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Of the Tribunal General of the Miners of New Spain.


1. Its Title.

2. Of the Persons to compose it

3. Of their qualifications

4. Of the first administrator and director-general, and the duration of their


5. Of their election :

6. Of Mine towns having a vote at such election .

7. Of cities and towns having votes.

8. Of scrutinies of the qualifications of persons to be elected administrators

and deputies general

9. Of persons to preside over and regulate the general meetings of electors

10. Of re-election to such offices

11. Of the obligation to discharge such offices

12. How to proceed in case of an occasional vacancy in such offices

13. Of the duration of the offices of future administrators and directors general

14. Of the factor, assessor, and secretary of the Tribunal

15. Of the advisers (consultores) of the Tribunal .

16. Statement of the concerns of the body of Miners to be laid before the


17. Of the permission of the viceroy ..

18. Of fiscal and promoter of the Miners

19. Of communications to be made to the King by the Tribunal .

20. Of persons representing the Tribunal at Court.

21. Of the minute book of the Tribunal

22. Of papers, orders, &c. to be preserved in the archives of the Tribunal

23. Of the inventories to be drawn up at the elections

24. Of the secretary of the Tribunal

25. Of the chief and second official of the Tribunal

26. Of its messengers .

27. Of the table of fees to be received by persons employed in Mexico and in

the Mining Districts .

28. Of the oath to be taken by persons filling the offices of the Tribunal


Of the Judges and Deputies of the Mining Districts.

1. Who to be Judges

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2. Who to be enrolled as Miner
3. Of the election of deputies -
4. Votes of Yiners shrs enrolled
5. Of choosing the sectors in soue places
6. Of administraire fralar for their principals .
7. Who to prestle at wil zegilate san elections .
Territorial estations anber of seperties composing them mode

theit auguraret:. * .
9. Of the agitates Haus féria! Leputies .
10. Of recordleri :( Docuiriidees siidiens)
11. Of the obligation charge the office of deputy
12. Of reelection to frien otticas
13. Of the powers confeited on the deputies by the electon; of

to be taken by both parties .
14. Of the account of the election to be transmitter to the Technal
15. Of the mode of paying the territorial deputies, inspectors

ors of Mines
16. Of the report of the depatations upon the condition of the Mines to

he addressed to the Tribunal

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Of Jurisdiction in Vining Causes.

1. Administrative jurisdiction of the Tribunal General

2. The Tribunal General to take ongnizance of causes relating to Mines

within twenty-five leagues of Mexico .

3. Administrative jurisdiction of the territorial deputations .

4. The territorial deputations to proceed in causes relating to Mines, indepan.

dently of the Tribunal General

5. When proceelings to be had verbally

6. Of mammary judgments in causes in the first instance, and also in


7. Of appeals ; in what cases admissible

%. Of signing decrees and judgments

9. When the Territorial Deputies may ack separately, and what to be done

in causes where they disagree

10. Of references to lawyers

11. Of reports of the proceedings in causes

12. Of the execution of the sentences of the Tribunal, and of the Deputa-



18. Of appeals, and the persons who are to compose the Courts of Appeal

14. Of proceeding therein

16. Of the time for entering appeals, and the modo of so doing.

16. When the sentences of Appeal Courts to be final

17. Appeals from the first sentences of the Appeal Courts—by whom to be


/1%. Of the application to the King, in his Council of the Indies

19. Hentence in appeal causer, hy what votos to be regulated ; by whom signed

20. Of catches relating to possession and property

21. When an interventor to be appointed ; and wben the working of a Mine

to be suspended

22. Of executive demands

28. Of executions in Mince or reducing ostablishments

Of Minen given tip under an execution, when liable to denouncement.


Of Proceedings in case of a vacancy or necessary absence of any of the Judges

of Mines.

1. Of the number of Members of the Tribunal necessary to transact busi-

ness ; and of the number of judges in appeals ; and when any of the
advisers (consultores) may be substituted in their stead .

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2. Refusal of the judges of the Tribunal, when prohibited ; when allowable ib.
3. The same of the territorial deputies
4. Vacancies, how to be supplied

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17. Of denouncing contiguous Mines and what privileges may be granted to

persons re-establishing deserted Mines

18. Of irregular depositories of gold and silver .

19. Of the waste ground and earth-heaps of abandoned Mines.

20. Of the dross, rubbish, and refuse of deserted smelting houses and estab-


21. Of masses of virgin gold and silver, and of what shall be retained as


22. Of the discovery and denouncement of all other Mines whatsoever, as well

as those of gold and silver, and of the mode of treating quicksilver mines

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Of Properties and Intermediate Spaces between Properties,and of the measures

in Mines.

1. Reasons for altering the measures heretofore used in New Spain

2. Of the number of yards to be granted

3. Of the square (quadra)

4. When the vein is perpendicular to the horizon.

5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Particulars of measurement, when the vein is in an inclined


10. Of the allotment of accidental depositories of silver or gold .
11. Of the boundaries of the denouncer's portion .
12. Of the measures in ancient mines
13. Of the immutability of the boundaries
14. Of a Mine-owner entering the property of another
15. Of the division to be made between neighboring Mine-owners. when one has

discovered a Mine in the property of another
16. Of entering unclaimed ground on deserted Mines
17. Of the Mine-owner's possession in all veins within his property


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