to thee.

O may our faith and hope and love,
HYMN 31,

Still live and glow in thy pure light;
Be thou exalted, O my God,

In life, in death, in worlds unknown, Above the heav'ns, where angels dwell; Our Lord, our Portion, our Delight. Thy pow'r on earth be known abroad, And land to land thy wonders tell.

HYMN 35. My heart is fixed-my song shall raise O Thou, whose arm of might surrounds, Immortal honors to thy name;

Creation's wide and wondrous bounds; Awake, my tongue, to sound his praise, This day thy people bend the knee, His might and wonders to proclaim. And list the voice, in praise, to Thee ! High o’er the earth his mercy reigns, This nation Thou hast greatly blessed, And reaches to the utmost sky; With freedom, peace and welcome rest His truth to endless years remains, O may our hearts devoutly raise While lower worlds dissolve and die. To Thee the hymn of grateful praise. Be thou exalted, O my God,

Our fathers, in the days of yore, Above the heav'ns where angels dwell; Confessed Thy arm, and felt thy pow'r: Thy pow'r on earth be known abroad,' May we, from chains and bondage free, And land to land thy wonders tell. With grateful hearts rejoice in Thee.

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13. HEBRON. L. M.




3. Cheerful we tread the

desert through, While faith inspires a

heav'nly ray,


lions roar, and tempests blow, And

rocks and dangers

fill the



23 HYMN 37.

HYMN 40. There is a pure and peaceful wave, Affliction's faded form draws nigh, That issues from the throne of love, With wrinkled brow and tearful eye; Whose waters gladden as they lave With sackloth on her bosom spread, The bright and heavenly courts above. And ashes scattered o'er her head. In living streams behold that tide But deem her not a child of earth; Through Christ the rock profusely burst; From heaven she draws her sacred birth: And in his word, behold supplied

Beside the throne of God she stands, The fount for which our spirits thirst.

To execute his wise commands.

The messenger of grace, she flies The pilgrim faint, who seems to sink

To train us for our sphere, the skies ; Beneath the sultry sky of time,

And onward as we move, the way May here repose, and freely drink

Becomes more smooth, more bright the The waters of that better clime.

day. And every soul may here partake Her weeds to robes of glory turn, The blessings of the fount ahove ; Her looks with kindling radiance burn, And none who drink will e'er forsake And from her lips these accents steal, The crystal stream of boundless love. God smites to bless, he wounds to heal. HYMN 38.

HYMN 41. Thus far the Lord has led me on, Whilst far and wide thy scatter'd sheep, Thus far his power prolongs my days; Great Shepherd ! in the desert stray; And every evening shall make known Thy love, by some, is thought to sleep, Some fresh memorial of his grace. Unheedful of the wanderer's way. In every varied scene this day,

But Truth declares—they shall be found, His hand has been my constant guide; Wherever now they darkling roam: O may I ever love his way,

Thy voice shall thro' the desert sound, And in his gracious fear abide.

And summon every wanderer home. In hope I now recline to sleep; Upon the darker ways of sin, Peace is the pillow for my head; Instead of terror's sword and flame, His ever-watchful eye will keep Shall love descend-for love can win A constant guard around my bed. Far more than terror can reclaim. Faith in his love expels all fear And they shall turn their wandering feet, That his kind care will e'er depart; By grace redeem'd, by love controll'd, When I awake, O may I hear

Till all at last in Eden meet, His still small voice within my heart, One happy, universal fold, HYMN 39.

HYMN 42. With transport, Lord, our souls proclaim How vain is all beneath the skies ! Th'immortal honors of thy name; How transient every earthly bliss ! Assembled round our Saviour's throne, How slender all the fondest ties, We make his ceaseless glories known. That bind us to a world like this! Through all succeeding ages, he The evening cloud-the morning dewThe same hath been, the same shall be ; The withering grass—the fading flow'rImmortal radiance crowns his head, Of earthly hopes are emblems trueAnd light and joy around are spread. The glory of a passing hour! The same his power his flock to guard; But though earth's fairest blossoms die, The same his bounty to reward; And all beneath the sky is vain, The same his faithfulness and love There is a land whose confines lie To saints on earth, and saints above. Beyond the reach of care and pain. Let nature change, and sink, and die, Then let the hope of joys to come, On him our souls will still rely; Dispel our cares, and chase our fears: For, leaning on our Saviour's breast, Since God is ours, we're travelling home, We claim the promise of his rest. Though passing through a vale of tears.

