HYMN 200.

HYMN 203.
God of our lives ! thy various praise Mortals, awake! with angels join,
Our voices shall resound;

And chant the solemn lay:
Thy hand directs our fleeting days, Joy, love, and gratitude combine
And brings the seasons round.

To hail th' auspicious day. To thee shall grateful songs arise,

In heaven the rapturous song began, Our Father and our Friend;

And sweet seraphic fire Whose constant mercies from the skies, Through all the shining legions ran, In genial streams, descend.

And strung and tuned the lyre. In every scene of life, thy care,

Swift through the vast expanse it flew, Thy boundless love we see:

And loud the echo rolled; And constant as thy favors are,

The theme, the song, the joy was new, So should our praises be.

'Twas more than heaven could hold. Still may thy love in every scene, Down through the portals of the sky To every age, appear,

Th' impetuous torrent ran;
And may the same compassion deign And angels flew, with eager joy,
To bless each coming year.

To bear the news to man.
HYMN 201.

Hark! the cherubic armies shout,

And glory leads the song ; Let songs of praises fill the sky!

Good-will and peace are heard throughout Behold the risen Lord,

Th' harmonious heavenly throng. Sends down his spirit from on high, To seal his blessed word.

Hail, Prince of Life, forever hail! That spirit, by his heavenly breath,

Redeemer, Brother, Friend !

Tho' earth, and time, and life should fail, New life creates within,

Thy praise shall never end.
And raises from the fearful death
Of darkness and of sin.

HYMN 204,
The things of Christ the spirit takes,

While shepherds watched their flocks by And shows them unto men; The humble soul his temple makes,


All seated on the ground, And Eden blooms again.

The angel of the Lord came down,
Come, holy spirit, from above,

And glory shone around.
With thy celestial fire;
With faith, and hope, and holy love,

• Fear not,' said he, (for mighty dread Each longing heart inspire.

Had seized their troubled mind,)

Glad tidings of great joy I bring,
HYMN 202.

To you and all mankind.'
O for a shout of sacred joy,

All hail the triumph and the joy, To God the sovereign King !

Of great salvation's morn! Let every land their tongues employ,

A Saviour, who is Christ the Lord, And hymns of triumph sing.

To man, that day was born! Angelic hosts resound his praise, Well might the angel feel the glow In pure and joyous strains !

Of love's celestial fire ! Let all the earth his honors raise ; Well might the theme exalt the strains O'er all the earth he reigns.

Of heaven's angelic choir : In spirit and in truth proclaim

All glory be to God on high,' The glories of his love ;

The joyous song began; In spirit and in truth, his name

Peace to the nations of the earth, Is sung by all above.

Peace, and good-will to man!" Partakers of their holy joy,

Fear not !' is still the joyous cry Be "pure the praise we bring;

Re-echoed from above! Let every land their tongues employ, · Fear not !' good tidings of great joy, And hymns of triumph sing.

Is still the strain of Love.

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HYMN 206.

HYMN 209. The Saviour! O what varied charms Indulgent God, whose bounteous care Dwell in that blissful sound !

O'er all thy works is shown, Doubt it expels, and fear disarms, O let my grateful praise and prayer And spreads delight around.

Arise before thy throne. Here pardon, life and joy divine, What inercies has this day bestowed I In rich effusion flow,

How largely hast thou blest ! For guilty man, depraved hy sin, My cup with joy has overflowed, · And lost in hopeless woe!

With cheerfulness my breast.
O wondrous depth of grace divine, In peaceful sleep I'll close my eyes,
My soul would fain adore :

From pain and sickness free:
Dear Saviour, let me call thee mine, O let my waking thoughts arise,
And I will ask no more.

To meditate on thee. By thee in all things richly blest,

Thus bless each future day and night, Before thy cross I fall;

Till all life's scenes are o'er; Thou art my Hope, my Life, my Rest, In realms of endless life and light, My Saviour, and my All!

Thy mercy I'll adore.

HYMN 207.

HYMN 210. Eternal Source of truth and grace,

The Saviour calls ! let every ear Our best desires fulfil;

Attend the heavenly sound!
May we thy wondrous love embrace, Ye doubting souls, dismiss your fear;
And learn to do thy will.

Hope smiles reviving round.
In all thy mercies, may our hearts For every thirsty, longing heart,
Devoutly grateful be;

The streams of mercy flow;
Nor let the gifts thy love imparts And life, and health, and bliss impart
Estrange our souls from thee.

A balm for every woe. In every scene of ill resigned,

Here springs of sacred pleasure rise, May we submission learn;

To ease your every pain;
And ever strive, with humble mind, And he who here in faith applies,
Thy wisdom to discern.

Will not apply in vain.
Do thou direct our steps aright, The fountain flows, and ever flows !
And, walking in thy fear,

O hearken to the voice, May we regard thy heavenly light,

That bids you here relieve your woes, And ever persevere.

And in the Lord rejoice. So may we find that wisdom's ways Dear Saviour, draw reluctant hearts, Are ways of perfect peace;

For thou alone canst draw; And feel the glow of warmer praise,

Display the joy thy grace imparis,
As we in joy increase.

The spirit of thy law.
HYMN 208

HYMN 211.
How rich thy favors, God of grace!

Salvation ! O the joyful sound! How various, how divine !

'Tis pleasure to our ears ; Full as the ocean they are poured,

A sovereign balm for every wound, And bright as heaven they shine.

A cordial for our fears. God to eternal glory calls,

Buried in sorrow and in sin, And points the blissful way

At death's dark door we lay ; To realms of perfect peace and joy, But we arise, by grace divine, Where reigns unclouded day.

To see a heavenly day. The songs of everlasting years

Salvation ! let the echo fly That mercy shall commend,

The spacious earth around, Which leads, thro’sufferings of an hour, Wbile all the armies of the sky To joys that never end.

Conspire to raise the sound.

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75 HYMN 213.

HYMN 215. When all thy mercies, O my God! Life but a fleeting vapor is! My rising soul surveys,

How soon its dreams are past! Transported with the view, I'm lost However bright its scenes of bliss, In wonder, love, and praise.

We feel they cannot last. Unnumbered comforts on my soul Time hasteth, as a post, away, Thy tender care bestowed,

Or, like an arrow, flies; Before my infant heart conceived The flower that brightly biooms to-day,

From whom those comforts flowed. To-morrow droops and dies ! When, in the slippery paths of youth, Yet, gracious God! our fleeting days With heedless steps I ran,

Thy constant favors share ; Thine arın, unseen, conveyed me safe, And blessings, in thy truth and grace, And led me up to man.

Thou ever dost prepare. When worn by sickness, oft hast thou

In all thy doings, thou art good,
With health renewed my face,

And all thy ways are love;
And when in sins and sorrows sunk, Thou sheddest on our pilgrim-road
Revived my soul with grace.

The day-spring from above.
Ten thousand thousand precious gifts Thy mercies know nor depth nor bound,
My daily thanks employ;

A sea without a shore ! Nor is the least a cheerful heart,

O may our hearts with love abound, Which tastes those gifts with joy. That we may praise thee more! Through every period of my life,

In every scene of woe or weal,
Thy goodness I'll pursue,

May we revere thy will,
And after death, in distant worlds, And evermore thy blessing feel,
The glorious theme renew.

While we thy law fulfil.
HYMN 214.

HYMN 216.
O for a closer walk with God,

Father of mercies, in thy word A calm and heavenly frame;

What endless glory shines ! A light to shine upon the road

Forever be thy name adored That leads me to the Lamb.

For these celestial lines. Where is the blessedness I knew, Here may the wretched sons of want When first I knew the Lord !

Exhaustless riches find Where is the soul-refreshing view Riches above what earth can grant, Of Jesus and his word !

And lasting as the mind. What peaceful hours I then enjoyed ! Here the fair tree of knowledge grows

How sweet their memory still! And yields a free repast; But they have left an aching void Sublimer sweets than nature knows The world can never fill.

Invite the longing taste. Return, O holy Dove! retura

Here the Redeemer's welcome voice Sweet messenger of rest!

Spreads heavenly peace around; I bate the sins that made thee mourn,

And life and everlasting joys And drove thee from my breast.

Attend the blissful sound. In thee alone my longing heart,

O may these heavenly pages be A comforter can find;

My ever dear delight; Thy joyous presence can impart

And still new beauties may I see,
Salvation to the mind.

And still increasing light.
Abide with me, and be thy voice Divine Instructer ! gracious Lord !
Again in pardon heard;

Be thou forever near;
So shall I evermore rejoice

Teach me to love thy sacred word, To know and serve the Lord.

And view my Saviour there.

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