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When marshalled on the nightly plain, Deep horror then my vitals froze,
The glittering host bestud the sky, Death-struck, I ceased the tide to stem,
One star alone of all the train,

When suddenly a star arose,-
Can fix the sinner's wandering eye, It was the Star of Bethlehem.
Hark! hark! to God the chorus breaks, It was my Guide, my Light, my All:
From every host, from every gem;
But one alone the Saviour speaks,-

It made my dark forebodings cease ; It is the Star of Bethlehem.

And thro' the storm and danger's thrall,

It led me to the port of peace. Once on the stormy seas I rode; Now, safely moored, my perils o'er, The storm was loud, the night was dark, I'll sing beneath night's diadem, The ocean yawned, and rudely blowed Forever and for evermore, The wind that toss'd my found'ring bark; It is the Star of Bethlehem.



HYMN 44.

HYMN 46.

When dread misfortune's tempests rise, Thou art the Way-and he who sighs
And roar through all the darkened skies, Amid this starless waste of woe
Where shall the anxious pilgrim gain To find a pathway to the skies,
A shelter from the wind and rain ? A light from heaven's eternal glow-
Within the covert of thy grace,

By thee must come, thou Gate of Love, O Lord, there is a hiding-place, Thro' which the saints undoubting trod; Where, unconcerned, we hear the sound, Till faith discovers, like the dove, Though storm and tempest rage around. An ark, a resting place in God.

When, wandering o'er the desert bare Thou art the Truth-whose steady day
Of burning sands and sultry air, Shines on thro'earthly blight and bloom;
We've sought the cheerless region thro', The pure, the everlasting ray,
But found no stream to meet our view,- The lamp that shines e'en in the tomb;
'Tis then, the rivers of thy love, The light that out of darkness springs,
Descending from thy throne above, And guideth those that blindly go;
Supply our wants, and soothe our pain, The word whose precious radiance flings
And raise our fainting souls again. Its lustre upon all below.
When in a weary land we tire,

Thou art the Life--the blessed Well,
And our exhausted powers expire, With living waters gushing o'er,
With toil, and care, and heat oppressed, Which those that drink shall ever dwell
Where shall our languid spirits rest?

Where sin and thirst are known no more. 0, who could bear the blasting ray, Thou art the mystic pillar given, And all the burden of the day,

Our lamp by night, our light by day; Did not a Rock in Zion stand,

Thou art the sacred bread from heaven; O'ershading all this weary land ! Thou art the Life-the Truth-the Way.

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HYMN 45.

HYMN 47. The ransomed spirit to her home, We bless the Lord, whose tender care, The clime of cloudless beauty, flies;

Our lives and all we are, display; No more on stormy seas to roam,

Whose constant love shall still prepare She hails her haven in the skies. To guide us in the narrow way. But cheerless are those heavenly fields, We bless the Sun of Righteousness, That cloudless clime no pleasure yields, Whose glorious rays shall never cease, There is no bliss in bowers above, Whose ways are ways of pleasantness, If thou art absent, Holy Love!

Whose sacred paths are paths of peace.

The cloudy pillar all the day The cherub near the viewless throne,

Shall guide us to the heavenly light, Hath struck the harp with trembling While brighter glories shall display,

hand; And one with incense-fire hath flown, So let us learn where'er we go,

Thy cheering presence through the night. To touch with flame the angel-band;

To yield obedience to thy call, But tuneless is the quivering string,

To seek thy footsteps here below,
No melody can Gabriel bring,

And love thee as our All in All.
Mute are its arches, when above
The harps of heaven wake pot to Love!

HYMN 48.
Earth, sea and sky one language speak, Dismiss us with thy blessing, Lord ;
In harmony that soothes the soul; Help us to feed upon thy word ;
"Tis heard when scarce the zephyrs wake, All that has been amiss forgive,
And when on thunders thunders roll : And let thy truth within us live.
That voice is heard, and tumults cease, May we remember thou art good,
It whispers to the bosom peace;- And with thy spirit be imbued ;
Speak, thou Inspirer from above, Give every burdened soul release,
And cheer our hearts, celestial Love! And bid us all depart in peace.

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